How to use the best boot calf stretcher in a proper way?

boot calf stretcher

If you are searching for a perfect tool by which you can stretch your boots, then you should use the boot calf stretcher. It is very helpful when you want to expand the size of the by one or two inches. There are many techniques by which you can stress the boot but which are not as effective as the stretcher.

boot calf stretcher #1 Best Boot Calf Stretcher

You may add some liquid into the boot to expand the size. You can wear the same until it becomes dry, the liquid will loosen the calf area so you can easily wear the same with jeans. There are many boots on the market which also comes in adjustable sizes and shape for men and women. After few years, the boots will be tight so you will have painful experience with zipping and calf area.

Why is the boot shaft stretcher very handy?

Most of the people used to buy boots to wear them at a comfortable size that is why they used to face the common problem within few years. The boots will shrink over time, but you can easily solve the problem by a boot calf stretcher. It is very effective for the leather boots, and the best part is that you can operate it without any problem.

How to use a boot calf stretcher?

A perfect tool also gives you the perfect opportunity to stretch the boots without any damage. There are many stretches of which you can have a comfortable size. You have to consider the following factors before you buy a stretcher.

  • You have to choose the right stretcher. There are many boot stretchers which also comes with calf stretcher which is very useful when it comes to stretching of calf position.
  • A right stretcher will fit perfectly into the boot. It should have long handles so you can use it properly. The long handles will make the operations quick.
  • You can open the wedge and put the stretcher inside the boot. After that, you should screw the stretcher and lock the same into the position.
  • After the locking the position you can stretch out the toe to expand the same.
  • You can crank open the edge of the boot to get a perfect position for the calf stretcher. After that, you should apply maximum but balanced stretch. You should leave it for few hours to obtain the permanent effect.
  • Additionally, you can slide the boot into a calf stretcher to stretch the calf portion. When everything is done, you may pull the boot out from the stretcher.

How to expand your expensive leather boots by using the boot calf stretcher?

If you want to stress the calf area, then you should opt for the stretcher. It gives you the ability to stress the size up to 1/4” without any professional knowledge. You don’t have to spread any alcohol inside the calf area as long as you have the stretcher. After the expansion, you can wear the same without any problem.

How does the cobbler stretch the calf part of the boot using the boot calf stretcher?

When it comes to leather, then you will not face any problem even after three years because there are some specialized tools and technique by which you can easily increase the size of the boot. The cobbler can stretch the boot by additional 1 cm so you can wear the same with your jeans and socks.

If you are thinking about to spray the alcohol inside the boot to make it stretched; it offers the right amount of stretch because you have to wear it until it becomes dry. You may need anyone who can pull the boots out of your legs because it used to stick to the feet that are why it is recommended to use socks. If you don’t want to use the stretcher then, you can use this method.

When it comes to dehcord which is totally different from the leather applying pressure might break the chemical bonds in the dehcord. It will be better not to attempt any stretching operation in those boots which are not made out of leather.  The traditional techniques are not effective that is why you can buy a boot calf stretcher to stretch the boots even from your home.

There are many stretchers available on the market. You can use the same to widen the boot claves and toe; it is very effective when you are facing fitting problems. It might take more than 12 hours to get a proper stretch on the boots; you may increase the tension to increase it further. It is always recommended to keep the stretcher inside the boot for overnight. You can easily get up to 2 inches of stretch and big calves.

How to solve the fitting problem with boot calf stretcher?

You may ask your friend about the common fitting problems of the boots. The experts will suggest you to take the boot to a cobbler to make it stretched. The cobbler used to have boot calf stretcher which is a special tool, commonly used to stretch the boots. Spray stretch is also effective when it comes to minor stretch.

Most of the stretchers are made of metal. It is the professional device by which you can shift the size of the boots. You can use this device to stretch outside when it comes to stretch inside you cannot do the same. There is some advance mechanism by which you can easily stretch upwards and downwards equally at the same time. Most of the stretchers do not fit into every boot so you have to choose the right one.

Things to be considered before you buy a calf boot stretcher

Calf boot stretcher – There are many stretchers which are made out of cast Aluminum which not only lasts long also feels lightweight. The calm stretchers come with high-performance stretching techniques. You can stretch the boots to get relief from the tightness of the calf area. You may consider the following factors before you buy a stretcher.

