Do shoe stretcher really work or it is a myth?



Do shoe stretcher really workDo shoe stretcher really work? Everyone wears shoe and most people have more than one pair of shoe. More often while buying shoes you just keep in mind about style, trending fashion, size, comfort all these things. But despite that at the end of the day some of you find your shoes tight, not fitting in properly. Here comes the idea of shoe stretcher.

 Do shoe stretcher really work?

What is a shoe stretcher?

A shoe stretcher is a device made of wood, hard plastic or metal, designed in such a way that it fits inside the shoes. A shoe stretcher is kept inserted into the shoe when it is not worn so that the size of the shoe increases slightly and the user does not find it difficult wearing the same shoe after few hours.

Reasons for using a Shoe Stretcher

Due to many factors one might find it necessary to have a device like a shoe stretcher. The factors for choosing it are:

  • The shrinking of shoes.
  • Swelling of feet.
  • Your feet are between two sizes.
  • Some problem in the foot like injury, cut, or some disease.Types of foot stretcher, Does shoe stretcher spray really work?Using shoe stretcher
  • The answer to the question do shoe stretcher really work? is yes. While buying a shoe stretcher you must make sure that it will work with the particular type of shoe you are using as different types of stretchers are available for different kind of shoes. If you are advised to use shoe stretcher spray with the mechanical device then u must use it with the spray and follow the instructions. For getting the best result you will have to use the stretcher in for at least overnight and for the best result may be up to 24-48 hours. Longer it is kept for the better result is obtained.
  • Shoe stretcher spray is generally a mixture of alcohol and water. That liquid makes the leather or shoe material loose so that the shoe stretcher works more effectively or the liquid is sprayed before wearing the shoe so that it expands after wearing. But some people do not prefer the spray because the mixture of alcohol and water can degrade the quality of leather.
  • Two types of foot stretcher are available in market one is mechanical foot stretcher and the other one is spray foot stretcher and sometimes both types is used together. And different types of foot stretchers are there for different types of shoes like high heels, flat shoes, boots and for other types of shoes. But one has to make sure that they are buying a right kind according to the type of their shoes. A shoe stretcher is available for both men and women sizes.
  • And when your shoes hurt you, it becomes quite difficult for you to carry on with your works and the situation can become really bad if you have to travel long distances for your work. But one can question that do shoe stretcher really work?

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