Which is the best Women’s Boot Stretcher?

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women s boot stretcher

Women’s boot stretcher – Customize boots to your feet without your feet doing the work – no more blisters, no more pain! Shoes too tight or uncomfortable? Don’t replace them, customize them with this professional stretcher! There’s nothing more comfortable than custom-fitted boots; & nothing more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting pair. These wooden stretchers stretch the width of your boots for a roomier, more comfortable fit. Plus, they come with four custom position plugs to relieve pressure around corns & bunions. Also features convenient 11 jointed metal handle. Includes one for left & one for the right shoe. Works with women’s boot sizes 5-10. Women’s boot stretcher.

Which is the best Women’s Boot Stretcher?

QUESTION: Does the toe split? I don’t see evidence of that yet I see it has a crank to turn. I need to stretch the toe box width only. does this do that?

ANSWER: Yes it does. It also comes with plastic inserts that fit into holes so one can stretch an area for instance where there is a bunion, etc. I have used this on quite a few boots. After inserting the stretcher I place the boots in a large plastic bag, seal it good and place it in the sun.  Women’s boot stretcher