How to use the best boot calf stretcher in a proper way?

boot calf stretcher

If you are searching for a perfect tool by which you can stretch your boots, then you should use the boot calf stretcher. It is very helpful when you want to expand the size of the by one or two inches. There are many techniques by which you can stress the boot but which are not as effective as the stretcher.

boot calf stretcher #1 Best Boot Calf Stretcher

You may add some liquid into the boot to expand the size. You can wear the same until it becomes dry, the liquid will loosen the calf area so you can easily wear the same with jeans. There are many boots on the market which also comes in adjustable sizes and shape for men and women. After few years, the boots will be tight so you will have painful experience with zipping and calf area.

Why is the boot shaft stretcher very handy?

Most of the people used to buy boots to wear them at a comfortable size that is why they used to face the common problem within few years. The boots will shrink over time, but you can easily solve the problem by a boot calf stretcher. It is very effective for the leather boots, and the best part is that you can operate it without any problem.

How to use a boot calf stretcher?

A perfect tool also gives you the perfect opportunity to stretch the boots without any damage. There are many stretches of which you can have a comfortable size. You have to consider the following factors before you buy a stretcher.

  • You have to choose the right stretcher. There are many boot stretchers which also comes with calf stretcher which is very useful when it comes to stretching of calf position.
  • A right stretcher will fit perfectly into the boot. It should have long handles so you can use it properly. The long handles will make the operations quick.
  • You can open the wedge and put the stretcher inside the boot. After that, you should screw the stretcher and lock the same into the position.
  • After the locking the position you can stretch out the toe to expand the same.
  • You can crank open the edge of the boot to get a perfect position for the calf stretcher. After that, you should apply maximum but balanced stretch. You should leave it for few hours to obtain the permanent effect.
  • Additionally, you can slide the boot into a calf stretcher to stretch the calf portion. When everything is done, you may pull the boot out from the stretcher.

How to expand your expensive leather boots by using the boot calf stretcher?

If you want to stress the calf area, then you should opt for the stretcher. It gives you the ability to stress the size up to 1/4” without any professional knowledge. You don’t have to spread any alcohol inside the calf area as long as you have the stretcher. After the expansion, you can wear the same without any problem.

How does the cobbler stretch the calf part of the boot using the boot calf stretcher?

When it comes to leather, then you will not face any problem even after three years because there are some specialized tools and technique by which you can easily increase the size of the boot. The cobbler can stretch the boot by additional 1 cm so you can wear the same with your jeans and socks.

If you are thinking about to spray the alcohol inside the boot to make it stretched; it offers the right amount of stretch because you have to wear it until it becomes dry. You may need anyone who can pull the boots out of your legs because it used to stick to the feet that are why it is recommended to use socks. If you don’t want to use the stretcher then, you can use this method.

When it comes to dehcord which is totally different from the leather applying pressure might break the chemical bonds in the dehcord. It will be better not to attempt any stretching operation in those boots which are not made out of leather.  The traditional techniques are not effective that is why you can buy a boot calf stretcher to stretch the boots even from your home.

There are many stretchers available on the market. You can use the same to widen the boot claves and toe; it is very effective when you are facing fitting problems. It might take more than 12 hours to get a proper stretch on the boots; you may increase the tension to increase it further. It is always recommended to keep the stretcher inside the boot for overnight. You can easily get up to 2 inches of stretch and big calves.

How to solve the fitting problem with boot calf stretcher?

You may ask your friend about the common fitting problems of the boots. The experts will suggest you to take the boot to a cobbler to make it stretched. The cobbler used to have boot calf stretcher which is a special tool, commonly used to stretch the boots. Spray stretch is also effective when it comes to minor stretch.

Most of the stretchers are made of metal. It is the professional device by which you can shift the size of the boots. You can use this device to stretch outside when it comes to stretch inside you cannot do the same. There is some advance mechanism by which you can easily stretch upwards and downwards equally at the same time. Most of the stretchers do not fit into every boot so you have to choose the right one.

Things to be considered before you buy a calf boot stretcher

Calf boot stretcher – There are many stretchers which are made out of cast Aluminum which not only lasts long also feels lightweight. The calm stretchers come with high-performance stretching techniques. You can stretch the boots to get relief from the tightness of the calf area. You may consider the following factors before you buy a stretcher.

