Why use Shoe Trees for Your Leather Shoes?

 why use shoe trees


Why use shoe trees? It is a structure which is put into the shoes so that it doesn’t shrink or have a deformation in shape when it is not used for a long time. The structure is like the shape of your feet. There is a different structure for different sizes of shoes. If you keep your shoes, without any support in the interior, then it is likely to deform its shape in the long run.

Why use shoe trees?

What are the advantages of using shoe trees?

  • Most of the time your shoe is made out of leather. The shoe is a very important part of your dressing. Leather are very costly, and you generally don’t buy shoe every month. So, if you want to utilize your shoe for a long period of time, then a shoe tree is going to be very helpful.
  • Most of the time, your feet sweat. The leather catches up the smell and gives out the very pungent smell. Your shoe also becomes the home of many bacteria. This is not only unhygienic but also, this can give you an infection. The wooden shoe trees are going to absorb the sweat and kill the smell.
  • If you left your shoe, without a shoe tree for a long time, then the leather will have ridges, and gradually, your shoes will shrink, or the leather will decay. A shoe tree can prevent all these phenomena.

Now you know why use shoe trees, so don’t waste your expensive shoe and start using a shoe tree.

Best High Heel Repair Kit-Everything you should know!!

fix worn out heel tipsWearing high heels and making everyone jealous is quite a wise idea. If you are into fashion, then you will know the contributions the shoes make to your entire getup. The heels give your body a beautiful structure, and you look more stylish no matter what attire you wear. Your shoe is the think people notice, and they can assume your ability to stylize yourself by it. But if it gets damaged then you have to trust the high heel repair kit.

If you wear a beautiful dress, and your shoes do not match with the outfit, then the entire getup will fall down. Besides wearing the shoes, you should also know how to take care of them. The good quality shoes are expensive, and sometimes the style is one in a million. This is why you have to learn to repair it all by yourself.

 How to repair your heels tips very fast

If you are frustrated from trying to find replacement tips, and failing due to different shoes having different sized pin slots in the heel….. I recommend you gave this heel repair kit a try. These push on tips will save the day!

They fit as described, and they slip on and hold well. Time will tell how well they wear and how long they last, but from looking at the construction carefully… I expect they will last at least as long as a pair of replacement tips.

How do you resole your shoes?

If you feel that the sole of your shoe has worn out, then you should repair it. You can take it to the expert, or you can do it yourself and save some valuable money.

  • As you will be applying glue on the bottom of the shoe, you need the surface to be flat. This is why, if you find anything stuck in it, or the surface is not flat enough, then you have to rub it off disk sander and make it flat.
  • You will get the material of the sole in the shoe store near you. It will be good if you buy some excess for later use.
  • Put your heels on the material then cut the stuff into a smaller size. Try not to give it a shape in this stage, as you will do that later.
  • There is special glue available in the market, which is meant for the shoes only, and you need that to stick that sole at the bottom of your heels. Stick it with that glue.
  • To make sure that the material adheres to your shoes, you need to wear them and stomp around. And then give it enough time to stick.
  • You need to cut off the edges, according to the shape of the shoe. You can look at the methods of shaping the sole on the internet.

How do you fix high heels sole?

As a high heel lover, you would love to know that how will you repair the sole of your shoes with high heel repair kit, when its wear out. The method is same as the before, but now, you need to make the cut of the material a little more precise. You will need a chalk, and after placing the shoes on the material, you need to draw out the shape. That mean, you need to draw the part where your toe will be, and the shape if the tip of your shoe heel. While cutting, make sure you slice it a little bigger size. In this way, you can shape it later when the glue helps to attach the material.  This will give the shoe a little more height if you like.

How can I fix my shoe with high heel repair kit?

In today’s world, when the expense is rising high, you need to do as much work as possible by yourself. In this way, you will not only be able to save money, but you will also learn few new techniques.

