Sneaker Stretcher-Everything about the utilities of it!

sneaker stretcher

sneaker stretcher


A sneaker stretcher is a blessing for anyone who has bought a pair of shoes only to find out that it does not fit them well. It may be the pair of sneakers that you have always adored and wanted to buy for a long period of time. But alas! Your feet are either too big or too small for them. That is why you need the aid of such a stretcher. It can help add more length or width to your sneaker up to a certain limit. So here is pretty much everything you will need to know.

Sneaker Stretcher-Why the need?

Now you may be wondering why such a stretcher is needed in the first place right? Well, there are two main reasons for that:

  • The obvious reason is the one that has already been mentioned above i.e. if you happen to buy a pair of shoes which simply do not fit your size. If such a scenario takes place, a stretcher will help ‘break into’ them.
  • It can also happen because your feet have grown larger. Most women do not like to admit it but sometimes, their feet grow a size or two larger. And because they tend to buy the same sized shoes that they used to before, it leads to a misfit.


How a sneaker stretcher works?

A sneaker stretcher is made of wood most of the times. It is shaped like a shoe, and the way it works is that you need to insert it into your sneakers first. There is a minimalistic size for these stretchers in general, because of which it can be inserted into any sized shoe. Once that is done, you need to use the crank in order to expand it. This expansion is what allows the sneaker to be stretched to the size that you want.

After expanding it to the size that you are fit with, leave the sneaker be in that position with the stretcher inside it for some hours. Usually, 24 hours does the trick but depending on the material; it can take 48 hours as well. The best part about these stretchers is the fact that you can increase both the length as well as the width depending on what you want.

Yet another thing that you probably need to know about is that some stretchers also require the company of a stretching liquid as well. This is in order to attain the maximum level of stretching possible. Also, note that there are some materials such as vinyl which simply cannot be stretched using a shoe stretcher. Leather and natural fiber made sneakers are the best options for using a stretcher with.

To Conclude

So basically, the next time you have a misfit shoe, keep in mind that it can definitely be fixed. All it takes is the right knowledge and the right kind of equipment. So if you too have a sneaker that you need to stretch, make sure that you know how to use a sneaker stretcher.

Shoe Trees Walmart-Protect Your Old Shoes with them


footfitter-best-shoe-trees-walmartIf you want to use your old shoes, then you should get yourself a shoe trees walmart for that. It can be used to retain the size as well, you can use it to absorb the odors and moisture from the footwear. That is why you don’t need to invest in new shoes. The best part is that the automatic adjustment and expansion is very useful. The easy pull handle heel is very handy for the shoes.

footfitter-best-shoe-trees-walmartHow to keep your old shoes the same?

Most of the people want to use their favourite shoes for a long time, and you are not an exception. That is why you should keep you should at high quality and undamaged by using the shoe trees. The shoe trees are designed with a durable frame that keeps everything stable. It is quite easy to maintain the shape of the shoes by using the shape.

The high-quality profile makes its universal compatibility with any pair of shoes. It can suck the odours and moisture from the shoes that are how it can increase the life of the shoes. There are two universal pressure relief pods in the shoe trees Walmart that are used to maintain the shape of the shoes.

How to Extend the Life of the Shoes by Using the Shoe Trees Walmart?

When it comes to the extension of the life of your favorite shoes, then you should use the shoe tree. There is a sculpted toe along with natural shape which is used to maintain the shape of the boots. You have to insert one of the same into the leather shoes thereby increasing the pressure to maintain the shape. The tree will ensure that the shape is perfect for your leg. You will have the following features.

·       It is specially designed to retain the shape of the leather boots and fabric shoes.

·       It also comes with natural cedar finish that can absorb the moisture and odours from the shoes.

·       It also comes with high strength and reshaping power so you can have your desired shape within a day.

·       The study materials help everything in the same place.

·       You can reshape the shoes sized up to 10-12

shoe trees WalmartHow do You Widen the Sides of the Shoes?

If you want to widen the shoes, then you should use the split toes of the shoe trees walmart can be used to widen the tight sides of the shoes. The sturdy hardware can be used to get the natural finish and look of the shoes.

Why the Shoe Trees Walmart is Elegant?

There are several qualities that make the shoe tree elegant such as lightweight design, extended life of the foot wear, adjustability and more. You can easily push the firm leather shows without affecting the length of the shoes. If you push the sides of the shoes using the tree, then it will give you a wide shoe.

The deep design of the shoe trees walmart along with twin tube boost that gives you maximum result. It will help you to prevent the wrinkles in the shoes. There will be no damage during stretching because of the dual plated steel extenders. It is used to apply the exact amount of pressure without damaging the materials.

