How can boot and shoe stretcher save your costly shoes?

boot and shoe stretcher


There are many models of boot and shoe stretcher in the market. If you feel that, your favorite pair of shoe is getting tighter, then don’t worry a shoe stretcher can save a lot of bucks. They are mostly wooden, but these days they come in metal and plastic also. Some stretcher comes in a pair for both pair of the shoe while some are one piece and can be used for right and left feet shoe.

How boot and shoe stretcher helps in stretching shoes?

  • The shoe stretcher can be adjusted to any size of feet. Wooden shoe stretcher has some holes, where buttons can be inserted to stretch appropriate areas.
  • The stretching can be done sideways, in the height and the length. There is a different stretcher, for flats, boots, high heels and another type of shoes. So adjust the length and width of the stretcher.
  • It takes time, for a shoe stretcher. So, frequently try the shoe, to check whether there is an expansion or not.
  • A shoe stretching spray speeds up the process. Apply it on affected areas, and check out the results. You can also use a leather conditioner after the starting process to maintain the shape.

What are the different types of boot and shoe stretcher?

  • Regular stretcher: It comes in one piece and can be used for both pair of shoes.
  • 2-way stretcher: it can use for stretching both length and breadth.
  • Boot stretcher: can be used for both men and women boots, but it doesn’t adjust the length.

Thus, you must have a boot and shoe stretcher for ensuring the long life of your shoe.