How to choose the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

best running shoes for flat feet


 best running shoes for flat feet

Problems with flat feet, You must know how to choose the best running shoes for flat feet. Otherwise, it many leads too many problems. Yes, it is hard to choose the proper shoes, when you have flat feet. Wearing a wrong pair of shoe, can lead to pain or injury in your feet. The foot arch acts as a shock absorbent when you run. It also works as a good grip. But the flat feet people does not enjoy this facility. So people with flat feet are more prone to get injured during running, or jumping. So, you should not be attracted to the color or brand of the shoe; rather you must judge the shoe according to your feet.

Dynamics behind flat feet

The feet arch is made of tarsal and metatarsal bones. There is also ligaments and tendons, which helps in supporting the body weight. The arch height will say the foot type. The term flat feet is determined when the imprint of the feet taken in a wet feet test, shows the whole feet.

Curved feet also help in distribution of the weight, throughout the body. People who have flat feet, when then run, they tend to move their feet inward. In this process, the ankle twists and absorbs the stress. This type of activity on a regular basis can lead to chronic back problems even tendonitis. But don’t worry, if you are a flat footed person, there are many shoes in the market, which are specially designed for the flat footed people.

Features of best running shoes for flat feet

Selecting the best shoe is not about the brand, price, colour or the design. Firstly, you should consult a physician to determine the amount of arch. There are many shoe soles which are specially made for flat feet person. Your physician may prescribe one. You should also know the amount of pronation that occurs while running. You can also check these things when you look into the interior of a shoe, which you have used for a considerable amount of time. If you rotate your feet inward, then there is a heavy wear, inside the sole.

Then you should get your foot measured. If you don’t think this is necessary, then you are wrong. Even if you are wearing same shoe size for years, yet there are many cases where people have one foot smaller than the other. In this condition, either one feet is clenched, or other feet have more room in the interior. You should buy a pair of shoe, with a larger width. This will provide comfort while running as well as walking. You should also consider, the amount of wear and tear. This will depend on the user and the duration of use. You should also change your shoe on a regular basis when the soul is damaged. If your physician prescribes a shoe for you, then you must stick to it.

What are the factors to consider?

You need to shortlist some shoes, on the basis of requirements. Here are the few things which can help you to choose best running shoes for flat feet.

  • Arch support: if a shoe claims, arch support then is sure that these shoes are specially made for people with flat feet. Added support or arch support provides more comfort to flat feet.
  • Stability control: these are a new technology to provide stability control. As the name indicates, the shoes are specially designed to provide an arch support. The layers are made with polyurethane materials. These shoes are a great help to correct over pronation. When you get an arch automatically, then you will not tend to move your feet inward. This shoes will increase your speed and running length.
  • Motion control: the motion control shoes have all the features of stability control. There is an added layer of cushion material to absorb the shock. These shoes also prevent the runners from bending inward. They provide the ultimate grip with your feet, to hold up body weight while running.
  • Weight: there are many people who love to run in light shoes, then the bulky ones. If you are one of them, then motion control shoes are not for you. Stability control shoes are less heavy than the motion control.
  • Arch support materials: many physicians prescribe this when you have extremely flat feet, and then you can add extra soles for arch support. But be aware that, your shoe does not become very tight after that. Your toes should have extra room for movement. Otherwise, there will be scratches.

What are the best shoes for runners with flat feet?

  • Brooks Adrenaline: Brooks have developed the GTS 15 model especially for flat feet runners. It will provide stability as well as comfort. The cushioning system is very efficient. The saddle design can be adjusted, according to the purpose.
  • Asics gel Kayano: the fluid fit mesh support is all that, is the best in this model. It is one of the popular product in the market as the stability control shoe. The dual density midsole is the best for flat feet running. The only disadvantage is that it is very high priced.
  • Saucony guide: another stability control is running shoe. One of the important factors in this item is that the inner soul is so built that, it can be recommended for both flat as well as arched feet runners.
  • Nike zoom: the odyssey model is popular for daily training. Support facility is above all others. There is a transition cushion, which will distribute the shock while running. The shoes are claimed to provide high mileage and comfort.
  • Mizuno wave inspire: if you want to run with a less bulky shoe, then this is a great choice. It provides ample heel support and core stability without added weight. It also has great designs on the top.
  • Asics gel DS: this is designed in the category of fast running shoes. The shoe is lightweight, with a firm grip and make you run over miles. The shoes are also cheaper than others.

If you are flat footed, then you should run on a soft surface, preferably on the beach in barefoot. Now you can choose the best running shoes for flat feet, with these easy guides.

Best Shoes for all – Running, Walking, Hiking, Nurses & Flat Feet REVIEWED

best shoes

best shoes

Buy the best shoes – keep your feet safe and comfortable

You can buy the best shoes for different purposes. Accordingly your shoes must be different so that it can fulfill the purpose. It is always true that the shoes which you wear must be comfortable to your feet. However, for choosing a shoe for a particular reason, you have to keep some important things in your mind.

Best Shoes for Walking

There is no doubt about the fact that walking comfortably is one of the main reasons for which people buy shoes.

  • The arch type of the feet is different for each human being. So, the structure of the shoe should be accommodating with the arch type of the feet.
  • The shoe should be made of mesh or leather.
  • The mesh can be considered as a better material because it gives more places for the ventilation.

You can buy those best shoes in which you will get enough space for keeping your toes.

  • The round shape of the portion of the toe will make the shoe more comfortable to wear. There should be cushion with the shoe. It will give you a better feeling when your feet will touch the ground.
  • You should not wear those shoes which are too wide or narrow because you will enhance the chance of blisters on your feet by this.

