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How to make your boot comfy by using a Boot stretcher-Customize your boots to your feet without your feet doing the work – no more blisters, no more pain! Boots too tight or uncomfortable? Don’t replace them, customize them with this professional boot stretcher from the leader in shoe stretcher!

FootFitter Professional Stretcher for Stretching Dress, Hiking and Work Boots

There’s nothing more comfortable than custom-fitted boots; & nothing more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting pair. These wood boot stretchers stretch the width of your boots for a roomier, more comfortable fit. Plus, they come with three custom position plugs to relieve pressure around corns & bunions. Also features a convenient jointed metal handle. Includes one boot stretcher for left or right boot. This product is using the finest materials for guaranteed satisfaction. Men’s Small = (6.5 – 8.5) Men’s Medium = (9 -10.5) Men’s Large = (11-13) Men’s XLarge = (13.5 – 16) Women’s Small = (4.5- 6.5) Women’s Medium = (6.5 – 9) Women’s Large = (9.5 – 11.5)

Shoe Stretcher Best Features

  • Beech Wood
  • Available in 3 different sizes for women and 4 different sizes for men
  • One stretcher fits left and right boots
  • NOT sold in pairs
  • Complete with 3 pressure relief plugs
  • NOT for cowboy boots


Know how Boot stretcher differs from a shoe tree for boots 

A boot stretcher can be very useful to make your shrunken pair of boots right to your size. There are many home remedies to stress out your shoes and boots, but nothing works like a stretcher.

How does it work?

  • It is quite simple. All you need to do is to select a right stretcher for boots. One stretcher can be used for both pairs of the boots. You need to insert the wedge so that, the long handle emerges out of the opening of the shoe. The stretches, have screws fitted inside it. When you turn the handle, the screw will push and loosen up the wedge. There will be stretching in the toe area.
  • Calf stretchers are there to stress the calf portion. You can also stress the wedge in the same way. You need to put the device in for several minutes, so as to maximise the effect. Many will recommend using leather conditioner or a spray, so as to maintain the shape. You can place it for a night, in the morning, you will find the difference.

What is a shoe tree?

A shoe tree is a simple device so as to stress the shoe, made out of wood. It has a crack at it. It is inserted in the shoe, so as to maintain its original shape. It will prevent the leather from cracking or creasing. Thus, the shoes will become long lasting. It has been proved that shoe tree can absorb moisture.

So it prevents the interior of the shoe from moisture build up. Your feet may sweat during long hours of use, and your shoe may give out the pungent smell. When you interest the shoe tree for a night. Then there will be no foul smell. Moreover, leather has a property to shrink, when not in use. A shoe tree can prevent your favourite pair of shoe from shrinking. A shoe tree generally comes in a pair.

What is the difference between a shoe tree and a Boot stretcher?

  • Both the things sounds similar according to their usage. But there is a huge difference in them. In the case of men’s shoe both the things are used together. A shoe tree and stretcher are the same things, for men’s formal leather shoe. But, when it comes to boots it is very different.
  • Design: a shoe tree is a simple thing. It is made out of wood or plastic, with a dome, and a spiral spring. Stretches are complicated than shoe tree. They have a long handle attached to it. There are also many pores in a stretcher. You can attach buttons so as to stretch out specific areas.
  • Material: a shoe tree is made of wood or plastic. Whereas shoe stretchers are mostly made of metal, generally aluminium or wood.
  • Purpose: shoe tree is mostly used by the people for preventing their leather shoe from shirking, preventing the leather from developing creases. Whereas stretchers are mostly used to stress out shrunken leather shoes. Other than the length of the boot, a stretcher can stress out a shoe from each and every direction. It has much more screws and functions than a shoe tree. A stretcher can be used as a shoe tree, but a shoe tree can’t be used a stretcher.
  • Types: there are no types of a shoe tree. It can be adjusted to any size of the foot. It is made of wood or plastic. But there is a wide variety of a stretcher. Different types of stretchers are used for stretching different areas of a boot.
  • It can be made out of metal, wood or plastic. One stretcher can be used to stress the width of the boot. Instep or shaft stretcher is used to increase the inner diameter of the shaft. The vamp riser increases the area of the ankle and height of the boot. Except the length, you can change any dimension of your shoe. You will find that there are many holes in the stretcher. You can attach some plugs to it, so as to stress specific portion. You will have to leave the boot on the stretcher for 8 to 48 hours.


Why should you buy a stretcher?

A Boot stretcher can perform multiple functions. So it is much recommended to have a stretcher at home.

  • It a general property of leather to shrink. If you have a stretcher at home, you can do the stretching be yourself. Otherwise, you will have to run to an expert. Many times you have thrown away a pair of boot, just because they have shrunken. A stretcher for boots can be used to fix that. Thus, a stretcher can save a lot of bucks.
  • If you search for stretching, your boots with home remedies, you can find a lot over the internet. But sorry to say that, nothing has been proven as effective as a stretcher. Moreover, sometimes stretching with home remedies may lead to an unequal expansion of a pair of boot. This will make the situation worse. There are many cases, where the quality of the leather has degraded by using some home remedies for stretching the boots.
  • You can use the stretcher as a shoe tree. But it must be a wooden one. Otherwise, it will not work. Boots can’t be cleaned with that ease. A wooden stretcher can absorb the moisture, and protect the interior from bacterial build-up. It also avoids developing creases.


Now you have very well understood the purpose of the stretcher and how it differs from a shoe tree. There are many cases, where people find blisters after wearing their favourite pair of boots. You should not wear that type of shoe. A stretcher is a beast way to fix that.

Sketchers are available in retail stores as well over the online shopping sites. There are many companies who provides free leather conditioner or sprays with the stretcher. Leather boots are an expensive investment. So, if you want a longer life of your boots, then you must have a boot stretcher at your home.

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