  • You have to ensure that the stretcher will fit on western, riding and work boots perfecting by reading several reviews and frequently asked questions.
  • You should buy those stretchers which come with calf stretcher and shaft stretcher in-build.
  • It must be made of cast Aluminum.
  • It can be used for different sized boots.
  • You have to ensure whether the stretcher comes with shaft and boot stretcher operations at the same time or not.

If there is any tightness in the calf, then you will have major problems in muscles. After the enlargement you can easily wear the boots, no more struggling with the zip. You should choose those stretchers which have an 18-inch diameter when it is closed. You can easily slide up and down the metal rod which is used to stretch the size. You have to spin clockwise to increase the stretch.

You cannot stretch the shoe by the stretcher because it is exclusively used to stretch from the leg opening. However, you cannot stretch the cowboy boots. There are many people who used to purchase the expensive boots online but sometimes it may not have the perfect fittings that time boot calf stretcher is the only option. If you are facing the problem with the zip boots, then you have to be a little careful.

There are many websites where you can buy the heavy duty boot stretchers. It forces the leathers to make it large. You may have tried the spray technique but which fails to bring the best result. You may use the same to have a nice stretch on the calf. The high-performance stretchers used to come with a user manual that helps a lot. You can wear your stretched boots with the jeans.

If you want to stretch the toe or foot, then you can do that with the help of a cobbler. There are several types of equipment which are very useful when it comes to stretching boots. He might apply the right amount of pressure to enlarge the size. You can easily stretch the boot by 0.5 inches without any noticeable changes to the looks.

How to increase the size of the boots by boot calf stretcher when you cannot apply any spray?

There are many expensive boots which come with a lace and tongue in the boot. If you wipe them with alcohol or any liquid, then it might damage the same. You may try any soap to the rough material so you have only one way to stretch the same by using the stretcher. If you do not want to return the same, then you should bring the same to a shoemaker to fix the roughness of the boots.

The shoemaker might add some extra cushions inside the shoe to make some space for your calves. If you want to adjust the boots, then you have to follow the steps which are given below to avoid any mistake. You can easily avoid any expensive work by following the steps.

  • You have to take an accurate measurement. If you want to do that, then you should wear jeans and then you should measure the calves this will give you the accurate measurement.
  • You have to consider the shaft size. You may have a big foot that is why you need a big shaft. There are many stretchers by which you can stretch the shaft.
  • If the boots are made out of leather, then you can easily stretch the same by using the liquid technique or stretcher both will work.
  • In the case of liquid technique, you have to wear the same until it becomes large.
  • It will be better if you allow the experts to stretch the boots with their hands.

How to manage the shaft when the boots are not made with leather by boot calf stretcher?

When it comes to non-leather boots, then you might face some problems with the size of the calf after some years of purchase. However, you can take the same to a cobbler. A cobbler might expand the size by 0.5 inches by the advance boot calf stretcher tool. Even a cobbler may not be able to stretch those boots which features zippers because these boots might break rather than stretching.

Most of the people used to depend on the shoemaker when it comes to the stretching. They used to charge a lot for the stretching. You may buy the stretching equipment and perform the task by yourself. There are many online retails where you can easily buy the stretcher machine, toe stretcher with some attractive discount. If it is your first time, then you should consult with any experts to extract the best out of rest.

How to stretch your boots by using the boot shaft stretcher and expert’s knowledge?

When it comes to stretching by the boot shaft stretcher, then you have to admit Ron Georges who was an expert in shoemaking. He also owns a family shoemaking business for more than 100 years. He has given some serious tips about the stretching of boots out of his personal experience. You may follow the advice of the professional stretchers to avoid any damage.

  • Dry stretch is possible, but you have to use the professional boot stretchers.
  • If you don’t want to use any stretchers then, you can use the fluid or any liquid in the leather.
  • The best way to stretch the boot is heat. You may take the shoe or boots to the nearest shoe repairing shop where you can heat the boots and extend the size.

