Fixing a Squeaky Shoe-What are the Methods?

fixing a squeaky shoe

Fixing a squeaky shoe can be done at home. Even the most expensive pair of shoe can turn squeaky after prolonged use. There are many reasons, which can turn the shoes squeaky. Some, shoes make wired noise, from the time you wear it for the first time, while others, make noise after use. Here are some home remedy, which can help you out.

Techniques of fixing a squeaky shoe

  • Most of the time, there is a moisture build-up within, which makes the noise. You will have first to locate the area, by walking and moving your feet. Once you have found out the probable areas, then just sprinkle some baby powder or baking powder or corn starch in the area. It will absorb the moisture or the air bubble trapped within.
  • A silicon spray will also work the same. Don’t apply directly, spray it over a cloth or cotton ball, and then gently move along the joints. This process will nor damage the material.
  • If the problem is with a leather shoe, then leather conditioner will also work out. Don’t forget to puff with cotton or dry cloth after the use of conditioner.
  • Sometimes the heels are loose, which creates wired noise. It is the best to use a powerful adhesive and apply it in the loose areas. Don’t try this method is your expensive shoe. The adhesive can destroy the material.
  • Other methods of fixing a squeaky shoe are, taking the insoles out, and leave it in the sun, to stuff the shoe with newspaper or cedar shoe tree.


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