Does Shoe Stretchers Really Work? Know How They Do

does shoe stretchers really work 


The absolute answer to the question, Does shoe stretchers really work? is sure yes. However, there are a number of limitations depending upon a varied number of reasons.

Professional people assigned to do this job find it really easy as the theorem of practice suggests. But for common people it is a bit of a difficult task. In many cases, the shoes are improperly stretched and most often are not satisfactory. The breaking of shoes and getting de-shaped are also common outcomes when done by inexperienced hands, especially without proper guidance.

Know What Stretches More

The leather is by far the best material for this kind of a process. It has got more elasticity than most man-made materials. Leather, when wet, becomes easily adjustable and gives good results when professional equipment is used. Apart from leather, suede and other natural materials are also easily stretchable.

When Do We Use Stretchers

It isn’t an unusual case when your foot size falls exactly between two sizes. Do not worry and wonder to the question – “how does shoe stretchers really work?”. All you need to do is get the shoe with the lesser size and apply a few stretching techniques or give it to some practised hands to mould it perfectly according to your foot size. Besides, foot swelling, bunions and other imperfections are also common for any person.

Types of Shoe Stretching

Stretchers are available for different kinds of shoes. Get the one which you need. It can be for flats, heels or covered boots. Few types of stretching have been discussed.

  • Two-way: When it is needed to both broaden and lengthen the shoe, it is termed as two-way stretching. However, this technique comes handy mostly when it is to be lengthened rather than to be widened.
  • Boot Stretchers: Some equipment expands the height of the boot and others make it easier to fit the shoes on your feet perfectly. The stretching of the shaft is more common who have difficulties in fitting into comparatively smaller shoes.
  • High Heels: As the name suggests, this is used for women shoes with high heels. These are best for toe heels. It has also been heard to work on flats.

does Shoe Stretchers Really Work on bunions


Does Shoe Stretchers Really Work? How to do the Job?

Wearing a shoe that needs to be stretched for long hours at home is one of the ways to stretch without using tools. Methods of putting grains mixed with water in the shoes or putting the shoes directly inside the freezer are some imperfect ways.

  • Prepare the Material: Leather is prepared with warm water. Proper care must be taken, otherwise it can produce stains. Some stain-free solutions are also available for this job. The man-made leather is simply warmed using a blow dryer. Water should be used for these artificial materials.
  • Stretching It: Wooden or plastic stretchers are available. After stretching accordingly, shoes are left on the stretcher overnight.


Without proper knowledge even with a stretcher it won’t work. However, when trained people does shoe stretchers really work on bunions. It is certainly possible with expertise and professional care. Had it not been so, there wouldn’t have been equipment manufactured and people trained for the purpose.

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