  • You have to ensure that the stretcher will fit on western, riding and work boots perfecting by reading several reviews and frequently asked questions.
  • You should buy those stretchers which come with calf stretcher and shaft stretcher in-build.
  • It must be made of cast Aluminum.
  • It can be used for different sized boots.
  • You have to ensure whether the stretcher comes with shaft and boot stretcher operations at the same time or not.

If there is any tightness in the calf, then you will have major problems in muscles. After the enlargement you can easily wear the boots, no more struggling with the zip. You should choose those stretchers which have an 18-inch diameter when it is closed. You can easily slide up and down the metal rod which is used to stretch the size. You have to spin clockwise to increase the stretch.

You cannot stretch the shoe by the stretcher because it is exclusively used to stretch from the leg opening. However, you cannot stretch the cowboy boots. There are many people who used to purchase the expensive boots online but sometimes it may not have the perfect fittings that time boot calf stretcher is the only option. If you are facing the problem with the zip boots, then you have to be a little careful.

There are many websites where you can buy the heavy duty boot stretchers. It forces the leathers to make it large. You may have tried the spray technique but which fails to bring the best result. You may use the same to have a nice stretch on the calf. The high-performance stretchers used to come with a user manual that helps a lot. You can wear your stretched boots with the jeans.

If you want to stretch the toe or foot, then you can do that with the help of a cobbler. There are several types of equipment which are very useful when it comes to stretching boots. He might apply the right amount of pressure to enlarge the size. You can easily stretch the boot by 0.5 inches without any noticeable changes to the looks.

How to increase the size of the boots by boot calf stretcher when you cannot apply any spray?

There are many expensive boots which come with a lace and tongue in the boot. If you wipe them with alcohol or any liquid, then it might damage the same. You may try any soap to the rough material so you have only one way to stretch the same by using the stretcher. If you do not want to return the same, then you should bring the same to a shoemaker to fix the roughness of the boots.

The shoemaker might add some extra cushions inside the shoe to make some space for your calves. If you want to adjust the boots, then you have to follow the steps which are given below to avoid any mistake. You can easily avoid any expensive work by following the steps.

  • You have to take an accurate measurement. If you want to do that, then you should wear jeans and then you should measure the calves this will give you the accurate measurement.
  • You have to consider the shaft size. You may have a big foot that is why you need a big shaft. There are many stretchers by which you can stretch the shaft.
  • If the boots are made out of leather, then you can easily stretch the same by using the liquid technique or stretcher both will work.
  • In the case of liquid technique, you have to wear the same until it becomes large.
  • It will be better if you allow the experts to stretch the boots with their hands.

How to manage the shaft when the boots are not made with leather by boot calf stretcher?

When it comes to non-leather boots, then you might face some problems with the size of the calf after some years of purchase. However, you can take the same to a cobbler. A cobbler might expand the size by 0.5 inches by the advance boot calf stretcher tool. Even a cobbler may not be able to stretch those boots which features zippers because these boots might break rather than stretching.

Most of the people used to depend on the shoemaker when it comes to the stretching. They used to charge a lot for the stretching. You may buy the stretching equipment and perform the task by yourself. There are many online retails where you can easily buy the stretcher machine, toe stretcher with some attractive discount. If it is your first time, then you should consult with any experts to extract the best out of rest.

How to stretch your boots by using the boot shaft stretcher and expert’s knowledge?

When it comes to stretching by the boot shaft stretcher, then you have to admit Ron Georges who was an expert in shoemaking. He also owns a family shoemaking business for more than 100 years. He has given some serious tips about the stretching of boots out of his personal experience. You may follow the advice of the professional stretchers to avoid any damage.

  • Dry stretch is possible, but you have to use the professional boot stretchers.
  • If you don’t want to use any stretchers then, you can use the fluid or any liquid in the leather.
  • The best way to stretch the boot is heat. You may take the shoe or boots to the nearest shoe repairing shop where you can heat the boots and extend the size.

The calf stretchers are made increase the size of the boots by using the stretch. There are two metal plates backed by some advance mechanism. You have to use the rod clockwise and anticlockwise to increase the stretch and decrease the stretch respectively. You can use the boot calf stretcher for any sized boots because the diameters of the modern stretchers are 18 inches.

You have to be careful before you buy any stretcher online, most of the stretcher may not have the best fit so you cannot use the same for narrow boots. You can easily stretch your boots up to 2 inches. You should avoid the water or liquid method because it might ruin the leathers. Normally the boot calf stretcher might cost you around 150 dollars.

