A Guide on How to Stretch Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

do shoe stretcher work on sneakers example 2

One of the most frequently searched things on the web is “how to stretch sneakers?” Have you ever bought the perfect pair of tennis shoes only to find that they are just a notch tighter than you want them to be? While returning them is always an option, it is still possible that you do not want to do so. As such, you need to find an alternative which will allow you to wear these shoes comfortably.how to stretch tennis shoes

There are several methods by which you can go about doing this. But remember that the shoe stretcher method always works best. So without further ado, here is a simple guide on how to stretch sneakers easy and practical.

Stretching Sneakers and How to Stretch Tennis Shoes

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  • Using a Shoe Stretcher

Another alternative to stretching your shoes is by the utilization of a tool called a shoe stretcher. It is a mechanical device that is shaped like a human foot. It has a lever at the back which can be turned around. In doing so, the stretcher expands thus also expanding the shoe itself. Basically, there are two main types of shoe expander:

Shoe Stretcher for wide feet, FOOTFITTER One way shoe stretcher The Best 1-way Shoe Stretcher on the Market Today:

Increases the width of the shoe.

  • REVITALIZE SHOES: Transform tight shoes into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes.
  • REDUCE FOOT PAIN: Can help with many foot problems/pain caused by tight shoes.
  • BUNION PLUGS: Comes with two adjustable bunion plug pieces for stretching specific areas.
  • SHOE STRETCHER: Stretches the Width of Shoes Only.
  • BEECHWOOD: Beautifully Polished German Harvested Beech Wood.

Shoe Stretcher AmazonThe Best 2-way Stretcher

Increases both duration (length and width of the shoe)

  • Beech Wood
  • 2-WAY STRETCHER: Efficiently Stretches Length & Width of Shoes!
  • SINGLE STRETCHER: Single Stretcher Only! Can Be Used for Right & Left Shoes!
  • BEECHWOOD: Beautifully Polished German Harvested Beech Wood.
  • SPOT RELIEF: Includes 3 Bunion/Corn Plugs and 14 Holes for Customizable Relief!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Includes Comprehensive Shoe Stretching User Manual

Using this tool is also pretty simple and straightforward. You first need to insert the stretcher into the shoe you are trying to stretch. After that, you will have to turn the lever around as mentioned above. Once stretched, keep the sneaker in that state for a few hours. That should permanently stretch your shoes to the size you want.

  • Hiring a Cobbler

If you are willing to shell out a couple of bucks from your wallet, then you can always head on over to your local cobbler. They are professionals in their work, and as such, they are aware of all the nooks and crannies related to this field of work. If you want to, they can easily stretch out your shoe to the fit of your choice. Now, you might not have a professional cobbler in and around your town.

What you can do in such a scenario is to look around a bit in the local departmental stores. Sometimes, they provide similar services, and while this requires a bit of effort on your part, it is definitely worth everything. The only disadvantage of going this route is that you will have to spend some amount of money to get your job done.

  • Trying them around

Another solution to how to stretch tennis shoes is to wear them out while playing as much as you can. Yes, it will probably be very uncomfortable and painful at the beginning, but the more you try them on, the more you get accustomed to them. As time goes on, with the wear and tear, the shoes will take the size that fits you well automatically.

When the pain becomes too unbearable, however, do take the shoes off and allow your feet to breathe. Wearing them regularly for specific periods of time every day will undoubtedly get the job done for you. But never try to force it on yourself. You can also try on some socks inside before putting the shoes on. This speeds up the process.

  • Freezing Techniques

While this may seem insane on first hearing, this is a legit solution to how to stretch tennis shoes. It is widely known that water expands on freezing. This is a property that can be exploited in favor of stretching your tennis shoes. The main idea is to put some water in your shoes and freeze them, thus expanding them in the process.

Take a plastic bag and fill it with water. Do make sure that it is not completely full otherwise the plastic bag may burst. Put the bag in the shoe and place it well. After that, put the shoe (with the bag of water inside) inside the freezer. Once the freezing process is complete, take the bags out and try out your shoes. If it is still too tight, do it for the second time.

  • Heating Techniques

Just like freezing methods, heating also makes things expand. As such, heating techniques can also be used for stretching out your shoes. What you will need to do to make this work is to put on some socks at first after which you will need to put on your shoes over it. This is mainly done in order to protect your feet from the incoming heat.

If you have a hairdryer, take it out and put it on maximum heat. Then use the hairdryer to heat the tennis shoes in the areas where it needs to be expanded. When doing this, keep flexing your feet in the areas you are heating it. Move your toes back and forth to keep things ticking. Yes, it’s not very comfortable at all. However, it is definitely effective. You will find that this technique works best with leather.