This Wooden Shoe Stretcher I Highly Recommend! Totally Worth it!


best-shoe-stretcher-1With all the bad reviews I have heard about shoe stretchers and shoe trees. I was skeptical about buying, but to my surprise they work for me on a few pairs of flats and sneakers. I don’t need my shoes stretched much, so I probably have not tested them to the fullest.



best shoe stretcher Best Shoe Stretcher on the Market Today

best high heel shoe stretcherSo far I have used it to stretch the toe area of 2 pairs of sneakers and the length and width of my flats. I usually wear a size 11 but some times that is to tight especially around the toe area. This wooden shoe stretcher has worked and save my toes from hurting when I wear my favorite shoes. The first time I used it, it work like a charm. It comes with several different size plugs so you can just stretch the right or difficult areas for corn and bunions. The wonderful thing about this 2-way stretcher is that you can stretch length or width or both at the same time. With this shoe stretcher I can get any shoes I want now and with a few turns of a knob I can make my shoes 😉 comfy.

I must say it feel like a great buy. High quality parts that feel nice and sturdy in your hands. It is made up of hard beech wood and metal only, so very environment friendly and toxic free. NO Plasticky parts like those other stretchers on the market that fail after a few usage. These shoe stretchers got the best review that I could find. With other cheaper stretchers customers was reporting about lock washers came apart and it was stuck in the wide open position, the screw that hold the two piece together came loose. So if you are looking a shoe stretcher that will last you for years to come this is it…

Find the Best hiking shoes of 2017

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

The best hiking shoesIf you want to protect your feet during hiking or adventure, then you have to wear a special pair of boots that is called hiking boots. It is suitable for hiking activities in outdoor. When it comes to the best hiking shoes, you have lots of options to choose from. It is considered as one of the most important hiking gear for the hiking adventure. It can enable the hiker to explore his/her abilities in the path without injury.

These boots are made out of sturdy but common materials which are rough enough to handle any terrain. It will protect your heel as well as feet from any damage. It also provides a good amount of ankle support which is very helpful during the hiking. It is a process to choose a perfect pair of hiking shoes. There are many rugged hiking shoes in the market that provide best ankle support.

How to choose the right hiking shoes?

It is very hard to find a perfect shoe. It should be perfect enough to match your requirement. The hiking shoes should have adequate ankle support to provide you flexibility. It is always recommended to choose those shoes which have the best low end and high end performance for short as well as long distance respectively. These shoes can perform pretty well because of the flexible midsoles that are why you can wear it for long journeys.

Hiking boots were pretty popular because of the rugged nature. These shoes are the first choice when you are going to cover miles on the same path. In the case of mud, water, and rough surface the hiking shoes perform very well. It is safe to carry more than 35lbs in your backpack. The shoes can keep your feet warm even in the cold weather that is why it can boost your hiking abilities.

How many types of boots are there in the market?

There are different types of hiking boots are there in the market. Apart from that, there is a huge price difference in the top and bottom model because of the materials. There are mid-to-high and mid-to-low prices for the boots. The cheap hiking boots are suitable for short hiking tours. However, there are no compromises on the quality of the boots and backpacking. There are three main types of walking boots.

  • The trail shoes are very suitable for the dry hiking. These boots are not very rugged as compared to the night hiking shoes. It is extremely suitable for day hiking only.
  • If you are going to visit mountain roads, then the trail hiking shoes may not suit well because of the muddy paths. You need something sturdier than the trail hiking shoes that can deliver stability as well as protection in the ankles. You may consider the lightweight hiking shoes because it can protect your feet from rocks.
  • When it comes to mountain hiking, you need special shoes for that which is certified for hill walking. You can easily attach the crampons so it can deliver a better grip on the slippery surfaces without any problems. You may use these boots of mountaineering. It is also efficient on the rocky trails and glacier. Your feet will be insulated because of the insulating materials on the shoe.

Why there is leather in the best hiking shoes?

There are many hiking shoes on the market that comes with leather finish. The leather is an excellent insulator that is why you can carry on your journey even at the minus temperature. Apart from that, it can reduce the pain and rocks from the roads in an efficient way. You can keep these shoes for external trips for the heavy load as well as rugged terrain. It is not that light when it comes to extended trips.

How should the hiking boots be fit?

If you are going to buy a pair of hiking boots, make sure to buy comfortable boots. The right boots are not recommended for the long journey because it may bring several leg problems. Apart from that, you have to be aware of your size. It is always recommended to wear the boots with socks for better comfort. You may use external trainers along with the soles for better comfort. It should not be very loose or very tight.

As you already know what hiking is, then you know that you have to wear the hiking boots for hours or weeks that are why the boots should be comfortable. If your boots are comfortable, then you can enjoy the journey without any complaint. It should have upper and down padding to provide an adequate amount of support. You have to ensure that the boots lock into the place without any problems.

What are the most important parts of the best hiking shoes?

A boot is made of more than one material that is why it becomes sturdy. Each part plays a vital role during mountaineering so you can enjoy the outdoor adventure without any problems. You can carry more than enough belongings in your backpack without any problems. The sturdy parts make it very suitable for any terrain. There is a huge price difference because of the parts and materials.

