Stretch your shoes to correct length with men’s shoe stretcher

How to stretch shoes

Is your new pair of boots a tad bit tight on your feet? Well, no need to worry because men’s shoe stretcher is here to save your feet from any kind of blisters and boils. It is not an uncommon case, where you have found your favorite pair of shoes with the perfect size.

two way shoe stretcher Best Men’s Shoe Stretchers

But once you have taken it home, you are trying on the shoes once again only to realise that they are not being of a suitable size for your feet and are pinching your feet. Well, naturally you will be surprised and worried.

You would consider taking the shoes back to the store. But that will not solve anything. The only way in which such a case can happen is your feet might have swelled right when you were returning from home.

Don’t be worried if your shoe doesn’t fit, men’s shoe stretcher is here

Well, there is nothing to be worried or disappointed. With the help of a proper men’s shoe stretcher, the shoe will once again fit your feet properly, and there will be no more pain or swelling.

What is the role of men’s shoe stretcher?

What is a shoe widener exactly? Well, it is an object which is used for the purpose of stretching a particular area or portion of your shoe. It can also be used to stretch the full width and length of your shoe. These stretchers or wideners can also be used to stretch those specific parts or areas of your shoes where you have a bunion or corn.

Stretch your feet more freely with a men’s shoe stretcher

You can also use them for stretching the toe box region so as to make enough space for the purpose of stretching your toes and giving it more height. In fact, it can be used for stretching the instep area, so that you get more height and space for the top portion of your feet. Both women’s and men’s shoe stretcher are available in the market.

Two- way shoe stretchers are very convenient

You can even make use of a two-way stretcher and use it for the purpose of stretching both the width as well as the length of your shoe. However, you cannot use a shoe widener to widen your shoes by a large size. If the size of your feet is 8 and you have got yourself a shoe of size 6, you can’t make use of the shoe widener for stretching your shoe by such a great size.

You can use the widener only to provide enough room in your shoe so as to make your feet comfortable in it. But you need to choose the correct size of your shoe for beginner purpose.

These shoe stretchers are available in different shapes and structures, and each of them can be used for the purpose of stretching different areas of your feet. Thus the only way in which men’s shoe stretcher can be put to use in an efficient and proper manner is if you follow proper instructions and buy the correct shoe widener.

The various types of women’s and men’s shoe stretcher

The different structures of widener vary for men and women, and you should choose a widener based on the size of feet you wish to stretch. The following shoe wideners are:

  • If your shoe is an uncomfortable fit in your feet, then two- way stretcher is the one to go for. It can be used for a dual purpose and can be used for the purpose of stretching both the length as well as the width of the shoe making it a comfortable for you. thus you will now be able to move your feet in a more comfortable way inside the shoe.
  • The second type of shoe widener is the inset or vamp. This particular widener can be used for the purpose of lifting that area which is right on your foot thus giving you more flexibility and space while you are walking.
  • Whenever you are lifting your feet for the purpose of taking a step, you will find that the shoe will be coming down right on top of your feet thus providing you with more flexibility. Also, it is highly essential that there is at least some room on the top of your shoe so that your feet do not in any way get smashed.
  • The third kind of shoe stretcher is the toe stretcher. This particular widener can be sued for the purpose of stretching your toe as is clear from the name itself. This particular widener will actually lift that particular area which is right at your feet.
  • This is particularly common like that of vamp but is designed to provide much more comfort to your feet in the part right above your toes thus making walking all the easier and flexible for you. Wearing a shoe which is either pinching your toes or smashing your feet can be quite discomforting. Thus getting the correct shoe stretcher is mandatory.

What are the materials best suitable for a shoe stretcher?

These wideners are best used in natural materials. These natural materials are usually inclusive of suede and leather. Also, they can be used best if they are used to stretch a shoe which has been moistened with the use of shoe spray. However, shoe materials such as vinyl do not work well with these shoe stretchers. This is because the give in the material is a vinyl is not much, and hence it cannot be easily stretched.

It is best to use the stretcher to stretch that particular pair of shoes you are not particularly fond of just to be sure, and then you can use these to stretch your good pair of s shoe stretcher

Thus you will never tend to stretch your shoe over and will stretch it the proper amount required. Also, it is very important that you give a minimum of 48 hours of time for the entire process of stretching to reach completion. Thus it is not possible to stretch your shoe at the last moment by using a men’s shoe stretcher.