Conclusion on How to Stretch Sneakers and Tennis Shoes:

So this pretty much sums up the things you will have to do to make sure that your tennis shoes are stretched to the right size. Most of them are easy enough to do and involve easy-to-follow instructions. Not only that, most of them include items that can be found in any household whatsoever. As such, these methods are pretty convenient as well as efficient in nature.

The only exception to that is hiring a cobbler for your services and getting the help of a shoe stretcher to get the job done. When it comes to a shoe stretcher, do be wary of the fact that there are different types of stretchers for different shoes. Tennis shoes have their kind of stretchers so make sure you buy the one that is correct or it.

All in all, the next time you want to know how to stretch sneakers then make sure that you keep the above things in mind. Keep yourself prepared for such a scenario. After all, it won’t harm you in any way.

Do you Know how to Stretch Shoes?

How to stretch new shoes

how to stretch new shoes

This question arises a lot of time, How to stretch shoes? Good shoes take you to good places. If your hair is done and you are wearing good shoes you can go anywhere. Thus shoes play a very important role in building up anybody’s personality. It is a mirror to your personality. Thus wearing right pair of shoes is as important as dressing up well for a party.

Purchase the best shoe stretching tool

How to stretch shoesShoe stretching tools

You can stuff socks into your shoes or old crumpled newspaper, but most times they do not work or you have to do them several times, but if you buy the best shoe stretching tool you are sure to get the job done right the first time quick and easy. Shoe stretching tools can correctly adjust the length as well as the width of the shoes. The knob can be turned to adjust the stretcher and get the shoe fits right.

We generally buy shoes which are one size smaller than our original size as shoe have a tendency to expand with regular usage. Before wearing shoes one should stretch it and then try them on so that it can really fit them well. If the brand provides you with a warning that the shoes cannot stretch any further then you should find your correct size and buy the shoes.

How to stretch shoes? Various ways of stretching new shoes

Wearing the shoe at home:

The easiest way of stretching your new pair of shoes is to wear them at home and walk around with them.

How to stretch new shoesSocks stretching:

The thickest socks are to be put on and then put your feet into the leather shoes. Then heat the leather portion with a dryer and bend your feet to and forth so that it can stretch comfortably.



How to stretch shoesFreezing your shoe:

Freezing shoes also helps to expand them. A bag (plastic) can be filled with ¼ water and kept in a freezer and then that frozen bag can be kept in the shoe. Try on the shoes later taking care that water doesn’t leak inside the shoes.


How to stretch new shoesHeating your shoes:

Like freezing technique, the heating technique also works well for stretching the shoes. You can take a hair dryer, wear your shoes and on high heat mode heat the area which is tight and by moving your foot to and fro u can adjust your shoe size.


Rubbing alcohol spray or even better shoe stretcher spray: You must fill the spray bottle half with rubbing alcohol and the other half with water, spray inside each shoe and wear it for about half an hour.

Using potatoes:

For this you have to take potatoes or mashed potatoes which are big and can create a bulge in the shoe. If any residue remains of the mashed potatoes it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.


The above discussion has made it very clear – How to stretch shoes? The right pair of shoes can add to your personality and can bring about dramatic changes in both your personal as well as work life. The right fit of the shoes makes you feel comfortable and you do not mind walking miles with them. With the right pair of shoes you can conquer the world! So people get up, get a great pair of shoe and walk down miles to conquer, rise and shine. I hope this was some help to you on how to stretch shoes.



Seven simple ways on how to stretch shoes which are very efficient?

how to stretch shoes

how to stretch shoes 

Are those shoes tight for you, but don’t have a different size with the same design? Well, now know how to stretch shoes after which it will fit you perfectly just the way you want it to! Nobody likes boring! Spice up your life just by adding a beautiful shoe to your attire. You know as they all say ‘always know a man by the kind of shoe he wears’ but whatever be the case, gorgeous shoes are usually the ones to create the most problem. High heels cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Thus, all you need to do is find the most comfortable shoe that is both fun and healthy.

Did you find a stunning shoe, but is not available in your size? But then again, is your will taking a toll on you? Doesn’t worry now find out few simple steps regarding how to stretch shoes?

