How do cedar shoe trees work?



How do cedar shoe trees workThere have been a lot of advantages of a wooden shoe tree, you many always have a question in their mind, “do cedar shoe trees work?” nowadays, there are very attractive plastic shoe tree. But a cedar shoe tree is much better than a plastic shoe tree in the following ways.

Do cedar shoe trees work? Cedar shoe tree vs. plastic shoe tree

Shoe trees are used so as to save your expensive shoe from deformation. When you leave your leather shoe for a long period of time, they tend to shrink or develop creases. A shoe tree can be used, for retaining its shape as well as it look. But it comes in two materials, which is wood and plastic. Here is the comparison between the two.

  • When you wear covered shoe for a long time, then your feet sweats. This gives out the pungent smell. Also, there is a bacterial build-up within the shoe. A cedar shoe tree can help to absorb the moisture and get rid of bacteria. Thus, a cedar shoe tree has antibacterial property
  • On the other hand, plastic shoe tree can’t absorb moisture.
  • Wooden shoe tree acts as better shoe stretchers than the plastic ones.

It is true that wooden shoe tree is more expensive than the plastic one. Plastic shoe trees are easily available and are lightweight. So, if you are going to travel a lot, then the plastic ones will be the best.

Now if anyone asks you “do cedar shoe trees work?” you can give them a plenty of reasons why.

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