What Is The Best Sneakers Cleaning Tips?

Sneakers Cleaning Tips

sneakers cleaning tips

Sneakers Cleaning Tips, Do you love your sneakers so much? There are different sneakers cleaning tips in order to take care you shoes. They are the following:

1. Wash Laces

Wash the laces of your sneakers with water and detergent soap. There won’t be a problem no matter what kind of detergent soap you use in cleaning the laces of your sneakers. Make sure not to use bleach on your laces especially for colored laces. It will cause losing the color of your laces.

2. Eliminate Shoe Odors

Another sneaker cleaning tip is to maintain good odor of your sneakers. Sometimes it cannot be controlled how your feet will react on the shoes you are using. If your feet has a bad odor, the shoes will also have one.

3. Sneakers Cleaning Tips-Rub with Suede Eraser

Not all dirt on your sneakers is hard to clean. There are some that only needs a suede eraser and brush to clean your shoes. You don’t have to clean the whole shoes but only the part of your sneaker that has dirt.

4. Scrub Outsole with Brush

Use water, brush and soap to clean the outsole of your sneakers. It will be that hardest part of cleaning your shoes. The outsole of your sneakers is the one that meets the floor whenever you are walking.

5. Soft Brush for Midsole

Sneakers Cleaning Tips, Last sneakers cleaning tip is to use a soft brush for the midsole part. Unlike the outsole, the midsole is softer that the outsole so it would also need a soft brush in cleaning.