In What Ways are Shoe Trees Necessary?

Many people don’t know how are shoe trees necessary? Here are few things which you make you understand, about the importance of shoe trees.

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What is the function of shoe tree?

A shoe tree is a pair of solid structure which looks like the shape of the feet. They are inserted into the shoe when they are not in use. They tend to maintain the shape of the shoe. They can be adjusted to the different shape of shoes. When shoes are kept unused for a long time, then they tend to shrink. Also, leather shoe develops creases. A shoe tree can be used to avoid such deformations.

Are shoe trees necessary? What are the materials used for shoe tree?

They come in two types of materials that are wood and plastic. The purpose of the both is same, but both of them have separate benefits.

are shoe trees necessary

  • Wooden shoe tree: they are made out of wood, usually cedar. They can save your expensive shoe from deformation. Moreover, most of the time, your shoe develops a moisture content within, when your feats sweat. This moisture builds up aids bacterial growth, which emits an unpleasant smell. Wooden shoe tree can be used to eliminate moisture content.

The wooden shoe tree is expensive and also heavy.

  • Plastic shoe tree: plastic shoe tree performs the same functions the wooden shoe tree. But it cannot absorb moisture or eliminate the smell. On the other hand, plastic shoe tree is less expensive than the wooden ones. They are also best for travelling purpose, as they are light in weight.

Now you have well understood why are shoe trees necessary.

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