5 Best Women’s High Heel Shoe Stretcher for 2018!

Are you uncomfortable in your shoes? Then let us help you find the best women’s high heel shoe stretcher on the market for 2018. Now you might think what exactly a stretcher here is referred to and how could it help you in coping the uncomfortable situation. Thoughts and processes are wide to let you know. But the use of shoe stretchers especially for heels is an outstanding way of handling those tight-fitting footwear. In the case of women handling a tight shoe becomes quite pathetic and thus they feel discomfort while walking.

So if you are among those women who have been troubled by tight fitting shoe issue, then stop being troubled. Get up and move ahead to buy yourself a pair of shoe stretchers. They help you, even to stretch out shoes that have been quite old just because you were unable to carry them out for tightness. It has generally been seen among people, who by mistake have bought wrong shoe pair and have found these shoe stretchers to be the right substitute for help.

With the need and demand of users, manufacturers have made genetic structures women’s high heel shoe stretcher. Shoes for women are not always the same structure each time you buy you get to owe something different. Stretcher’s collections are made to follow this trend of patterned shoes in order to develop perfectly suitable one for your shoes. Why waste money in the regular purchase of shoes after an interval. Get these shoe stretchers and make your feet’s comfortable while you walk.

Types of High Heel Shoe Stretchers Available?

The type of heels varies from low to high so as the shape and structure of shoe stretchers vary. Numerous shoe stretchers are seen across being manufactured with wooden, metal, etc. This depends on upon you what you prefer for your shoes. Now you might ask whether these shoe stretchers would be safe for you to use. Then yes, of course, using these shoe stretchers are quite efficient in every term you think. They are safe upon the act of moisture being contained in your shoes whenever your feet’s sweat.

The most adventurous point to locate would be how it resizes your shoe structure to the actual for and makes you feel wide comfort. It has even been a way to reduce a regular visit to shoe stores nearby your house. Now you could use them simply at home. But now the question is which one to choose from? Just you need to know that how many shoe stretchers variations are found along with their features such that your discrimination becomes easier.

  • MARZ ladies high heel, 2-way adjustable shoe stretchers.
  • Foot fitter shoe stretchers for 3 to 6 inches high heels.
  • Premium foot fitter shoes stretcher for high heels.
  • 1 to 3 inches high heel shoe stretchers.
  • 1 Unit adjustable shoe stretchers made up of plastics.
  • 2-way adjustable shoe stretcher from Keven Anna.
  • Aluminum shoe stretcher by professionals especially for high heels.
  • Xinlink shoe stretcher with a 2-way mode.
  • The combination of high heel shoe stretcher along with sprays.

MARZ-2-Way-Stretcher-Best-Shoe-Stretchers MARZ Women’s Shoe Stretchers for High Heels:

If you are searching for women’s shoe stretchers for high heels that can extend both length and width together, then a MARZ is going to be your preferred choice. You might be wondering how. Be it stilettos or any other high heel these two ways shoe stretcher will help you in stretching shoes up to size 4 to 9. Let’s not throw those high heel shoes away and just get a touch-up treatment with these stretchers.

These shoe stretchers are manufactured in a way to support durability for a more extended period. Designers have made use of polyurethane plastics that too being quite tough along with other premium shafts of steels. It enables 4 individual relief plugs for pressure and thus allows your bunions to lose pain immediately after usage at the desired position of discomfort. But suppose in case you demand to have a faster result then you can aim at using a liquid stretcher.

High Heel Shoe Stretcher  Footfitter Women’s Shoe Stretchers for 3 to 6 inches high heels

Some of the women may face trouble across the width of their shoes. Thus getting a reluctant solution simply for the width is impossible. But this collection of foot fitter shoe stretcher is outstanding. You can increase the width of 3 to 6 inches high heels within no time with this stretcher. It, in fact, increases the space within your toe areas. But in case you are looking for a narrow heel stretcher then certainly this is not the one for you.

Now, what feature of this foot fitter is an attraction? As it reveals to support up to 3 inches high heels so, on the other hand, it can even support you with reduction of bunion pains with a three plug support. So if you had been facing pain in your bunions for longer, then please do get a solution for it now. Let your foot’s feel free and comfortable while walking with these foot fitter women’s shoe stretchers.

FootFitter Premium 1-3 High Heel Boot Stretcher Premium footfitter shoe stretchers for high heels boots:

If you possess high heel boots with 1 to 3 inches of heels, then these premium stretchers are the one for you. You know they are reluctantly designed to develop your shoe size. This has been the best solution for your toes.

The design of the heel stretcher has being done with the polished beech woods along with the use of stainless steels. Another form of additional 3-way plugs of a bunion is added to relief you with pain.

