Best Foot Stretchers for Ballet and Gymnastics

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Foot stretcher can be extremely helpful for the gymnastics and ballet, because it helps you to prevent any kind of painful damages in your feet. Now, if you search through online, you will be able to find out plenty of such useful stretches quite easily.

What it does:

These stretchers will allow the heels for rotating down and in this way you will be able to avoid any kind of impingement of the heels at the time of doing gymnastics. The base of these stretchers is made of wood. On that foam, the cover is also given. If you buy a costly stretcher, then the foam cover will also be thick.

This cover gives your feet comfort while doing the ballet or gymnastics. For different persons, the size of the feet can be different. However, these foot stretches are made in such a way that any kind of foot size will be fine for using these stretcher. It is done by the overlapping flap which is adjustable. You can also go for various kinds of fabric choices.

Why it is required:

These foot stretches are generally required for the dancers, gymnastics or the swimmers. They need to stretch the upper arch of their foot to do different kinds of moves of their sport. Now, when the foot remains on the floor in stretched form, and you go down for doing the move, it can be little difficult. Sometimes the pressure of your foot will be more than normal.

In that case, you can have pain in your foot. So, the stretchers will not only allow you to continue your sports without any chance of injury and at the same time it will help your feet to stretch more without any problem.

How much it costs:

This is another crucial thing which you can keep in mind. There is no doubt about the fact that most of the gymnastics and swimmers will spend a huge amount of money for learning different kinds of techniques.

If you want to buy these stretchers, it will not at all cost too much price. By spending some dollars, you will be able to purchase these stretchers. There are stretchers of many reputed brands available on the market now, and you can check the price of them and buy this at the most reasonable price available in the market.

How to buy:

You need to choose the best stretcher available in the online market. It is available in many online retail stores. However, as this stretches will help you to improve the movement of the arch and at the same time will save your feet from any kind of damage while doing the dance or swim you should always go for the best quality. You will also get discounts while purchasing the stretchers online.

So, if you really want to improve the movement of the arch of the foot stretchers will help you a lot. It is extremely easy to buy, and you will not need to spend much amount for the same. A Foot stretcher will help you to do the sports safely.

Fallen arches – how you can get rid of it?


 fallen arches


Fallen arches can be extremely painful. The arch of the adult feet is formed with plenty of tendons. Now, when the pull of those tendons goes in proper amount then it can be considered as the normal arch, but when it does not go together then, this flat foot takes place.

How to check it:

You can check the flat feet quite easily by following a few steps only.

  • You first need to make your feet wet.
  • You then need to stand on any of the flat surfaces where you can check the foot prints.
  • Now, you have to check the foot prints thoroughly. If you find that you are finding the full print of the feet on the floor you can remain assured that you are suffering from flat feet.

Why Fallen arches happen:

A person can have flat feet because of different reasons.

  • You can find this abnormality since your birth.
  • If the tendons of your feet are stretched more than the limit or if those are torn then you can face such problem.
  • If the PTT of your legs is suffered by inflammation or any kind of damage you can face the problem of flat feet.
  • It also happens to the dislocated or broken bones of the feet.
  • In the case of nerve problem, you can experience flat feet.
  • In the case of different kinds of arthritis, you can also face flat feet problem.

There are some of the things like pregnancy, aging, diabetes, and obesity which can increase the chance of flat feet in you.

What are the problems?

There are different kinds of problems you can face with fallen arches.

  • Your feet will become tired quite easily.
  • You can feel immense pain in the area of the arch and the heels.
  • The bottom of the feet can become sweaty very quickly.
  • If you try to stand on your feet, you will find it difficult to do.
  • You can also feel the pain in the entire leg and back due to the problem of flat feet.


Now it is quite clear that flat feet can be a big problem for you. Now, it has also been seen that plenty of persons are born with this problem, but when they become adult gradually, they get rid of this problem automatically. However, if it does not happen then you need to take step regarding the same.

  • You need to give rest to your feet, and you should rub ice on your feet so that you can get relief from pain. It will also help your feet not to be sweaty too much.
  • You can also consult to a physiotherapist and can start doing various stretching exercises which can also give you relief.
  • There are different kinds of medications that you can use to get rid of the pain caused by flat feet. However, before using any such medicine, you should surely consult with the physician.
  • Many people use injected medications also to get rid of the pain caused by flat feet.
  • There are different kinds of orthotic devices the use of which can give you relief from the pain. You can also change your shoes because a right shoe can give you relief from this to a great extent.
  • There are different kinds of physical therapies also which can be used to get rid of this problem.

Now, after doing all these if the symptoms of flat feet remain the same you need to consult the physician for the same. They may refer you to go through the surgery which can come as a permanent solution to this problem for you.

Different kinds of surgeries:

There are different kinds of surgeries are also done for providing you relief from the symptoms of flat feet.

  • The ankle and foot bones will be fused together.
  • The shape of the feet bones will be changed or cut.
  • Sometimes the problem of flat feet can come from the unnecessary growth of the feet bones. So, if the surgery is done, this can also be taken care of.
  • In some of the surgeries the bones of the feet are grafted in such a way that with time you get rid of the flat feet problem quite naturally.
  • Now by balancing the pull of the tendons a sergeant can give you relief from the symptoms of flat feet. So, in the surgery sometimes the tendons from the other parts of the body are added. Thus, the pull is made complete and you get rid of the problem.

What to do at home for fallen arches:

At home, you can also take some remedies which can help you a lot to get rid of the pain caused by flat feet.

