Which is the best Instep Raiser for Men’s and Women’s Shoe?

Best Instep Raisers on the market today


Best Instep Raisers on the market todayBest Instep Raiser, If you have a high arch, this vamp riser will save you from days or weeks of agony due to sore feet.  You will wish you known these existed much sooner, so you could have bought it long time ago.  This shoe instep raiser/stretcher construction is quite sturdy, and should last a lifetime.


Best Instep Raisers on the market today

Best Features

  • Expandable instep raiser helps relieve painful tightness.
  • Adjustable design allows you to stretch the instep to the required height.
  • Slim form fits into most women’s shoes.
  • Birch wood, steel Imported.


Men Instep Raiser

Women Instep Raiser

How to use the Instep Raiser?

It’s easy to use. You can buy a spray stretcher or Mix rubbing alcohol with water 1:1 to make your own stretching liquid with which to dampen the instep of the shoe prior to placing the shoe stretcher, crank it open, leave in place until the shoe is dry, then repeat with the other shoe.  Just remember that you can always stretch the instep more by repeating the process, but you can’t unstretch it. This handy Shoe Instep Raiser helps relieve pressure on the most difficult area of a shoe to stretch the instep. Best Instep Raiser, Its adjustable design allows you to stretch the instep to your desired height, which helps relieve pain and uncomfortable tightness; in new shoes, it can help eliminate the break-in period. Its slim form fits into most shoes.