The calf stretchers are made increase the size of the boots by using the stretch. There are two metal plates backed by some advance mechanism. You have to use the rod clockwise and anticlockwise to increase the stretch and decrease the stretch respectively. You can use the boot calf stretcher for any sized boots because the diameters of the modern stretchers are 18 inches.

You have to be careful before you buy any stretcher online, most of the stretcher may not have the best fit so you cannot use the same for narrow boots. You can easily stretch your boots up to 2 inches. You should avoid the water or liquid method because it might ruin the leathers. Normally the boot calf stretcher might cost you around 150 dollars.

Boot Shaft Stretcher, Which is Best?

how to stretch leather boots calf

How do you feel when you return home and find that the pair of boots you have purchased is hurting your feet? Don’t you feel disappointed and frustrated? Do your dress or cowboy boots need stretched at calf? Well, you don’t have to throw your favorite pair away. Make use of a boot shaft stretcher and make your calf comfortable. FootFitter Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher

 Mallory Boot Calf Stretcher

You have to wear your boots to work every day as per your job description. Every time you take a step wearing those boots, it is as if there is a sharp pain which rockets up to the centre of your nerve.

No need to walk and wince with boot stretcher

Every time you walk, you wince. In fact, while you are sitting on your chair, working in your office, there is a pain or an ache that continuously bugs you and prevents you from concentrating on your job. The pain is persistent and will disturb you unless you take the cursed boots off your feet. The basic outline of the matter states that your shoes and boots tend to hurt your feet, but it never used to do so earlier.

Don’t worry; there is a solution for all your problems. All you need to do is buying for yourself a boot calf stretcher, and you will not face a problem again. There are two broad categories as to why your shoes do not fit into your legs all of a sudden.

Why do boots shrink?

The first reason is shrinking of your boots or your shoes because you have not been wearing them for quite a while now. The second plausible reason, however, is the change in the size of your feet where it has got larger.

You might wonder what makes your shoes shrink. There are two answers to this particular question. Firstly, you have not worn the shoes for a long time, and hence it has started to shrink.

The second and more common reason are the presence of moisture. It might so happen that your new pair of leather made boots have come in contact with your sweaty feet or with exterior water in some way, and as the water has dried up, your leather shoe has tended to shrink.

Reasons behind swelling of your feet

Another reason is the swelling which has taken place in your feet. Even if the various medical conditions such as diabetes which has a tendency to swell your feet are not taken into consideration or are addressed, there are other natural reasons which can also create a swelling in your feet.

There are various numbers of drugs which are available in the market which is designed to reduce the swelling in your feet caused due to diabetes. Another case of feet swelling can also take place because you have spent the long duration of hours standing or walking which has brought about a swelling in your feet. These swellings will only get cured if given some time and taken proper medications.

However, if the natural cause of the swelling is corn, a bunion or hammertoes, then you can very easily solve the problem with the help of boot shaft stretcher and shoe stretcher sprays.

Get rid of bunions with boot shaft stretcher

Do you know what a bunion is? Well, it is basically the formation of a bony textured bump which is formed at the base of the big toe. There is a swelling in your big toe, thus making it enlarged, as a result of which it tends to crowd the other toes of your feet with the use of this large swelled big toe. Pressure is exerted on the joint of your big toe, thus pushing it in an outward direction crossing the original profile of your feet and thus resulting in severe and unbearable pain.

Reasons behind a bunion

There a number of reasons behind a bunion, but the most common one states that you have been wearing your shoes a tad bit too tightly. These actually start to develop because there has been a defect in the bone structure of your feet; a stress has been put on your feet or because you are already suffering from a medical condition commonly known as arthritis.

In most of the cases, making use of a bunion regulator can solve all your problems, but in most severe and extreme cases, it so happens that you might have to undergo surgery. However, one of the best ways of avoiding bunion is to make use of a boot shaft stretcher and stretch your boots or shoes to a size which is much more comfortable for your feet and not too tight.

How to get rid of calluses and corns?

Another natural cause of feet swelling is corn. These are hardened and thick layers of skin which develop on the outer area of your feet, while your feet are trying to protect itself against pressure and friction.

