Which is the Best Shoe Stretcher Spray and how to use?

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How to pick the best shoe stretcher spray? A dress up or a night out on the town is incomplete without right pair of shoes. Yes, choosing a shoe is much more tedious than choosing a dress. Sometimes you can find same sized shoes with different fitting, vary with design, curves and heels. Wearing too tight can lead to problems like cuts, blisters, painful ankle and many more. You should not choose a shoe, which looks the best but choose one which fits you the best.

Why should you use a shoe stretcher spray?

Sometimes you find your favourite pair of shoe getting smaller for your feet. A stretcher spray works well to make it a bit loose. It is really a good idea for saving money. And obviously, who likes to throw away expensive pair with no wear and tear. The spray liquids work on the material and soften it to some extent. It is good to buy a tight little shoe because materials like sponge and leather seem to loosen up after little use. A variety of shoe stretcher spray is available online as well as retail store. Here are few guidelines which will help you to pick an efficient Spray stretch.

Tips to buy the best shoe stretcher spray

Some sprays are popular just by the brand. Hold on, before grabbing them. Read the materials for which the spray is designed.

  • Some shoe stretching sprays are made according to the material of the shoe, like leather. Try to buy those which best suites according to the material of your shoes. You can go to a retail shop and ask them, which spray will be best for your shoes.
  • Some spray stretcher also comes with stretching kits. Those are also efficient in softening a shoe. The kits are generally fitted into the shoes and kept for some days. After few days, you can find your shoes have loosened up. It works great even when the kit is removed. The material retains its shape. This is a good option if you don’t want to use a spray.


MEDCA Shoe Stretcher

The miracle stretching system that will customize the fit of your leather or suede shoes. Shoes and gloves fit better- magically! Stretch for ultimate comfort. Get the custom fit you have been wishing for. Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort of tight-fitting  with the miracle stretching system that will customize the fit of your shoes.

The solution penetrates leather to relax and soften fibers. Expanders have adjustable contoured knobs that reach narrow, tight-fitting areas. Specially designed expanders gently expand shoe width of toe box and heel. Two easy ways to customize the fit of your shoes: Spray some shoe stretch spray solution and go! Or spray and use expanders for maximum results. Repeat as needed to achieve desired results.

Best Features:

Provides immediate relief from wearing ill-fitting shoes Eliminates the need to “break-in” shoes Relieves discomfort from common foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, misshapen hammertoes, and uneven foot sizes Includes: Stretch Genie solution (4 fl oz) Spray pump 2 x Shoe expanders.

How to use this shoe spray stretcher?

Two easy ways to customize the fit of your shoe: Spray Stretch Genie Solution and go! Spray and use expanders for maximum results. Repeat as needed to achieve desired results. Customize he fit of your shoes two ways! Use the spray alone, or use with the expanders for optimum result.



This shoes stretch spray really is a miracle in a can. KIWI seems to work instantly. The shoe man at work sprayed a tiny amount on each side of the shoes and instructed me to immediately put them on and wear them at my desk for about an hour and a half. When I put them on, they had already given a bit. Since I consistently need more give in medium width shoes (without going to wides), I am keeping this product stocked.





This product is in a convenient squirt bottle which allows the user to aim it directly where needed. I have found it will dampen in the inside of an item of footwear and then as you wear it, the shoe will conform to your foot structure in the trouble some spot.


Shoekeeper Stretcher Spray

Expand your shoes to the perfect fit. Shoe stretch spray softens leather while screw-driven shoe stretcher (sold separately: women’s style 10065, men’s style 10066) expands leather to eliminate pinching. 4 oz spray.


Meltonian Leather Shoe/boot/glove Stretch Spray

Developed to permanently stretch and softens shoes and gloves made of leather, suede or reptile skins. Not recommended on man-made materials.You must be cautious about the amount of liquid you are spraying. Spraying a huge amount can make the pairs extra loose, for your feet and as well as discolour or destroy the material. So spray small quantities over and over, to check it is not causing harm to the material. You must read the instructions before spraying anything on your shoes.

There are also some home remedies to solve this problem. Alcohol acts as a shoe stretcher. Moreover stuffing the shoes with shocks or potatoes or wet newspaper and freezing is a good way for stretching your favorite pairs.