Sneaker Stretcher-Everything about the utilities of it!

sneaker stretcher


A sneaker stretcher is a blessing for anyone who has bought a pair of shoes only to find out that it does not fit them well. It may be the pair of sneakers that you have always adored and wanted to buy for a long period of time. But alas! Your feet are either too big or too small for them. That is why you need the aid of such a stretcher. It can help add more length or width to your sneaker up to a certain limit. So here is pretty much everything you will need to know.

Sneaker Stretcher-Why the need?

Now you may be wondering why such a stretcher is needed in the first place right? Well, there are two main reasons for that:

  • The obvious reason is the one that has already been mentioned above i.e. if you happen to buy a pair of shoes which simply do not fit your size. If such a scenario takes place, a stretcher will help ‘break into’ them.
  • It can also happen because your feet have grown larger. Most women do not like to admit it but sometimes, their feet grow a size or two larger. And because they tend to buy the same sized shoes that they used to before, it leads to a misfit.


How a sneaker stretcher works?

A sneaker stretcher is made of wood most of the times. It is shaped like a shoe, and the way it works is that you need to insert it into your sneakers first. There is a minimalistic size for these stretchers in general, because of which it can be inserted into any sized shoe. Once that is done, you need to use the crank in order to expand it. This expansion is what allows the sneaker to be stretched to the size that you want.

After expanding it to the size that you are fit with, leave the sneaker be in that position with the stretcher inside it for some hours. Usually, 24 hours does the trick but depending on the material; it can take 48 hours as well. The best part about these stretchers is the fact that you can increase both the length as well as the width depending on what you want.

Yet another thing that you probably need to know about is that some stretchers also require the company of a stretching liquid as well. This is in order to attain the maximum level of stretching possible. Also, note that there are some materials such as vinyl which simply cannot be stretched using a shoe stretcher. Leather and natural fiber made sneakers are the best options for using a stretcher with.

To Conclude

So basically, the next time you have a misfit shoe, keep in mind that it can definitely be fixed. All it takes is the right knowledge and the right kind of equipment. So if you too have a sneaker that you need to stretch, make sure that you know how to use a sneaker stretcher.

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