Best Boot Stretchers

women wearing boots

The best shoe stretcher are made without any plastic parts? Because plastic breaks when put under stress. Research shows that shoe stretchers made with plastic components frequently break. Therefore creating the best shoe stretcher from all wood and metal (only the little bunion plugs are plastic).

ankle boot stretcherHeavy-Duty Wood & Metal 2-Way Premium Shoe & Ankle Boot Stretcher

This is a 2 Way Shoe Stretcher which means it can stretch your shoe lengthwise and widthwise. Instructions on how to use this stretcher are printed right on the box. Also included are 6 Bunion Corn Plugs which can be used to loosen any small local area where your shoe causes you discomfort. This stretcher is made from Birch Wood which is a deciduous hardwood and will last for decades. It arrives in the classic navy blue HoundsBay box.

Find the best price on the Heavy-Duty Wood & Metal 2-Way Premium Shoe & Ankle Boot Stretcher on Amazon

Best Features:

  • Beech Wood & Thick Steel
  • No Plastic Components means this Shoe Stretcher Will Not Break when tightening it
  • Superior 2 Way Stretching so you can Stretch the Length or Width of your Shoe or both ways at the same time
  • 6 Bunion Corn Plugs allow you to Loosen Multiple Small Areas that may be causing you discomfort
  • Metal & Birch Wood Construction makes this a Solid Shoe Stretcher that will Last for Decades
  • Only 1 Stretcher Included with Purchase; It’s Designed for Both Right & Left Shoes

Premium Boot Stretcher for Dress, Hiking and Work Boots

best boot stretcherA good pair of boots can take you far. Strapped to your feet, they’re always ready to take you up the highest trail, protect your feet at work, and help you cover the most ground in the time between. A ridged pair of boots can slow you down, which is why FootFitter created this Professional Boot Stretcher for Dress, Hiking and Work Boots. After all, your boots were made for walking, and that’s just what this essential tool will help you do!

Find the best price on the Premium Boot Stretcher for Dress, Hiking and Work Boots on Amazon

Best Features:

  • Beech Wood
  • Boot stretcher: designed with extra long shaft to easily stretch boots
  • Beech wood: polished German harvested beech wood boot stretcher
  • Spot relief: includes 3 bunion/corn plugs for pressure point relief
  • Single stretcher: single stretcher only! Can be used for right & left boots
  • Not for western-style boots

Professional Western Boot Instep Stretcher Mens and Womens

Professional Western Boot Instep StretcherAfter you wore your Western boots or Boots without zipper and you are experiences tightness on the Vamp/instep. This device will relief the pain from your tight boot. Universal jointed rod use in even very high top boots. High quality wood stretcher. The one used by all professionals and in all Western Boot Shops.

Find the best price on the Professional Western Boot Instep Stretcher on Amazon

Best Features:

  • Expandable instep raiser helps relieve painful tightness.
  • Available in 2 Sizes for Men, 2 Sizes for Women,
  • Can Be Used for Right & Left Boot

Premium 1″ – 3″ High Heel Boot Stretcher

Professional’s Choice for High Heeled Boots is made to stretch only the width of the boot, leaving the instep unaltered. It features an arch specially designed to fit heeled boots. One single stretcher can alter both the left and right boot due to the shape of its toe block.

Premium 1" - 3" High Heel Boot StretcherFind the best price on the Premium 1″ – 3″ High Heel Boot Stretcher on Amazon

Best Features:

  • HIGH HEEL BOOTS: Designed specifically for stretching high-heeled boots.
  • BEECH WOOD: Made of 100% farm-harvested German beech wood.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Hardware made from sturdy stainless steel parts.
  • WIDTH STRETCHER: Stretches the width of high heeled boots toe box.
  • BUNION PLUGS: Inserts can be placed in pre-drilled holes for spot relief.

Metal Calf and Instep Boot Stretcher

Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher  The Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher is a professional device used to stretch the instep and shaft of your boots. It gradually stretches the boot shaft and instep to relieve tightness around the calf muscles. This stretcher has a mechanism which allows for stretching the instep or the shaft of your boots. This heavy duty stretcher will last you through the years and will fit most boots.

