The secrets behind how to stretch sneakers


 how to stretch sneakers

How to stretch sneakers-Sneakers are the new style statement in the footwear industry; however, if they do not fit you well then it is a shame. Hence, you should know how to stretch sneakers. Sneakers are generally made of rubber or synthetic material. They are pretty light and comfortable. Most people use them for jogging, walking, etc. But if the sneaker is not fitting you well then it is nothing but a hassle. And you didn’t buy the shoe for discomfort. In most cases, people don’t understand which shoe size they need and end up buying smaller sizes. To put an end to this problem, you must know the way to stretch out sneakers.

The Reason you need to know how to stretch sneakers?

You buy a shoe because you like its style and everything. That’s good, and how far have you considered the shoe for your health? Yes, shoes have a direct impact on your health. If you wear a shoe that doesn’t fit you well, it will because of your foot problems. These foot problems are really painful and be a hassle for you, especially if you have flat feet. Then the chances of you having these foot problems are even more. So don’t take a chance fit up your shoes by knowing how to stretch sneakers.

Advantages of having a comfortable shoe

  • Chances of foot problems will be reduced.
  • Will ensure you better health as your feet support your entire body.
  • Walk more with comfortable shoes and be healthy.
  • Feel less stressed at your feet.

Instruction on how to stretch sneakers

  • Wear a pair of socks, and then spray the inside of the shoe with water, and then rub it with alcohol. Wear the sneaker for 20 minutes thereafter.
  • If your shoe is waterproof and not made of leather, then stuff it with wet towel or newspaper to expand it.
  • Place the shoe in the sun for 20 minutes then wear thick socks and do some exaggerated moves like running, jumping, etc.
  • You can use a hairdryer as an alternative and heat it up and follow the previous procedure.You can use the shoe stretcher from the shoe store or the departmental store for the repairing of your shoe. All you need to do is get the liquid for the shoe stretcher and the shoe stretcher itself. Make sure that the shoe is dry and clean then put the shoe stretcher in. Apply the liquid and let it stretch out. It is the best and the convenient way to stretch out any kind of shoe, even sneakers.


Next time you buy a sneaker will you think of your health? The chances are low. People buy shoes for their taste and style. However, they miss out that feet need to be kept happy or else you will feel the pain of discomfort. So to avoid such circumstances you need not do anything. Buy the shoe you love, the sneaker you need, as now you know the secrets behind how to stretch boots.

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