how to stretch shoes without a shoe stretcher


The question is how to stretch shoes without a shoe stretcher? They are like your best friends who can make or break your personality. Finding the right pair is as important as finding a good friend. The shoes you wear must be comfortable enough to showcase your true personality and bring out the confidence you that the world can see and admire. The best way to stretch your shoe is to use a shoe stretcher device and or shoe stretching spray, the reason we recommend this is because regular alcohol may stain your shoes and hair dryer and freezer method will take a long time if it even works.

How to stretch shoes without a shoe stretcher?

Getting a right pair of shoe is really difficult and even if you get one there is always a chance that it might stretch and get a size bigger than your original size. Thus getting hold of the right size of foot wear is really important. The various  stretchers are available in the market but if you do not want to use one, there are other ways in which you can stretch your shoes and get a perfect fit.

The question still remains- how to stretch shoes without a shoe stretcher?

Here are some tricks and techniques for stretching out your tight fitted shoes:

  • Wearing your shoes at home, yeah it helps! : You can stretch a new pair easily by walking in your house wearing them. This will lead to an expansion in the right required direction. Remember not to allow others to wear your foot wear, It can lead to improper shoe stretching and this can really become uncomfortable for you.
  • Using mashed potatoes: Potatoes of bigger size can be used to create a small bulge in the shoes which will cause  expansion. The residual portion, if any, the left can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Using a newspaper: Old crumpled wet newspapers can be kept inside the shoes for natural stretching. The newspaper can be taken out once it gets dried up.
  • Filling the boot with oats: You can use oats or any grain that swells up when wet. You can fill in the boot with these grains and let them swell. Wear your  boots later and you are good to go!
  • Heating technique: You can use your hair dryer for expansion. Wear your shoes and use hair dryers on places which are tight fitting and move your feet to and fro for stretching in the right direction. This process must be repeated again and again until you get the right shoe size.
  • Now you should have a good idea how to stretch a shoe without a shoe stretcher.

How to stretch a shoe?

You can also use the right fitting shoes as many brands already have a disclaimer that the shoes will not stretch after you wear them. So selecting the right pair that fits you the best is also important.

Why do you need the right pair of shoes?

The right pair of foot wear can take you to places which you have dreamt of and can act as a personality booster. The only thing you must know are these little comfort hacks with which you can easily get the right comfortable shoes for yourself and you are good to go, on your dream journey!

The little things which our shoes do to us must be highly acknowledged and appreciated as shoes are considered to be mans’ best friend for life. The only requirement for it being amazing for you, is its FIT! I hope this blog was some help to you on how to stretch shoes without a shoe stretcher.


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