KIWI Boot Polish-Magic in a Can!


kiwi-boot-polishI must say!  Hands down this kiwi boot polish is the best product to keep or restore your cherished leather goods. As a lifelong lover of leather bags and jackets this is the best polish ever. I have boots/shoes, bags, jackets, vests, etc. As soon as it touches the leather, you can see the difference. Makes them look brand new. I was considering tossing or donating one of my old shoes but I decided to try kiwi boot polish first! So glad I did, they look beautiful and like new again! So I went ahead and use it on two more of my old shoes that was sitting in the back of closet for years and now they look better than when I first bought them!

kiwi-saddle-soap-backkiwi-saddle-soap-frontKIWI Boot Polish/Cleaner-Best Available on the Market today!

  • Saddle soap.
  • Cleans away dirt, grim and salt stains. Formulated with a quality wax for added protection.
  • Ideal for all leather.
  • Rub surface of Kiwi Saddle Soap with a moist cloth to develop lather and rub well into leather. 
  •  Wipe clean.

kiwi-boot-polish-pasteKiwi Shoe Polish Paste

  • I use this Kiwi boot polish and it does a great job on my dress shoes. You just apply it with a soft rag or sponge and the brush it vigorously with a horse hair bristle shoe brush. If you want a glossy shine then hit it with a clean soft cloth and a little water.

Here is a wonderful tip-Follow the instructions for applying the Kiwi balm and when you have finished, use a blow dryer to heat up the leather enough for the pores to expand a little bit and absorb the product. Now instead of the Kiwi Boot Polish laying on the top, it is inside the leather leaving your boots literally inside and  out protected.