If you carry your old shoe in the shop while purchasing the new one, the professionals will be able to tell you what shoe will be perfect for you to wear for walking.

Best Shoes for Running

There are plenty of things you need to check while purchasing a shoe for running. First you have to determine how your run. If your outside heel touches the ground first, the shoes will be different from the shoes in case of which the inner foot will touch the ground first.

  • The shoe must fit your feet perfectly.
  • It should not be tight with the feet but at the same time, it should not be loose because if your shoe is loose to your feet, then you will not be able to grip with the shoe on the ground when you are running fast.
  • The best shoes for running should have the best ankle support. It should be made of synthetic leather so that the durability, lighter weight and flexibility of the shoes can be maintained.
  • Plenty of runners have the problem of over pronation. As a runner, you should buy those best shoes which will help you to get rid of this problem. Thus, you will be able to make the numbers of injury lesser.
  • The arch support should also be there with the shoe. The design of the shoe must fit your feet, and it should be comfortable for your feet while running.

Best Shoes for Nurses

If you are purchasing a shoe as nursing uniform, you should take care of some of the features in it the presence of which will make it a perfect nursing shoe.

  • It should be made with such designs which will help you to stay comfortable in your whole shift.
  • The slip resistance should be there with the shoe so that you can roam around the floors of hospitals without any fear.
  • The shoe must be washable quickly because you are using it as a uniform and you may need to wash it plenty of times in a week. It should be easily cleanable with the help of water and soap. It should not be required to rinse the shoes for a longer time. The material which is mainly used for preparing the nurse shoes is leather.

You are working in a reputed hospital. So, you must keep in mind that the shoes must look stylish. The best shoes for the nurses are extremely stylish. The look should be professional also at the same time because you are going to wear that for the professional reason.

Best Shoes for Standing all day

Standing all the day for any reason is not easy, and if you need to do the same for your profession, then it is really very tough. You need the support of the shoes for sure to do it without much difficulty. Shoes for standing day and night should have some features.

  • The shoe should have a cushion in it. When your feet touch the ground, it should feel comfortable.
  • The design of the shoe should give you a comfortable feel on your feet. The inner space of the shoe should be enough so that the feet can move inside the shoe quite easily.
  • The shoe should be lightweight so that you can wear it for a longer time. When you wear the shoe for a longer time while standing there is a chance that your feet will sweat, and it can be disturbing. So, the shoe must be comfortable for you and it should soak the perspiration of your feet as much as it can.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Sometimes people with flat feet face a bit of a problem when they choose a particular shoe. They really need the best-designed shoes wearing which they will feel that they have worn a feather. The shoes which have an extra amount of cushioning can work well for the persons who have flat feet.

You should also check the arch of the shoe while purchasing the shoe from the retail shop. It should provide you pain-free protection from any kind of injuries which can happen to your feet due to the flat feet. The presence of mesh as material in the shoe is always good for flat feet. It gives you a comfortable feeling and at the same time can soak the perspiration of your feet to a good extent. shoe stretcher

The design of the shoe will also play a big part because it will ensure whether the shoe will be fit with the flat feet that you have.

Your feet are unique, and you are going to purchase the shoe for a particular reason also. So, if you want to purchase the best shoes from the market, you need to know about these features of the particular type of feet and purpose so that you can buy it correctly.

What is the best shoes for walking? Here is the solution for you

best shoes for walkingBest shoes for walking, There are many varieties of shoes out in the market. People are confused which one to buy. Moreover, the advertisements made by the shoe companies make it more difficult. Most of the advertisements are fake they show different qualities of the shoe and make the shoe look attractive. But in real they don’t possess all the characters and qualities. People look for different shoes for a different purpose. So now it is very important to select the best shoes for the corresponding purpose. Now it has become very important to select the best walking shoes for walking out on the road.

Qualities to be considered: Best shoes for walking

You can get the best walking shoes from the market by simply searching on the internet. You can get every kind of information from the internet without asking others and falling in fake traps. The qualities that should be considered are given as follows:

  • Walking style: you must know the walking style of yours in order to buy the best shoes for walking.
  • Flexibility and support: Try out different shoes and know the flexibility. For female it will be good to select a shoe with a bit of heel and for men no heels.
  • Cushioning: you must see whether the shoe provides a good cushioning to your feet before buying any.
  • Waterproofing: the shoes must be waterproof. They must have the quality of waterproofing. Otherwise, the shoe will deteriorate very soon.
  • Shoe weight: you must select a light weighted shoe. The light weighted shoe is best for walking.

Types of shoes to be selected:

You must select the best type of shoe for your feet. There many companies which provide different types of shoes along with varieties of qualities. But some of the suggested shoes are as follows:

  • APL Techloom Pro.
  • Jordan Eclipse.
  • Nike Air Presto.
  • Adidas Pure boost 2.
  • Nike Flyknit Racer.


You must be aware of the advantages of the shoe you buy for your use. The advantages of the shoes provided above should also know as well. The shoes provided above are light weighted and are very attractive. They are also well cushioned. They are good for using in the rainy season too. Their waterproofing quality saves the feet from getting wet. Overall they are the best walking shoes.


Most of the above-provided shoes are costly to buy. They come with all the good qualities and in the same way, their price is also very high. Therefore, first of all, make a budget plan and then go for buying them. Tying lace is also a disadvantage because nowadays technology has improved to tie lace without manual work.


With the advent of new technology now there is new kind of shoes available in the market. The shoes can be used both for walking as well as running. They are equipped with advanced technology which can loosen and tighten by themselves. They even don’t use any kind of lace to tighten them. They automatically do everything on their own, and thus, they are the best shoes for walking.