Wear the shoes inside the house

If you want to be happy, then first keep your feet happy. A jolly foot is equal to a jolly mood. Are you worried that wearing your shoes at home might weary them off? Or will the shoes lose that newish charm it usually has right after buying? Well, don’t worry this is for your own good. This is the best way to work with your shoe and make adjust it with your feet accordingly. If the shoes are only slightly tight and not absolutely unwearable, then wear it around the house and practice walking a bit. This is one of the fastest ways to adjust your feet with the new shoes that you just bought.

how to stretch shoes

Use heat and sock stretching

The question how to stretch shoes will no longer bother you anymore. You must have socks back at home! Now is the time to use it. Put your sock on and then squeeze your legs hardly into the new shoes. Just a reminder that it is your shoes, if you don’t want it to look good on your feet, then working so hard behind it is absolutely worthless. Thus work on it and make it stunning. This technique is applicable for only leather shoes.

After wearing thick socks and putting your feet on the socks, now all you need to do is heat the tight areas of your shoe with the help of a hairdryer. This method is very simple and lucid. In the entire duration of heating the shoe, your feet should in constant movement. That is bending it as fast as possible. Continue this process for round about 30 seconds or maybe less, say 20 seconds. After doing this try your shoes on. This time wear it with your regular stockings, check whether it fits you nicely or not!

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer that is available for leather shoes because heating the leather shoes usually tend to deplete the moisture it had originally. Thus applying the moisturizer will help you restore the moisture.

Stretch it with the help of sock balls

Thinking of strategies regarding how to stretch shoes? This is one of the simplest ways to do so. If you are one of those lazy, lethargic people, not willing to work too hard for your shoes, but still cannot ditch that pair and buy a new one, then just follow these few simple steps. All you need to do is, gather a few pair of socks, each for each pair, rolls them into very small balls, but is sure as not to make them very small, these must fit into your shoe. Now start stuffing those balls slowly and gently into your shoes until it is full. Similarly do the same for the other shoe and keep it that way overnight. Next morning just watches the difference. This technique works like pure magic!

how to stretch shoes

Heard about freezer stretching?

If your answer to the question is no, then make it a point to read at this point very carefully and slowly. This is will give you a brief idea about how to stretch shoes another way. Arrange a simple plastic bag that can be sealed or is airtight. Instead of plastic bag you can also use a thick balloon. Now start filling the plastic bag with water, don’t stop filling until you are halfway through it or one-third. Seal it tightly. Do the same for the other shoe of the pair. Now, put these bags of water inside the shoe gently, until it completely covers the entire shoe. Now put the shoes that you just filled inside the freezer. Wait overnight, the water in those bags freezes into the shoes, thus stretching the leather gently.

Take it out of the freezer and wait for around 20 minutes. Let the ice thaw. Then slowly and gently remove it from your shoe. Try it on to check whether it fits you nicely this time or not. If not, repeat the entire process another time. But, be very aware don’t use this technique particularly for expensive shoes as this might lead to damage since there is a risk of water leaking into your shoe!

Use the newspaper!

This is another quirky and very helpful idea on how to stretch shoes. Use those old newspaper left in your home just waiting to be added to the pile of garbage. Wet the newspaper and stuff it in your shoe but, make sure not to distort the shape of your shoe. After stuffing both the shoes, if the shape of your shoe does not seem right, then take the wet newspaper out and re-stuff them again. Make sure this time the shape is correct. The second step would be to leave the shoes in a dry place. Let the newspaper dry. As the newspaper dries, it will expand the shoes slightly. Take the stuff out and try on your shoe. Instead of the newspaper you can also use a pair of socks. The result would be added an extension, i.e. the shoes will expand a little bit more than the previous.

Now use oats to stretch the shoe

You can either use oats or any such other grains which when wet swells up. Fill a plastic bag with oats. Put it inside the shoe to check whether it covers the entire shoe or not. Now, take it out and start filling it up with water. Keep filling it with the entire oats soaks up the water. Leave it in that condition and wait overnight. This technique is sure to work. Wear the shoes around for a few days now in order to adjust them to your feet.

Or you can use a simple and fast action shoe stretcher

Are the above techniques too much for you?

Here is the most convenient method of how to stretch shoes?

Use shoe stretcher. Now the first question that pops up in your mind is what is a shoe stretcher? A shoe stretcher is usually made of wood in the shape of the foot. The device comes with several screws and other adjustments that help to stretch shoes according to your convenience. Sometimes the shoe stretcher can take several days to have any effect on the shoe. It is recommended to use some kind of oil spray along with the shoe stretcher as it helps in more even expanding.

FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

shoe stretcher example 88







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We have many more five star rating shoe stretchers on the front page or here is a link to AMAZON Best. If none of the above ways suits you, then it is best for you to take the shoes to a professional. Professional cobblers have stretching machines and other heating options that will give you the best possible results. Thus, in a nutshell, here are some of the ways which will provide an answer to your question how to stretch shoes?