Before wanting to fix your shoes with high heel repair kit, make sure you take good care of it. This will make your job a lot easier when you just have to fix a specific part. It will be easier if you remove the sole of your shoe, then work on it. While buying the glue, you have to ensure that this is the best possible shoe adhesive that is available in the market. And then follow the above instruction.

Facts about high heel shoe repair kit

If you are someone, who has a fascination of collecting shoes, then you know each and every pair holds great value. This is why, when you notice any problem, you do not consider throwing it as an option.  Besides that, you buy the shoes with your hard earned money, and you do not want to spoil it by sending the pair to a cobbler. If you don’t want to even think about the option, then you only have one way out, and that is to repair it all by yourself with high heel repair kit.

If you are planning to repair your high heels, and you do not have a clear idea, then you should know that you will get repair kit available in the market. You have to look for it in the online store, and after reading the feedback, you can be sure that you want to buy that or not. You will get the high heel tips, and by measuring the size of your heel tips, you can order the repair kit accordingly.

The tips come with the screw, and that is supposed to hold it up with the tip of the heel. You can also use glue with it. You just cannot buy any glue, or the crafts glue will not hold that thing up for a long time, this is why you need something more powerful. You will get the glue specially made to repair shoes, and you should only use that.

How can I fix my shoes?

When it comes to your favorite shoes, you would not want to take any risk. You have to take care of that expensive pair of yours so that it keeps on complimenting your attire and your personality as long as it can. It is completely understandable that you do not want to leave the favorite pair of yours in the hand of cobbler, as he might not be able to understand the value of it. It is a good decision to take care of it all by yourself so that you can repair it just like you want, moreover you will learn a new kind of work.

When you wear the high heels, the tip of the heels tends to wear out very easily. F the rest of the shoe is fine then you do not need to throw it away. You just need to repair it. You will find the heel tip available in the market. You can ask for them in the shoe store near you. If you still cannot find one, then you can definitely rely on the online store.

The online stores are always open for you, and you can practically get anything from it. While buying it, make sure you know the approximate size of the stiletto you wear. They are available in packs, and you will find a lot of them in a single packet. Once you invest money on one packet, it will be enough for a long time. But try not to put the tips on the top of the existing guard. Wear it off with the sand paper, and once it is flat and almost removed, you can put the new one.

But before you buy from the online store, you need to do a little bit of research. You would not want to waste your money. There are many websites available, which will offer you the demonstration by the video, and you can log into the sites, and watch how to do the repairing.

Before ordering, reading the feedback is necessary. In this way, you will know the product you are about to buy will do any good or not. You will see the product ratings available on the website, and by following them, you will know which product will be good for you. Notice what people are saying about it, you will learn new techniques by the end of the review. Try and stay away from the product which has a terrible rating, no matter how reasonable price they are offering.

The best high heel repair kit at Target

Buying the high heel repair kit from Target store can be beneficial for you. You will not have to imagine the product by seeing on screen. But you can actually see it in person. You will know which size you need, and then you can buy it.

The most important factor is that you will get shop assistant to describe you about the product and how people like it. They can also help you to understand how to get the shoe fixed. If you find any fault in the product after taking it to home, then you can change it immediately. You will not have to wait for the representative of the company to come and pick the product up and then replace it. Buying from the store can really save your time, and you can start wearing your favorite pair very soon.

Best high heel repair kit at Walmart

If you are looking for the high heel repair kit at Walmart, then you might not know that the biggest chain store in the country will also have this. If you go there to buy this, you will get some advantages, such as:

  • You will get to know about a lot of brands, making this product you are about to buy.
  • You will get a chance to compare different brands and their quality.
  • This chain store keeps some brands within reach of everyone, so money will not be a factor if you choose to buy from this store.
  • The return policy is easy if you find a damaged product you can easily return them.
  • They have a dedicated website, and if you see any product is out of stock, then you can either wait, or you can have it ordered to your home.

