The best way how to stretch cowboy boots?

The very best way how to stretch cowboy boots is to use a cowboy boot stretcher device and spray. No one wants to feel uncomfortable for weeks breaking in their boots while using a boot stretcher you would be good to go in 24 hours. We at review the best cowboy boot stretchers for 2018. This stretcher we selected is by far the best shoe stretchers on the market today.

Cowboy boot stretcher How to stretch Cowboy Boots fast

Best Way How to Stretch Cowboy Boots?

cowboy boot stretcher example 1This Professional Cowboy Boot Stretcher has a unique maple wood foot piece that fits perfectly into the tips of your shoe. The stretcher is the perfect solution for prolonging the life of your finest pair of western boots.

WESTERN STRETCHER: Designed specifically for western/cowboy style footwear

MAPLE WOOD: Foot stretching piece made from quality maple wood

BUNION PLUGS: Comes with 2 adjustable bunion plug pieces for stretching specific areas

SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Made with all metal stretching mechanisms for durability

Small:Men’s 6-8,Women’s 7.5-9.5 | Medium:M 8-10.5,W 9.5-12 | Large:M 11-13 | XL:M 13.5-15

Footfitter Professional Cowboy Boot Stretcher

How to stretch cowboy boots fast?

Like every device in the FootFitter line, the cowboy boot stretcher is made with metal stretching mechanisms and fine wood to separate our device from others on the market. This cowboy boot stretcher is specially equipped with a long jointed handle that allows you to work the stretching mechanism from the top of the boot shaft. With this stretcher, you can obtain premium stretching results for the toe box.

FootFitter Premium Professional Stretcher for Stretching Dress, Hiking, and Work Boots

footfitter boot stretcher example 1When it comes to shoe Footfitter Premium Stretcher is made for all type of boots including dress, hiking, and work boots, they receive four out of five stars or better in all customer reviews. The FootFitter Premium Professional Stretcher has a superior quality beech wood foot piece that is specifically designed to fit into your regular boots, not cowboy style. Along jointed handle allows you to work the stainless steel mechanism from the top of your boots. Three plugs can be inserted into the foot piece for the relief of pressure points. Shapes and sizes of the FootFitter Professional Stretcher accommodate the differences in men’s and women’s styling – they don’t just rename the same product. This product is using the finest materials for guaranteed satisfaction. Men’s Small = (6.5 – 8.5) Men’s Medium = (9 -10.5) Men’s Large = (11-13) Men’s XL = (13.5 – 16) Women’s Small = (4.5- 6.5) Women’s Medium = (6.5 – 9) Women’s Large = (9.5 – 11.5) We highly recommend the use of a Liquid Shoe Stretch with your boot stretcher. Now you should know how to stretch cowboy boots fast.