How to make a homemade shoe stretcher without investing a penny?

How to stretch shoes


homemade shoe stretcherHow to make a homemade shoe stretcher? Purchasing a tight pair of shoes is perhaps one of the common mistakes that are committed by majority of the girls and the ladies all across the globe. Does this mean they have wasted the money and can never wear their favorite pair of shoes? You can make stretching solution by just adding alcohol with water in a bottle. One part alcohol and 3 part water. While that should work, I do not recommend it because it may stain your shoe and stretch very slow. What we do recommend it that you use a professional shoe stretcher spray along with your device for best result. When you purchase the item the ingredients label may say water and alcohol, but no company will give away their total ingredients because that’s what make their product special. Just follow the instruction on the bottle and you will be fine.

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Thanks to some of the tricks and tactics that can actually help you to stretch your tight foot-wear at home itself. Do you know how to make a homemade shoe stretcher without investing a penny? Sounds surprising, right? It is attainable right at your home with small things.

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Freezing the shoes can help in stretching

Freezing the shows with a bag of water can do the trick very naturally. All that you need to do is fill a zipper bag with water, place it on your shoes and let it freeze overnight. When the water freezes, the leather will automatically expand and thereby solves the problem of tight shoes.

What are the other methods, on how to make a homemade shoe stretcher?

There are several other homemade ways of stretching your tight shoes. Some of the popular and the simple ones include:

  • Using wet newspaper and stuffing in the shoes. Wet socks can be used as the alternative as well.
  • Have you ever thought that the oats that you eat in your breakfast can be used to stretch your tight shoes?
  • Using alcohol spray and rubbing the area that requires the stretching can also do the trick.
  • Stuffing the tight shoe with peeled potatoes for overnight can help with the stretching of shoes as well.
  • Hair dryer is another component that can be used as well.

From the above analysis it answers the question of how to make a homemade shoe stretcher clear.