How to Stretch Leather Shoes Fast?

How to Stretch Leather Shoes

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How to stretch leather shoes fast! You have bought one of the best leather shoes but the size of your feet bothers you more than anything and they deny to fit comfortably in that fashionable stuff. Deciding on stretching it with some old inconvenient ways will definitely not be a wise task to do. Stretching the shoe with a shoe stretcher is the best and the most scientific way one can use.

Use the best Shoe Stretcher

You can gather some knowledge from the internet or from experienced people as to how to stretch leather shoes. You can buy necessary tools and your job can be done all by yourself only with proper care and good guidance. If you are not very confident, then positively reach out to a repairman who will get the job done for you using a wide range of professional equipment.

Some old techniques without the use of tools have also been discussed on how to stretch leather shoes.

Using Socks

Put on thick socks while wearing the leather stunner that you have bought. You can also roll some socks to make a ball and stuff it where the toes rest on the shoe.

Use a Freezer

Water is used in this technique. Fill suitable plastic bags with water. Place the water filled bag inside the pair of shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer. The water in the plastic bags freezes and its volume increases. This in turn will give your leather pair a gentle expansion. After approximately 8 hours, take out your shoes from the freezer and wait for another 20 minutes. Now try your shoes and see if it gives you comfort. If not you may repeat.

However, it is always advisable to use general tools for stretching to get best results. Especially for your expensive pair of leather shoes, you will never want to have any kind of distortion or faulty repair. Therefore, it is always encouraged to get your job done by a professional who knows how to stretch leather shoes.

Stretching using tools are done by two simple steps. Prepare your shoe according to the material of the product. Apply pressure to it is using the right technique. The steps have been discussed below.

  • Get your Leather Pair Ready: It is always said that leather stretches best when made wet. Warm water is best for this job. Different stretching solutions, for instance Justin Boot Stretch, are also manufactured for this purpose. For more information, it is also pertaining to the topic, that in the case of man-made leather, water should not be used. The surface of the man-made leather is gently warmed to get it prepared. In certain cases, a warm blow dryer is used. You should be aware of too much heat which will damage your favourite leather shoe.
  • Stretching It: In the case of bunions or broadening a bit, only wearing after wetting the leather will get the job done. However, this won’t work for lengthening. Wooden or plastic stretching tools are inserted and left overnight.


The above information will only give you an outline about how to stretch leather shoes. Skilled men will help you learn it practically.

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how to stretch cowboy boots fast


Boot expander spray for your boots!

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Today a variety of boot expander spray is seen to exist within the society. Certainly these sprays are of great importance as they simply help people in expanding their shoes sizes as when required. While wearing a new shoe probably, it gets damaged just because of its folding habits. This show expander is basically a type of foot shaping device meant for removing the extra crease being formed over your shoes. It makes your shoes look adorable and get its original shape. This instrument tool is basically placed inside a boot with its rod placed at the end side of the boot and the other end placed on the front side.

Uses and advantages of boot expander spray

After a long time usage probably the upper areas of the boots leather mostly gets creased up and looks unsuitable to wear. Thus, the best way has been launched to make them well improved, and these are known as an expander spray.

Some other advantages of boot expander based sprays may also include:

  • Boots can even shrink thus to protect your feet from swelling up these expanders are used.
  • It even helps imperfection foot people to recover their feet’s very easily.
  • Usually, boot expander can even expand the size of your boot to fit in with ease.


Today many new types of boots are been designed containing holes too easy passage of air through them. This boot expander spray benefits the user and allows their feet’s to be in a relaxed mode.

Why a shoe stretching kit is in demand?

Shoekeeper Men's and Women's Shoe Stretcher & Spray Combo


The best shoe stretching kitA shoe stretching kit is one of the most ideal equipment for expanding your shoes so that it can ideally fit the person wearing it. The kit consists of a shoe stretch spray, a screw-driven stretcher and metal or plastic  plugs that help the shoe to stretch in that area. It is available for men as well as women.

The best shoe stretching kit

Have you recently brought a new shoe but cannot wear it because it is a little short on your feet? The new shoe stretching kit will help you to expand your shoes so that it can fit you appropriately. This new kit is available for men as well as women’s shoes. Expand your shoes to fit you perfectly and comfortably as well

What does a shoe stretching kit consist of ?

The shoe stretching kit consists of a shoe stretch spray that helps in softening the leather of the shoe, helping to stretch it easily and smoothly. The Screw driven shoe stretcher helps to expand the leather of the shoes so that it does not pinch your fingers while you wear them. Some of the shoes stretchers also consist of metal plugs that can help in spot real time stretching.

Shoe Stretcher Kit Accessories

A kit consists of a stretcher along with a bottle of spray that helps to soften the leather. The sizes can fit women as well as men’s shoes. You can find from a variety of sizes of shoe stretching kit which are available in affordable prices.

A Professional Shoe Stretcher Kit