Are You Asking How To Stretch Shoes fast?

How to stretch shoes

 how to stretch shoes

Some Tips to Make Your Tight Shoes Fit Your Feet Again

How to stretch shoes fast? Use the best Shoe Stretchers on the market

Have you ever heard about a shoe stretcher? When you really have a tight shoe, you can buy a shoe stretcher for easy and the most effective way to stretch your tight shoes. You can buy a shoe stretcher at any shoe stores around the city. However, not all of the shoe stores sell shoe stretcher. How to stretch shoes using a shoe stretcher? Since it is designed specifically for stretching a tight shoe, so it must be very easy to use it. You can just put the shoe stretcher inside the shoe, and spin the lever until the stretcher expands or pushes the shoe wall. After that, you can wait for one night before you take the stretcher off. This shoe stretcher can adjust the width as well as the length of the shoes. However, it only works on shoes which are made of rubber or some elastic materials. After the first try, you can wear the shoes whether they already fit your feet or not. If they are still tight but not too tight, you can try one more time, and wait for a night again. How much does the shoe stretcher cost? It may cost around $20 or can be cheaper. So, decide whether you want to use it or use another way to stretch your shoes.

How to stretch shoes fast? Suppose someone buys a pair of shoes as a gift for your birthday. However, when you try the shoes, they do not fit your feet. You must be feeling disappointed and wish to throw the shoes away. But wait, you still have a chance to make it fit your feet. In fact, you can stretch the shoes so that they can fit your feet again. How to stretch shoes effectively? These shoes are really awesome and adorable, you must not wish to get rid of them. By stretching the shoes, you still have a chance to wear it. It is not possible to return the shoes to your friend who bought it. Perhaps, it is just a bit smaller but not too smaller. Therefore, it can still be stretched. How to stretch shoes? Here, I would like to show you some effective ways to stretch a pair of shoes which are probably too tight for your feet.

Go to a Professional Cobbler

How to stretch shoes? If you really have no option to stretch your footwear by yourself, you can go to a professional cobbler. A cobbler must be able to handle this issue. There are thousands of cobblers that you can find in the city. You can hire the best cobbler or ask someone else to show you the best cobbler to stretch your tight shoes. However, you have to spend your money to pay for the service. How much is it? We cannot mention how much you have to pay, it depends on the store. You can find a cobbler that offers you affordable service.

Wear Your Shoes at Home Frequently

Wearing a tight pair of shoes must be very uncomfortable. However, if you have gone to a cobbler but you think it is too expensive to use the service, wearing your shoes at home frequently can be the best choice to stretch them. It is really uncomfortable, but this way is free and quite effective. How to stretch shoes by wearing the shoes at home? Most of the shoes are made of rubber or other elastic materials. So, it can be stretched by wearing it frequently. Perhaps, you will need a few days to succeed in stretching your shoes. However, if you are patient enough, in one week, your shoes will fit your feet. Suppose it is really hurt you, you can wear a pair of shocks that make it more convenient.

Using Heating Method

One of the most popular methods to stretch your shoes is by heating the shoes. How to stretch shoes using the heat method? In order to do this, you can use a hair dryer and turn it on the highest heat. Next, you can wear some thick socks, you can wear three pairs of socks at once and get your feet into the shoes. After that, you can heat the area which is known too tight. At the moment you are heating the shoes, you can flex your feet, move your toes forward, as well as your other fingers to help the shoe wall become stretched. However, you will not feet easy and comfortable to do this method but this is quite effective to stretch the shoes. Luckily, this method can make the shoes become stretched forever and it will not go back to the original size. This method is really useful and works on rubber shoes or leather shoes.

Using Freezing Method

Instead of heating the shoes, you can also do the opposite. You can freeze your shoes. This method is also quite effective to stretch the shoes. How to stretch shoes using a freezing method? It is quite simple anyway. You just need a sandwich bag for each shoe or a small plastic bag which fits the shoe. Next, you can put the plastic bag inside the shoes and you can fill the bag with some water. You can tie the bags and then put the shoes in a refrigerator or a freezer. Just wait until the water freezes. Once it freezes, you can take the bag out of your shoes and you can try the shoes. If it does not really work. Try another trick. In this case, you can put some water in the shoes directly but make sure that you cover the shoe with canvas or plastic so that the water does not leak. After that, you can put the shoes back to the freezer and wait until the water freezes.

In summary, those are several tips on how to stretch shoes fast when you have a pair of tight shoes but you really wish to wear it. Hopefully, after trying those tricks above, you can wear the shoes which are given by your friends.