Corns can be extremely painful

These calluses and corns are extremely painful thus making the act of walking highly difficult. For a completely healthy person, a treatment of these calluses and corns is highly crucial as they cause quite a lot of discomfort. One of the best ways of avoiding or even getting rid of these corns is making use of boot shaft stretcher for the purpose of stretching your boots and making it all the more comfortable.

Hammertoes can be easily cured with boot shaft stretcher

The third reason for the cause of swelling in your feet is known as is basically a toe which has curled due to a bend in the middle joint of your feet. The main reason behind a hammertoe is due to walking in shoes which are a bit too small or in heels which are too high.

In such conditions, your toe tends to get forced right against the front side of your tight shoe which is why your toe starts to take an unnatural shape and get bent.

The appearance of such a toe is very similar to that of claw or a hammer. The easiest way to get rid of hammertoe is to stretch your shoes by making use of either a shoe stretcher spray or a boot shaft stretcher.

Use boot shaft stretcher for stretching the calf of your boots

You can also start wearing shoe inserts in your shoes. Either way, your aim should be to stretch your shoes and give enough breathing space to your toes and the other fingers of your feet.  In the case of a severe problem of hammertoe, you can always get rid of it once and for all, by undergoing surgery.

There are boots, and then there are tall leather boots. These tall boots can never go out of fashion or seem to get out of style. However, these boots do not seem to fit every woman because of the different calf sizes as possessed by them.

Women have different calf sizes; hence boot shaft stretcher is the only solution

You can always make use of a boot shaft stretcher for the purpose of stretching the shaft of the boots as per the calf size of the woman. Another home- made methods include rolling a newspaper into the boots and stretching it by an inserting piece of wood or a stretcher into them and then leaving them out for quite some time. If you need a shoe vamp stretcher to raise the instep of your boot because of your high arches.

How to stretch your boot with newspapers and boot shaft stretcher?

In order to stretch your boots successfully at home, you will require the following materials:

  • A paper towel or newspaper
  • A cloth towel
  • A spray for stretching the leather
  • A dowel made up of wood
  • A thin bag made of plastic

First, you should take the leather stretcher spray and use it to spray in the interior of your leather boots for the purpose of stretching your boots. Don’t start by spraying the entire boot.

Apply the spray before inserting the boot shaft stretcher and newspaper roll

  • Apply the spray on a small area and make sure that it does not affect the color of the boot in any way. The spray which is composed of alcohol is not supposed to cause any harm or discolour the boots. In fact, on spraying, you will notice that the very fibre of the leather has loosened quite a bit.
  • The next step is to roll the newspaper in a way so that it does not tend to fit into the boot and has to be forced into it. Make sure that the outer side of the paper is not very colourful or does not consist of a comic strip, as there will be a chance of the colour to get transferred into the boots.
  • Tighten the newspaper and forcefully squeeze it into the shafts of the boot. Make sure that the roll of paper is thick enough so that it can be powerful enough to strain the boot made up of leather.
  • Another alternative to rolling the newspaper is to get you a dowel made up of wood and of thick structure and get yourself a cloth covered piece of wood. The bundle of wood should be so big so that it strains the leather.
  • Make use of a plastic bag for the purpose of sliding the stretcher. Leave the boot to rest for a few days. You will find that the boot has been stretched to a noticeable amount and is quite big now.
  • However, if you want to stretch the boots further, you will have to repeat the entire process of stuffing the newspaper for multiple numbers of times. Each time, the role of a newspaper should get fatter and bigger and pieces of wood to cover.
  • For the purpose of not leaving any kind of hole or dent in the shoe, use a clean cloth to wrap the piece of wood before inserting it into the shaft of the shoe.
  • Once the process of stretching has been completed, you should now start wearing you’re the boot and walk around the room in it. This will still be a continuation of the process of stretching and will make the shoe fit for your feet. You can also wear knee-highs made of nylon as it would give your feet a slippery kind of a finish and you will be able to get into your boots more easily.

