Why use shoe stretchers for length and width stretching efficiently?

Footfitter professional 2-way shoe stretcher

Shoe stretchers for length and width stretching is a must have and are something which you should always keep for yourself. If you only want to stretch width only for a particular shoes just make the length area are snug and start stretching the width only. A particular pair of shoe might be a favorite of yours. It might be possible that particular shoe shrank. Thus, it might not fit anymore. During such cases, throwing it away might not seem such a good idea. Thus, if you can use the shoe stretcher that will stretch both your length as well as the width, might be a good idea. Take a look at shoe stretcher before you make the decision of buying it.

two way shoe stretcherBest rated two-way shoe stretcher

Specification of the shoe stretcher

These are available for both men as well as women. The shoe stretcher is made out of beach wood. However, it can be mad out of any material you want. The device is mainly used for reshaping. Moreover, the device can be adjusted lengthwise in such a manner so that it can help to set the width of the shoe in the front portion as well.

Get some relief from the pain

Tight shoes might often lead to painful blisters. These are not at all good for your feet. With this excellent footfitter two way shoe stretcher, you can now get some relief from all these pain. The device pressurizes the leather from within thus, widening it.

All you need to do is place the stretcher inside the shoe. Position the device in such a manner so that it is in contact with the area you want to stretch. Slowly turn the upper handle. This allows the device to open up and widen thus, increasing the area. Make sure that you buy the shoe stretcher of the right size as your shoe. If you so not do so, it might lead to more stretching thus making your shoe loose.

What needs to be done?

You have to place the shoe stretcher for length and width stretching inside the shoe and then slowly regulate the pressure lengthwise. For this, you have to turn the round screw that is present on the top. You will also have to set the hook to widen the shoes. For expanding this area it is more painful, you have to use the additional little plastic parts provided that will relieve the pressure and pain that was previously occurring to your feet.

Remarks of shoe stretchers for length and width stretching

  • The device works on both lefts as well as a right pair of shoe.
  • The rod and nut are metal threaded that is required to regulate the width.
  • The rod and the nut are made of hard plastic that helps to adjust and tune the length.
  • Every shoe stretcher has a minimum of three additional plastic pieces for stretching specific areas.
  • To use shoe stretcher more efficiently, you should use the shoe spray that acts as a lubricator.Shoe stretchers for length and width stretching

Meaning of shoe stretchers for length and width stretching

This type of shoe stretcher falls under the category of a 2-way shoe stretcher. The meaning of this phrase is that it enlarges both length as well as width. If you have any complication regarding your foot, you should ask for the additional bunions that help to increase the width and length of those particular areas.

Home remedies to increase the length and width

Other than the shoe stretcher for length and width widening, you can also use some home remedies that will help you to increase the width and duration of your favorite pair of shoes.

Wear your socks on

If you more than one pair of socks at your home then wear them on and then put on the shoes. Keep them in the same position for quite some time. After about eight hours, your shoe must have been enlarged.

The technique of freezing

Among all of the other techniques and home remedies, this is one of the most useful methods. However, this technique is best for leather or fake leather. All you need to do is collect two plastic bags and fill them up to one-third of it. Seal the bags and then place them inside each of the shoes.

Following the above procedure, you should next put them in the freezer. Let it freeze for about eight hours. Make sure to thaw the ice before removing it from the shoes. Try them on. If the shoes still do not fit then make sure that you repeat the process until the shoe fits you properly.

A method that is almost as same as shoe stretchers for length and width stretching

A slightly different technique from freezing or using shoe stretcher is the method of using damp newspaper. It is also one of the easiest ways. All you need to do is scrunch up the old wet paper and shove them inside each pair of shoe. Also, make sure that you fill up you shoes with this newspaper. You have to wait for the paper to dry and only then take off the newspaper from the shoes. You will see that your shoes have gotten enlarged to quite some extent.

There are many other methods of increasing the length and width of your shoe. However, professionals use the shoe stretcher as it is the best and one of the most technical and efficient way of increasing the width and length of the shoes. To make things easier, you can use the stretching spray. However, if you do not want to do so, then you can gladly use the home – made a stretching liquid. It is not but alcohol. Thus, you only have to rub a little bit of alcohol on a piece of cloth and rub it all over the place you want to stretch.

The wet sock technique is also quite good. You have to put on your shoe while the socks are still wet. Wear the same until you think it is dry enough. After you think it is dry enough, take off your shoe and put it on in the usual way, it should be enlarged enough to be worn with ease. However, shoe stretchers for length and width stretching are the best and effective way to do your work.