  • The best possible way to do it will be to use some other shoes. The activity which you do and the shoe you use should have a relation.
  • You should always avoid different kinds of activities in which excessive stress on your feet will be required.
  • You can use ice all the time to get rid of the pain. You can also consult with the physiotherapist and can start some exercises at home to get rid of it.
  • You should also take care of the other risk factors which are already mentioned which can increase the chances of the symptoms of flat feet.
  • You should not play any kind of sports which can damage the tendons of your feet more. It will make the situation far more difficult for you.
  • If the problem persists you should always consult the doctor at the earliest so that the necessary steps can be taken very quickly.

It is true that people who have the problem of fallen arches face real pain on many occasions. However, it is not such a problem for which you will not be able to find out a solution. If you can follow a few things in most of the cases you will get the remedy. In the case of a very critical stage the surgery can be considered as the best way to get rid of the flat feet problem.

Know about the causes and treatments of Collapsed Arch

Collapsed Arch

collapsed arch

What are flat feet? Collapsed arch or flat feet is the condition of the feet where the arch of the feet is so small that it makes the feet completely flat. It is very simple to determine, whether you have flat feet or not. For this, you need to make your feet wet with water and stand on the flat dry surface like concrete. Then step out of it. If your feet impression is complexly in the shape of a foot, then you have flat feet. If the impact is partially visible, then you have right feet.
This test can be only applicable to adults. This is because many children have adjustable feet. Arches may appear when they grow old. Flat feet can cause many health problems. For many people, it can cause pain even when walking.
What are the types of flat feet?
There are two conditions of flat feet. One is flexible flat feet, and the other one is rigid flat feet. Medically flat feet is known as pes planus.
• The flexible flat foot is observed in children. Babies are not born with the arch. The arch develops with age between the ages of 7 to 10. There are also cases when adults have the flexible flat foot. Many nerve functions are responsible for this condition.
• The rigid flat foot causes more pain the flexible one. There are many causes responsible for this. Birth may dislocate the foot bones. Or two or more foot bones may be fused together. The rigid flat foot can also appear as an effect of any accident. There are also some rare cases when there is a reverse arch.

What are the causes of Collapsed Arch?

• There can be multiple reasons behind the collapsing of feet arch.
• Most of the time it is inherited from the parents.
• It can also occur due to stressed tendons of the foot.
• Accident or any damage to the posterior tibial tendon can cause this type of problem.
• Dislocation of bones can flatten your feet.
• There are many conditions which can result in flattened feet like rheumatoid arthritis or any nerve problem.
• Factors like obesity, aging, pregnancy and diabetes can increase the problem of flat feet.
• Wearing uncomfortable shoes, especially walking on heels for the long period also causes this type of problem.

What are the symptoms of the Collapsed arch?

Many people have flat feet, but it does not cause any problem all throughout their life. While some people suffer from multiple symptoms due to flat feet. Some of them are
 Flat feted people feel tired very quickly, especially during long hours of standing or walking.
 There can be a pain in the arches and heels. Sometimes, even the bottom of the feet becomes swollen.
 A flat footed person finds running, dancing, jumping or another type of physical activities terrible.
 Usually, when the flat footed person runs, they tend to move their fingers inward. This may help them to grip. But this can be very dangerous in the long run; there can be muscle pain of the feet, ligament pain or back pain.

What are the tests for flat feet?

There are many exams and tests to detect Collapsed Arch. The health history of a person tells whether there is a problem with the feet arch or not. Even the depressions on the soles of the used shoes can tell whether you have flat feet or not.
 To detect flexible flat foot, the doctor will ask you to stand on toes. If any arch formation takes place, then you have flexible flat feet. There is no more test to assure it.
 If there is no arch formation, even after standing on toes, then you have rigid flat feet. An x-ray can determine the position of the foot bones; CT scan gives the more precise position of the bones. An MRI scan provides whether there is a problem with tendons or not.
What are the treatments of fallen arches?
Many people do not need any diagnosis, even after having flat feet. If you experience no pain at all, then there is no need for any diagnosis. The treatment varies with the severity of the problem. Some of the common treatments are:
 Proper rest and putting ice on the swollen parts, so as to reduce the pain.
 Pain killers or anti-inflammatory are conventional medicines to reduce the pain.
 Physiotherapy and stretching exercises can reduce the pain to a huge extent.
 There are many devices and shoe medication prescribed by the doctor.
 If the pain is very severe, then it can lead to surgery. The fusing of ankle bones, changing the shape of the bones, clearing or adding tendons, bone grafting, and other methods can be performed by the doctors to prevent such condition.

What are the measures that you can take to reduce the pain?

You can follow self-care measures to reduce the pain.
There are hundreds of shoes, designed especially for a flat footed person. Running shoes with arch support are the best thing for flat feet. There are many medicated soles, which you can use with any shoes. You must avoid heels.
You can take the medicines like pain killers or anti-inflammatory if there is a sudden pain
Physiotherapy at home can be a lot of help to reduce these types of problem.
You should maintain your body weight. Obesity can worsen the problem offlat feet.
Avoid activities like running for long distance, outdoor sports that include high performance of legs. There are many devices which you can wear all the time to reduce the pain, and bring back the bones to their original shape.


It is nothing to worry if you have flat feet. Most of the time there is no symptoms. If you are experiencing constant pain in your foot, legs, or back, then you must consult a doctor. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments had helped a lot of people to overcome such problems. Problems with can be prevented through self-care also.