Not only repair kit, but you will also find some shoe products there. The products will help you to take care of your shoes. Before you think of repairing, you need to understand that taking care of the shoes is a must. It will elevate your style and personality. People will notice our well-maintained shoes, and they will assume about your lifestyle and your choice. So, if you want your style to speak out loud, then you should not only buy the repair kit, you can buy the product which will help you to take care of your shoes as well.

Repairing is beneficial of high heel repair kit

Some people like other people to help them out, and some o like to do it themselves. Repairing your shoes has many benefits that cannot be overlooked. The first benefit is that you are giving your favorite pair a second chance. It is like a second life, and you can wear it again. It will last longer, and it will keep harmonizing your entire appearance.

The second benefit is saving money. When you buy a repair kit, you will know that in that packet, you will get a lot of products. Even if the next tip wears out, you will not have to buy another kit. If you buy a single kit, then it will stay with you for a year, even after the actual shoes get all damaged beyond repair.

If you take your shoes to the cobbler, he will charge you extra amount. Moreover, you have to go to him for next time too. It can cost a lot of money. The cobbler may not understand the value the pair holds for you and can run that expensive pair easily. This is why it will be best if you do it yourself with utmost safety and care.

Besides, repairing shoes can help you learn some new techniques. You will learn new work. You can also put some innovative idea, and stylize your shoes, to match your outfit. This will not only complement your attire, but it will shout out loud about your creativity.

It is advisable that before you can start fixing your favorite shoe, you can try your hands on the pair you would not miss if it gets damaged. Practice will make your perfect, and after you successfully grab the whole idea of repairing, you can think about getting your favorite shoe fixed. After being a pro, you can repair every pair stiletto you have with high heel repair kit.

Do you know which is the best extra large men’s shoe stretcher!

FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher Men's Xlarge (US 14-16) mens extra large shoe stretcher

Why do we need an extra large men’s shoe stretcher? There are many people in this world having problems with their correct shoe size. In this article, you will learn how the simplest of thing can bring you pleasure. It must have happened to you at some point that, you found a pair of amazing shoe but did not buy it just because the shop did not have the right size for you. Well, now is the time when you do not have to deal with such kind of disappointment. The shoe stretcher is here for you. Thus, just a simple shoe stretcher can bring so much of joy in your life.

extra large men's shoe stretcher

Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher Men’s Extra Large (US 10-16)

Our #1 pick

Received 4.9 stars out of 5 in our customers reviews


Bravo-fit Premium Men's Shoe Stretchers - Large Size 9-14 mens extra large two way shoe stretcher

Bravo-fit Premium Extra Large Shoe Men’s Stretchers – Size 9-14

Received 4.3 stars out of 5 in our customers reviews

Shoe stretcher for large size

Now, you do not have to worry about stretching the already large shoes. This device comes with a unique technology which works for all sizes. Thus, those extra-large shoes for men can now be increased a bit more. This is one of the best solutions which come with a low cost and low technology. This will help you to get rid of sore feet from shoes in which you are not able to walk properly. This device prevents us from trashing the shoes which are just a bit tight for us.

No need for professionalism

You can always take professional help. For example, you can just take a tight pair of shoe to a professional cobbler and get it loosened. But, why would you waste so much of valuable energy when you can just use a simple tool that is the shoe stretcher. These are inexpensive and can be used multiple numbers of times for various shoes.

Kinds of shoe stretcher:

Plastic shoe stretcher

This kind of shoe stretcher are made from plastic and hence cost much lesser than the standard wooden stretcher. It does not even absorb moisture to a great extent like the wooden ones. However, these do not function so well then the wooden ones. Over the years, it has been seen that the plastic ones do not last for much long.

Wooden shoe stretcher

These are the original type of shoe stretcher available on the market. This was the very kind of stretcher that was available. These last very long and it functions equally well as well. It would be best to use the wooden stretcher. However, these are a bit costly. But, the quality matters a lot.

Shoes can shrink to some extent

It is a known fact that shoes can easily shrink if it is not worn for moths. Thus, this is the biggest advantage of having a shoe stretcher. You can stretch those old shoes which are kept in the cupboards for months now. You do not have to suffer any pain while you walk in your old shoes anymore.