Everything about a long shoe horn and its types

metal shoe horn

So before beginning, what exactly is a long shoe horn? Also known as a shoe-spooner sometimes, it is basically a device or a tool that allows the user to put on his shoes in an easier manner. Now there are many different types of shoe horns that are available in the market, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Extra Long Handled Telescopic, Personally Adjustable 16″ to 31″ 

long shoe horn

Very Long Shoe Horn

How It Works

The way it works is that it is inserted partially into the shoe through the opening. And when it does, it provides a smooth surface for the foot of the person to slide just in without any problems. The biggest issue when wearing a shoe is with the heel of a shoe. This device takes care of that without having to destroy completely the counter of the shoe which is so often the case.

About Shoe Horns

At the very beginning, shoe horns were made out of animal horns, hooves, and other body parts as well. Nowadays things have changed, and different materials are used for achieving the same result. However, you can still buy the ones made before as antics. Be beware that they are pretty expensive and can be very hard to find.

Today, the materials used for making a long shoe horn are very different. Artificial materials are used instead of animal parts. Some of them include:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Glass

These are some of the cheaper shoe horns that you will find on the market. Some of the expensive ones are made from:

  • Silver
  • Bone
  • Ivory
  • Shell

As far as sizes are concerned, shoehorns come in different varieties. The basic shape remains pretty much the same. The only significant difference among various models is the length of the handle that it comes with. For long boots, you will find long handled shoe horns. For shoes that need more flexibility, you will find leather shoe horns and so on.

Why Use It?

Why you should spend a good chunk of money for completing a task that can easily be achieved without it. You may not realize it, but a shoe horn serves purposes other than to ease your foot through the shoe. Without a shoe horn, these are 2 of the options that you will have at your disposal:

  • Using your finger to stretch the back of your shoe and putting your foot in.
  • Choosing not to use your fingers and forcefully pushing your foot through.

Both these options have their issues. For instance, the first one will stretch your shoe in unwanted areas. This can cause misfits in the future. The second alternative will undoubtedly crush the counter (the vertical part at the end of the shoe) of your shoe.

Both of them cause damage to the underlying structure of the shoe. A flimsy counter particularly is appalling for you since it is no longer able to provide the adequate amount of support to your heel and arch, thus causing overpronation and excessive stress. This is why you need a shoe horn to prevent any of this from happening.

Metal long shoe horn

As mentioned before, a shoe horn is made of quite a different amount of materials. Here are some of the pros and cons of using one made of metal.


  • One of the primary advantages of using a metal shoe horn is its durability. Things made out of metal tend to last for a long time (provided you keep it from rusting). That is no exception for a shoe horn either.
  • Another thing to look out for is the sleekness in design that very few other materials can match.
  • The smoothness that a metal surface provides is also unparalleled.


  • Because of all of its positive aspects, shoe horns made of metal tend to have a higher cost in the market compared to other materials.
  • Also, you will find that they are significantly heavier than other shoe horns. That is particularly the case for a long handled horn.
  • Last but not the least; it is not suitable for booths that require a flexible shoe horn. This works both ways since its sturdiness can work in its favor as well.

Extra Long Handled Telescopic, Personally Adjustable 16″ to 31″ 

Long handled shoe horns are usually used for long boots which require an extensive reach to function properly. As such, here are some of the good and the bad that you will get.


  • Without question, the best aspect of a long handled shoe horn is the vast reach it provides for users. When wearing long boots and other shoes which require such a tool, it provides a clear cut advantage.
  • Depending on the material it is made out of, it can be very durable in nature as well. This is particularly the case if it is made of hardwood like oak or maple or walnut.


  • The excessive length of the shoe horn can also be a disadvantage because it definitely makes it hard to carry it around, thus rendering it unportable for the most part.
  • Weight can also prove to be an issue because of its long length.

Leather long handled shoe horn

The leather long shoe horn is also a pretty well-known product in the market. After all, it has a lot going on for it. But it also has a lot of disadvantages as well. Here are some of them.


  • The main reason why people like leather shoe horns is because of their flexibility. When dealing with sturdy shoes, a flexible shoe horn is required to get things into a fit.
  • Because of their flexibility, they also tend to be very portable in nature as well. You can just fold them up and carry it with you.


  • If the quality of the leather is bad, you will find that folding causes permanent creases on the shoe horn. Overall durability is also reduced.
  • The leather is also very expensive in nature, making it unaffordable for some.