  • Upper is a very important part of a hiking boot. It provides your protection as well as support for the feet. If the upper is water resistant, then you shall not face any problem during hiking. There are many high-quality hiking boots that allow air to pass.
  • Apart from the upper, the sole is the vital part of the hiking boot. Most of the hiking boots used to have deep rubber soles to provide stunning support as well as friction. A sole can absorb all the shocks from the roads as well as it provides comfortable journey.
  • Tongues play an important role in mountaineering. It helps the laces to bind as well as it can prevent the water to go inside. It also applies for the dirt and dust.
  • Padding is also import for the boots because it can provide you more protection. Apart from that, it can enhance the comfortable experience of your feet.
  • When it comes to insoles that are made of soft materials. Insoles can provide your best support as well as balance.

What are the materials of the outsole?

The outsoles of the best hiking shoes are made of rubber. Rubber is very efficient when it comes to absorbing shocks in the road. It will automatically boost your hiking speed. The rubber also makes the shoes very durable. There are many high-quality boots on the market that can provide maximum support as well as performance when you are in the middle of your journey.

Best men’s hiking shoes

If you are looking for a perfect hiking shoe, then you may consider the GTX. It can perform any task as well as it can be used for any terrain without any problem. It is very stiff that is why it is suitable for the snowy condition. It is a good shoe for the men because it can handle almost anything. The narrow profile makes it hiker’s favorite. The Ultra GTX 109 can handle any surface.

  • It offers super traction even on the slippery and icy roads.
  • There is adequate foot support.
  • There is also extra protection.
  • There are many attractive features such as secure lacing and more.
  • It also offers one of the best comforts for the feet.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe for small trips, then you may consider the Ultra 2 GTX. It feels like a feather in the legs because of the super cushioning. It is very stable on the rocky roads because of the high traction. When it comes to durability, it offers outstanding performance. There is a midsole that offers high-quality performance. It is very lightweight so you can go for overnight hiking.

The design comes from the top model that is why it is near perfect shoes without any compromise on the features. It is very aggressive when it comes to price. The shoe is water resistant that is why it can perform very well without any problems. It is always recommended to wear it with the socks for the more comfortable experience.

Which are the best hiking shoes?

If you don’t want to compromise on the traditional look and traditional feel of hiking, then you may consider the Lowa Renegade as the best hiking shoe for you. It is not very heavy or light because it is perfect in the weight department. It also offers better renegade performance than the old models. The hiking will be very much fun because of this protective shoe. It can boost your confidence level.

  • It is waterproof, so water is not allowed. However, air can pass through the boot this will allow your skin to breathe properly. It is highly suitable for hiking in shallow water.
  • There is water repellent coating for more comfort and flexibility. There is polyester lining that can keep moisture away from your feet.
  • When it comes to lacing there is derby-cut. There are enough padding and tongue so you can have a comfortable experience.
  • When it comes to nylon shanks, it offers great support for long time hiking.
  • The external frames can offer you high-speed stability without reducing weight.

Best hiking shoes for Women

Hiking is very fun that is why women are interested in this sport. However, there are no perfect hiking shoes for the women. If you are looking for a good quality hiking shoe for women within your budget, then you have to compromise on many facts. There are many popular shoes for women which are recommended for mountaineering. The Tex model is available in the affordable range. It is also recommended for the heavy load which is suitable for rough trails.

  • It is made of leather.
  • The sole is known as Vibram sole.
  • The shaft is 4.5” from the arch.
  • It also has all the basic features such as waterproofing, high-quality traction, breathable vents for skin and more.

Best kids hiking shoes

When it comes to best hiking shoes for kids, there are many hiking shoes available in the market. These shoes are all rounder because of the sturdy outsole that provides high-quality grip. It is also very practical when it comes to dust and water resistance. It also helps you to increase the lifespan of the shoes. The Duke shoes are highly suitable for the children aged of 14.

There are many teenagers who can explore the mountaineering by wearing this shoe. It is made of leather along with waterproofing abilities. You should not compare these shoes with the rubber shoes because it may not give your high level of performance as the flagship boots. However, it is near perfect for the kids for hiking purposes.

Why you need hiking boots for the kids?

Hiking is an adventure where you meet with rugged roads and challenges. It is always recommended to use hiking shoes for the same. However, the hiking shoes are not walking shoes because these shoes are special. These shoes are waterproof that is why kids need the same. You need a good grip as well as protection from moisture which are present in the hiking shoes. If your kid is going to your adventure, then he/she need a hiking boot.

There are many visual differences between the normal hiking shoes and kids hiking shoes. The hiking shoes for kids used to come with many snazzy colors to stand out from the crowd. These shoes are as durable as the bigger brothers. It is quite efficient when it comes to buffer and mountaineering. It has all the abilities and qualities such as waterproofing, rubberized outsole, and removable footbed.

The rubber on the shoes makes it extremely shock-proof. Apart from that it also helps you to enhance your grip on the mountain roads. There are many best hiking shoes at affordable range which are ideal for hiking. It is ideal for hiking because it can prevent many foot related problems such as fungal infections, blisters and more. It is efficient enough to keep the fungal infection away from you.