Another homemade process of stretching the boots is freezing it

  1. Another home-made method of stretching your boot includes freezing it. In this particular procedure, you need to fill a bag made of plastic which is revealed able with water. Make sure that the entire air present in the bag is completely squeezed out of it before you have sealed the bag.
  2. Also, for the purpose of sealing your bag without any content of air in it, seal most of it but remember to leave a small gap or a hole at one corner of the bag. Then start to squeeze that region of the bag, which has air within it till the side of the plastic comes together.
  3. Once you have successfully done this, you need to seal the remaining of the hole or gap together, all the time making sure that the bag does not spill any amount of water.
  4. Insert this particular bag filled with one-third of water into the freezer. Make sure that you are making use of those particular kinds of bags which do not break under extremely cold temperature.
  5. The size of the bag should be chosen based on the amount of boot you will have to stretch. If you wish to stretch the calf area, use a bigger bag of size 4L or else use a litre bag for your toes.
  6. You can also save yourself a lot of trouble by making use of packs of freezer gels and bid adieu to the plastic freezer bags which require you to be a lot more careful. Once your ice pack is ready, you will have to insert it into that region of the boots that you wish to stretch.
  7. Although make sure that you are not placing the freezer bag directly inside the leather, as direct contact with water tends to make the leather brittle. Wrap it up in some cloth and place it in that part of the boot which is creating the most problem. Once you have done this, you need to place the boots inside the freezer.

Save yourself so much work and trouble by simply using boot shaft stretcher

This is one method to stretch your boots. However, the more convenient way would be to make use of boot shaft stretcher and spray and stretch your boots or shoes to the comfortable size.

Boot Shaft Stretcher-How to Choose the Best One?


It’s unusual for me to be this enthusiastic about a purchase, but this combination boot Instep and shaft stretcher does wonders for people with wide calves. boot shaft stretcher And at a time when so many products are cheaply made, this boot shaft stretcher is all metal-The Best-(cast aluminum and steel) and if used as instructed should last for many, many, many years to come.  For some reason they do not include instructions except for a sticker on the side that tells you to turn the bottom screw twice for every five upper turns.  I Googled it and watched both the instruction/info. video on the web site and on YouTube and Amazon.


Best Boot Shaft Stretcher

Once you see how it works it’s VERY easy to use 🙂 Like many other people I have larger than ‘average’ calves and have always had to watch others wear beautiful tall boots that I could only wish for.  I seldom find a boot that I can pull all the way up and in a style I want.  I love Frye boots for the quality and style, but could NEVER find tall styles that fit around the calf.  I just purchased three pair that I couldn’t have worn if not for the boot stretcher.  A suggestion: measure your calf and then after inserting the stretcher into the shaft of the boot measure around it’s circumference and you’ll come pretty close to knowing how much you need to expand the top part of the stretcher.  I spray the stretcher liquid on the inside of the shaft (put several paper towels in the foot to keep the insole dry), let it soak in for a few minutes before inserting the stretcher and make your final adjustments top and bottom.  …..and it Work great! I know it’s expensive, but honestly, you get what you pay for in an item like this.  Cheap plastic stretchers just won’t do the job.  This one is worth the cost as it will last for years and you can loan it to family and friends.  If they are careful! 😉  Before purchasing this boot shaft stretcher I called all the shoe repair shops in my area and could not find one that could stretch boot shafts.  One even told me a professional model would cost $1700! and they weren’t interested in investing that much, etc.

Well, now you don’t need the repair shop to do what you can easily do at home in just a few hours. And we recommend that you should always use a shoe stretch spray along with your stretching device. This combination boot shaft stretcher is on back order at ebay but Amazon have a few left and they have the best price I can find on the internet…. happy shopping.

Here is another great shoe stretcher

FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher- Stretches Length and Width Best 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

This Premium Shoe Stretcher is made to stretch both length and width. The contoured heel block protects the structured back of the shoe while extending the overall length of the shoe.

Beech Wood

  • 2-WAY STRETCHER: Efficiently Stretches Length & Width of Shoes!
  • SINGLE STRETCHER: Single Stretcher Only! Can Be Used for Right & Left Shoes!
  • BEECH WOOD: Beautifully Polished German Harvested Beech Wood.
  • SPOT RELIEF: Includes 3 Bunion/Corn Plugs and 14 Holes for Customizable Relief!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Includes Comprehensive Shoe Stretching User Manual