Some other uses of a stretcher

There are other advantages of using a shoe stretcher as well. For instance, this device can be used to steady the shoe while polishing them. Sometimes it is not possible to get a good grip of the shoe while polishing. Shoe Stretcher lets you do so. Thus, preventing you from getting creases anywhere else.

Materials these devices work on

It is critical to consider the material you are trying it on. There are certain materials which are not compatible with any shoe stretcher. For example, the extra large men’s shoe stretcher works best for leather shoes. The major limitation comes in place of the flexibility of the material. But, there are many which can easily be used with any stretcher for example suede and a variety of leather can be used. You also can stretch out shoes a little that are made up of canvas or fabric material- Use shoe stretcher in shoes that are damp but not completely wet. This would be the best time to use the plugs for bunion that came with your shoe stretcher.

How does extra-large man shoe stretcher work?

This device is basically made of wood and sometimes plastic too. The shape of it is somewhat made like a shoe. You have to insert it into the shoe and then, crank the apparatus until it reaches the full length of the shoe. You can now; either stretches the shoe throughout its length or maybe its width. This decision is based on your requirement and the kind of extra large men’s shoe stretcher you bought. Remember to leave it for some time in the same condition when you increased it.

Not all the extra large men’s shoe stretcher works the same way

It is quite interesting to note that, not all the shoe you buy can be stretched to a bigger size or a more comfortable size. Only those shoes which are made natural fibers like leather or suede are the best option for stretching shoe with the help of a shoe stretcher.

Two-way shoe stretcher

All kinds of shoe stretcher can fall into the category of a two-way stretcher. It means this device can increase both the length as well as the width of the shoe. Thus, the overall measurements can be increased. Certain stretcher allows you to add space in places where you need the most. For instance, if you have issues like corn, it can easily be solved with the help of such shoe stretcher.

Make sure to use them correctly

Increasing the size of the shoe to some extent is easy. But, not at all possible to shrink it back to a certain size. Thus, you have to very careful while using the stretcher. Stretching the shoe beyond certain extent can mean that, you will have a problem later on while walking in it. Thus, the best solution would be to test the shoes consistently during the entire stretching process.

No more of tired feet

There are certain people those who do not like admitting the fact that their, feet have become larger than before and thus, must change their shoe size. Instead, they keep buying their old shoe size and become a victim of tired feet. There is no better solution than a shoe stretcher for this problem. This device will always make your feet feel good and relax your toes.

Thus, from the above discussion, you can see how an extra large men’s shoe stretcher works wonder for your feet.


What are Elevator Shoes? Get to know more about them!

 what are elevator shoes


So what are elevator shoes? These shoes are nothing different from the other normal shoes. They basically increase the height and makes us look a lot taller than we really are. These shoes look quite similar to other normal heel shoes. A heel on the outside adds to our original height.

What is different about them?

If everything is similar, then what is so unique about elevator shoes? The interesting feature is that this type of shoes has an invisible platform inside the shoes, which makes the person wearing the shoe about 3 inches taller than his actual height.

What are elevator shoes

What are Elevator Shoes? Specially made for men

The specialty about elevator shoes is that these are made for men, sometimes even women. These shoes are made with a lot of care. The main reason being, women, can easily make themselves look taller by wearing a nice heal, but it is not the same as men. Men should make sure that they are looking like the odd one out with an abnormal height.

The elevator shoes are made differently

Such elevator shoes are made a bit differently. The sides of such shoes are increased in order to accommodate the insole. Soles are provided in many shoes stitched or loose. Usually, shoes with stitched insole are a lot more comfortable than other shoes.

What are elevator shoes

Helps to boost confidence

There are many short men who suffer from a lack of confidence. For them, these shoes are a savior. The shoe invariably adds a few inches to your height thus boosting your confidence level as well. Thus, the above facts must have answered your question –“what are elevator shoes?”