Do You Know How to Take Care of Sneakers?

how to take care of sneakers

How to Take Care of Sneakers? You should know how to take care of your sneakers to avoid damage. The following are the ways to do it.

1. Organize Closet for Your Sneakers

Make sure that your sneakers have a place for you to keep it. It is important so that will be able to accidentally step on it.

2. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your shoes regularly like once a week will help maintain the quality of your sneakers.

3. How to Take Care of Sneakers?Avoid Dirt

Whenever you are outside your home, always be careful on your step while wearing your sneakers. Less dirt means your shoes won’t be damaged by water or dirt from the road.

4. Wear Sneakers Only if Needed

The most important way on how to take care of sneakers is that you only wear it if you really need to. If you are just at home, use your slippers instead of your sneakers.

5. Don’t Walk on the Heels of your Sneakers

The most damaged part when you are using your sneakers is its soles. Soles start to be damaged when you walk on the heels of your sneakers.

6. Pick-Up Feet When You Walk

Another way on how to take care of your sneakers is to pick up your feet when you walk. You don’t have to drag your feet whenever you are walking. It will only cause damage to your sneakers.

7. Never Use Sneakers on Dirty Tasks

How to Take Care of Sneakers? Find an alternative shoe to use rather than your sneakers on doing dirty tasks. If you are doing dirty tasks, there is a big possibility that your sneakers will also be dirty.

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