Find the best price on the Metal Calf and Instep Boot Stretcher on Amazon

Best Features:

  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Stretches boot shaft and boot instep at the same time
  • Works on all types of boot including Western, Work and Riding boot
  • One size fits all

Stretch your shoes to correct length with men’s shoe stretcher

How to stretch shoes

Is your new pair of boots a tad bit tight on your feet? Well, no need to worry because men’s shoe stretcher is here to save your feet from any kind of blisters and boils. It is not an uncommon case, where you have found your favorite pair of shoes with the perfect size.

two way shoe stretcher Best Men’s Shoe Stretchers

But once you have taken it home, you are trying on the shoes once again only to realise that they are not being of a suitable size for your feet and are pinching your feet. Well, naturally you will be surprised and worried.

You would consider taking the shoes back to the store. But that will not solve anything. The only way in which such a case can happen is your feet might have swelled right when you were returning from home.

Don’t be worried if your shoe doesn’t fit, men’s shoe stretcher is here

Well, there is nothing to be worried or disappointed. With the help of a proper men’s shoe stretcher, the shoe will once again fit your feet properly, and there will be no more pain or swelling.

What is the role of men’s shoe stretcher?

What is a shoe widener exactly? Well, it is an object which is used for the purpose of stretching a particular area or portion of your shoe. It can also be used to stretch the full width and length of your shoe. These stretchers or wideners can also be used to stretch those specific parts or areas of your shoes where you have a bunion or corn.

Stretch your feet more freely with a men’s shoe stretcher

You can also use them for stretching the toe box region so as to make enough space for the purpose of stretching your toes and giving it more height. In fact, it can be used for stretching the instep area, so that you get more height and space for the top portion of your feet. Both women’s and men’s shoe stretcher are available in the market.

Two- way shoe stretchers are very convenient

You can even make use of a two-way stretcher and use it for the purpose of stretching both the width as well as the length of your shoe. However, you cannot use a shoe widener to widen your shoes by a large size. If the size of your feet is 8 and you have got yourself a shoe of size 6, you can’t make use of the shoe widener for stretching your shoe by such a great size.

You can use the widener only to provide enough room in your shoe so as to make your feet comfortable in it. But you need to choose the correct size of your shoe for beginner purpose.

These shoe stretchers are available in different shapes and structures, and each of them can be used for the purpose of stretching different areas of your feet. Thus the only way in which men’s shoe stretcher can be put to use in an efficient and proper manner is if you follow proper instructions and buy the correct shoe widener.

The various types of women’s and men’s shoe stretcher

The different structures of widener vary for men and women, and you should choose a widener based on the size of feet you wish to stretch. The following shoe wideners are:

  • If your shoe is an uncomfortable fit in your feet, then two- way stretcher is the one to go for. It can be used for a dual purpose and can be used for the purpose of stretching both the length as well as the width of the shoe making it a comfortable for you. thus you will now be able to move your feet in a more comfortable way inside the shoe.
  • The second type of shoe widener is the inset or vamp. This particular widener can be used for the purpose of lifting that area which is right on your foot thus giving you more flexibility and space while you are walking.
  • Whenever you are lifting your feet for the purpose of taking a step, you will find that the shoe will be coming down right on top of your feet thus providing you with more flexibility. Also, it is highly essential that there is at least some room on the top of your shoe so that your feet do not in any way get smashed.
  • The third kind of shoe stretcher is the toe stretcher. This particular widener can be sued for the purpose of stretching your toe as is clear from the name itself. This particular widener will actually lift that particular area which is right at your feet.
  • This is particularly common like that of vamp but is designed to provide much more comfort to your feet in the part right above your toes thus making walking all the easier and flexible for you. Wearing a shoe which is either pinching your toes or smashing your feet can be quite discomforting. Thus getting the correct shoe stretcher is mandatory.

What are the materials best suitable for a shoe stretcher?

These wideners are best used in natural materials. These natural materials are usually inclusive of suede and leather. Also, they can be used best if they are used to stretch a shoe which has been moistened with the use of shoe spray. However, shoe materials such as vinyl do not work well with these shoe stretchers. This is because the give in the material is a vinyl is not much, and hence it cannot be easily stretched.

It is best to use the stretcher to stretch that particular pair of shoes you are not particularly fond of just to be sure, and then you can use these to stretch your good pair of s shoe stretcher

Thus you will never tend to stretch your shoe over and will stretch it the proper amount required. Also, it is very important that you give a minimum of 48 hours of time for the entire process of stretching to reach completion. Thus it is not possible to stretch your shoe at the last moment by using a men’s shoe stretcher.

Learn how to use Women’s High Heel Shoe Stretcher!