To Conclude

That pretty much covers everything you need to know about a long shoe horn and its types. If you need to buy one, make sure you read this up beforehand.

Restyle your shoes by attaching Shoe Clips to them!

Shoe Clips



Are you planning to buy new shoes? Here are Shoe Clips for you to make your one be worthy among others. Now you might be thinking that what exactly these clips are? This won’t be going to be so thoughtful for you certainly because these clips are a way for you to add an extravagant beautification to your regular casual shoes while you are dressing them up. None another tip could help you out while you are in trouble.shoe clips

Over the years, your ancestors did certainly not know what these clips are used for. Thus this older trend has suitably been transformed into the modern version of fashion. They properly help those plain old shoes to go thundering and rocking. You might be thinking how this is done. For this let’s take you through the definition and tell you why probably you need them!

What are these Shoe Clips?

Now as this word has been talked about, it’s prior for you to understand them. These Shoe Clips are an essential part of jewelry meant for your shoes. On the underlying notes, this has been a decorative item, to make your shoes adorable along with a clip attached to their back to retain on your shoes while you attach them. The presence of inside teeth’s makes connecting easier. Thus you can use them on any shoes that you desire.

Why do you need them?

Firstly, shoes remain casual and straightforward. Thus in order to make them more gorgeous and superior, this perishable item like an attachment has been used. They can be added or even removed when you choose them to be. The more usage trick lies in to make your daily going shoes to be more elegant with various clips each day you wear them to work. Usages of clips are easy just for their teeth’s used to attach over shoes.

How many categories exist?

If you are actually searching for these clip items, then know it before you choose! Such varieties of shoe based clips are found around you. But indeed, they differ in terms of their usage techniques and purposes.

  • Flower clips
  • Feather clips
  • Vintage clips
  • Leather clips
  • Crystal clips
  • Beaded clips

If certainly, your predecessors could have this item in their era, then certainly you won’t be lagging behind from having them from existing today!

Know how these types work for:

Mainly the flower based shoe clips are a fascinating décor of silk flowers. Today this could be seen over your flip flops too. Peacock based feather clips are genuinely meant to be used for the wedding. Certain auspicious are here for you ladies with this taste of vintage shoe clip. Thus you could get them easily as desired. The time goes on these clips, have been widely renowned.

What makes crystal clips best?

Over the time the crystal clips have widely used especially during ceremonies. They are just an adorable for the leather shoes. Often you could see these crystals in widely two colors that are white and golden. Thus such crystals at times may certainly raise the questions for prices. Thus you just need not have to be panicking at times. Sometimes you could even get a chance to watch these crystal clips be used for bridal accessories too.

How to use these clips:

In order to attach these clips to your shoes you probably just need to open those clips first and later place them over the area been desired. After that, you just need to close the seal, and thus your shoes get ready to shine. But you should remember that before you try removing them it is vital for you to open clips for safety. Probably removing clips from shoes while they are wearing is quite a blunder mistake.

Benefits of Shoe Clips:

  • The best way to take your shoe love towards next level.
  • Reduces your expenses for shoes and makes them look perfect.
  • A wide variety of stylings can be done by you.
  • Choices are extensive for you to opt for to suit your shoe.
  • Shoe based clips could even be used for bridal events too.
  • A mixture of modern technique and old material for reusability of old items in order to create a revolutionized one.

Where to find them:

If you are searching ways to find these Shoe Jewelry then probably you need to follow the internet based stores. The online shops are more than an internet based stores. They produce you with a full range of varieties of clips. You could even make your own choices before the professional designers. This facility has made them the broad group among seller’s list. Apart from this, you could even visit your nearby designer to ask them for help.

Other uses of these clips:

Today such clip designers have evolved with their wide taste. Thus this has made them suitably show their talents in fields of fashion too. Apart from being used as clips for your shoes, you could even make them usable in a different manner.

  • Wear them as a flower on your hairs.
  • Can even be attached to belts or upon bags.
  • Blazers are the best fashion to support shoe based clips in forms of the broach.


How are these clips best today?

Today raising questions for clips have been easier for you. But at a certain point in the past years, this would have been a tough job. Thus getting such ornaments for your shoes would be like decorating your shoes and enhancing your fashion. The previous eras of forty’s were a similar regularity of fashion. Thus having this modern transformed version of fashion has brought in eagerness and curiosity among users. This would let you view clips as the best.

This has been a golden opportunity for you to make your love for fashion even deeper. There may be few categories of style for you to choose from. Thus if you really prefer to have them in wide numbers then do get the best Shoe Clips for them today!