How to stretch Cowboy Boots-Methods for stretching

 How to stretch Cowboy Boots fast! Cowboys need to perform a lot of works for managing of their cattle’s so in order to work comfortably they need to wear good boots of perfect shape and size. But sometimes it may happen that their boots have got shrunken with usage or their newly bought boots are not fitting enough then they should use the various techniques for stretching their boots so that their feet gets perfectly fitted into these boots. So it is necessary for a cowboy to know how to stretch cowboy boots. There are various techniques involved for stretching of cowboy boots.

How to stretch cowboy boots-Different methods of stretching

There are different methods of how to stretch cowboy boots. They are:

  • One can go to a professional cobbler and stretch the cow leather boots easily without any kind of a headache. In this process the cobbler only stretches those specific areas of the boot that is required by the person so the fitting of their feet into the boot are just perfect.
  • One can also stretch the cowboy boot using boot stretcher. These boot stretchers are a kind of small shoe type things that is kept into the cowboy boots which helps in stretching of the boots from the front side to the backside. Using this process the stretching is not very much perfect so one has to use stretching spray along with it for perfect fittings.
  • The stretching sprays are also used for stretching cowboy boots which actually helps in the stretching of leathers on the side and on the tops of the boots. This is an inexpensive process and this method can be used easily.
  • The stretching of the cow boots can also be done by soaking it in water but in this method there is one disadvantage because here the water may affect and damage the leather
  • Another method is by using rubbing alcohol by saturating the cowboy boots with it or by spraying rubbing alcohol on the boots but this is a very risky technique because alcohols react very badly with alcohol and may damage the cowboy boots in the process of stretching.
  • There is also a process known as steaming and heating which involves heating the boots and after that walking in them unless they are still hot. This method does not affect the leather until and unless any goes very much closer to the heat source.


The process of stretching of cowboy boots actually helps to reuse those boots which have got shrunken in due course of time without throwing them away. They also help to stretch newly bought a pair of cowboy boots which may sometimes be tight and uncomfortable for the cowboy to use.

Is stretching of cowboy boots necessary?

Yes it is very much necessary for a cowboy to stretch his boots if they do not perfectly fit on their feet or if they feel that the boots they are using are tight or uncomfortable because they always have to walk and do various kinds of works like managing cattle’s etc so they to stay relaxed and comfortable with the boots they are wearing So a cowboy should know how to stretch cowboy boots in their times of need and if they cannot do it by themselves then they should go to an experienced professional cobbler.

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