High Heel Shoe Stretcher

Wearing high heel footwear that does not fit properly can cause a lot of damage. Thus, make sure that you do not have to suffer from these problems. However, if you do not know how to stretch your shoes, then just simply use women’s high heel shoe stretcher. Once you start using this, then you will understand how good this is, and you are no longer having sore feet at the end of the day. Sometimes, it might also happen that you end up with serious foot problems that require critical medical attention.

high heel shoe stretcher  Best High Heel Shoe Stretcher!!

What is a easy method to stretch shoes?

What people do not realise is that it is very easy to stretch shoes. You can simply do this by using a high heel shoe stretcher. There are several women out there who sacrifice comfort just for god looking shoes. However, you should stop this kind of sacrifice since it is going to prove harmful in the long run.

Thus, if you are one of those people wearing tight and uncomfortable high heels, you can easily avoid several feet related problem by simply taking a few precautions from before.

Things you need to do

The only thing you need to get rid of foot problems is a high heel shoe stretcher. Thus, go out in the market and get yourself one of this. This device is available in any kind of shoe department or a shoe repair shop.

Remember to get your women’s shoe stretchers of the right size. This will allow removing problems according to your size. Moreover, you can also buy stretchers that have bunion attached to it. Another thing you will need is a liquid spray for stretching. This liquid usually comes in the form of a spray. This only helps to stretch the leather in a better manner.

Women’s shoe stretchers for high heels

The women’s high heel shoe stretcher are used to widen the toe area of high heels of about three to six inches. However, once you use this, you will realise that tight high heels are something of the past. Therefore, you can still wear the same gorgeous shoe more comfortable than before; you are going to feel great and nothing like before.

Specifications of the women’s shoe stretchers for high heels

The stretcher is built in such a manner so that it fits perfectly in shoes with greater than three inches of heel. The top quality stretchers are made of high-quality wood or polished wood. Not just this, it even has stainless steel mechanism. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the steel developing rust in the later part. A few shoe stretcher are available that had bunion plugs for pressure relief.

The shoe stretchers are not sold in separate parts but are available as a whole.

Instructions to use the women’s high heel shoe stretcher

The high heel shoe stretchers are designed to only increase the width of the shoe around the toe area. The basic difference between this and the basic shoe stretcher is that the contour is angled differently to fit the shoes properly. The structure is so good that it will last very long time. Follow the following steps carefully.

  • First, spray the liquid shoe stretch inside the shoe. The solutions will evenly spread allowing the material to loosen up and also allowing the fibre to expand quickly than usual.
  • Secondly, place the stretcher inside the shoe perfectly.
  • Add bunion plugs. These bunion plugs will be that extra stretch to the tight area around the corner.
  • Insert the stretcher and rotate the plastic handle clockwise once. Slowly rotate it anticlockwise. Repeat the process two more times.
  • At the end of third time check whether you are satisfied or not with the amount of stretch. You can judge this based on how it looks from the outside and by feeling the tension of the material.
  • You can see that the bunion plugs have nicely stretched the material.
  • Leave the system overnight. In the next morning, remove the shoe stretcher and see whether or not you can walk in those shoes with ease. However, if you are still feeling a bit uncomfortable, it would be best if you repeat the process again.
  • Tips to keep in mind while using women’s shoe stretchers for high heels. Check out the problems that might appear due to tight shoe. Your foot has twenty-six bones along with several tissues and muscles. Mostly the reason why pain occurs is that women wear shoes that are uncomfortable and tight. High heels are a major reason why your feet hurt. High heels can cause your feet to bend and also causes a long range of problems that includes ingrown toenails. Squeezing your toes in a narrow region can cause bunions and also various back problems. However, it is very obvious that women will not stop wearing these high heels. Therefore, to make things easier, women’s high heel shoe stretchers were made. Now, women can look good in high heels without having the risk of any problems.
  • Try and avoid wearing high heels as much as possible. However, if you are a lover of heels so much then it would be best if you use a high-quality shoe stretcher. This will help to keep your feet in good condition.
  • A number of complex problems can arise due to tight heels. Thus, if you are experiencing pain in your ankles and discomfort during running or walking, then you should see a podiatrist as fast as possible.
  • A common mistake that people make is that they do not allow the liquid shoe stretch to dry before inserting the shoe stretcher. Not letting the solution dry does not allow the material to stretch as much as you want them to, thus making it compulsory to repeat the entire process once again.
  • Make sure that you repeat the process as many times until you get a perfect fit.