Xinlink women’s shoe stretchers for high heels with a 2-way mode:

metal shoe stretchers for high heels shoes In these Xinlink women’s shoe stretchers for high heels, the major specification lies durability and the way of being manufactured. Mainly for them to be durable enough, they are created with polyester plastics along with a steel shaft being attached to it. These steels shafts are much more beneficial for you while you are using this shoe stretcher. They are made to support both the pairs single-handedly. Xinlink can be used as a two-way adjustable mode.

Let your slightly narrow heels shoes be enlarged from now onwards and make yourself feel the high level of comfort. Wearing a tight shoe genuinely makes your toe compressed with pain. This may even give rise pain in your bunions too. So why to be habituated with this pain? Wake up and make use of this one unit shoe stretcher with your shoes such that they can be extended suitably without any pain. You might be more excited by knowing that these pair of shoes is a professional, supportive shoe with the best expander up to 0.5 to 1 cm.

Aluminum shoe stretcher by professionals for women’s shoe stretchers for high heels:

If you are searching for professional ways for your shoe size expander, then an aluminum shoe stretchers are your choice. They are designed with the aim of expanding shoes up to half size along the width and the length. Sometimes some stretchers may fail in resolving issues with two small shoes. Thus, in that case, this Aluminum shoe stretcher by professionals for women’s shoe stretcher for high heels would be the ultimate solution. Avoid painful shoes from now with these aluminum shoe stretchers.

They are made in two ways such that both length and width sides are expanded at the same time as needed. Usually, this has been seen that often people leave their shoes for a long time. In that case, the structure of shoes disappears. Now how could you redesign that actual structure of your shoes? This can be done with this 2-way adjustable stretcher. Being an aluminum material, it may not wear out faster than any other material. Thus they support the high heel shoes ranging between 2 to 6 inches high.

Keven Anna pair for women’s shoe stretchers for high heels:

KevenAnna Pair of Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher Professional 2-Way AdjustableFor ladies shoes, you require a typically professional shoe stretcher. In the classy range of shoe stretchers, these Keven Anna stretchers are the best. They can reliably transform any high heel shoes to their perfect fitting size which used to be. Their manufacturing is done with tough polyurethane plastics such that they can survive for more extended periods. The stainless steel and plating by nickel will allow them to survive for years long. This time is yours to wear your pressure free, comfortable shoes.

A special pressure relief holes of 6 are provided that reduces the bunions and other corns. But for these bunions, the numbers of holes have increased to 12 all for especial areas treatment. In fact, their weight is also quite low to 2.5 pounds that make you easily use them without any disturbance. Probably you can use a size ranging in between 4.5 to 9.5 inches. Its dimensions are made for the perfect stretching activity of length and the width side such that your foot’s move in smoothly without any issue.

Why should you use these shoe stretchers for high heels?

Reasons are many for you to understand why you should use a shoe stretcher but typically some common ones are the highlights. These may genuinely include:

  • First and the foremost task is for resizing your shoes to the actual structure. If suppose you bought shoes and they turn out to be smaller in size then at such time you cannot throw those pairs. Instead, you can choose a shoe stretcher for expansion of size. Often people consider shoe stretchers are meant only for men shoes. But no they can be used even for women.
  • Quite beneficial in preventing moisture. Every time you observe moisture within your shoes then get they prevented using a shoe stretcher. This is also a reason why you should use them. Thus helping you to avoid bad smell.
  • A shoe stretcher for women is not meant for the time being rather they can be used for longer duration. Though being designed from plastic or wood, the chances of wearing out are quite low.


After getting to know all about the best high heel shoe stretcher you might think now where to get them from? Then stop thinking and start your shopping at any shoe store. As long as the shoes are manufactured using plastics you can get them stretched but once they lose their elasticity, it gets certainly difficult for you to expand them even after a long trial.

Now you should know the 5 best women’s high heel shoe stretcher for 2018! Once you are acquainted with this, then you can suitably get your shoes stretched women. So for what are you waiting to get up and rejoice your older shoes with these women shoe stretchers for high heels.


SIR Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip will be the Best Sneakers Ever!!

Why I think the Air Jordan 1 retro high zip will be the Best Sneakers for 2018. Okay, people let’s reminisce remember back in the day when used to watch the same movie over and over again? Well, I did that a lot to a nice handful of films. One of those movies was a movie called like Mike. And I swear to you I have seen that movie at least 47 times. It was heartwarming it was gut-wrenching it was funny it made me cry it had everything and it to be a great movie.

Why I want the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip so bad?

But let me tell you what the number one best part of that whole movie that changed my life forever was. When he was on the basketball court, and he looked down at his shoes and started tying his shoes, and he whispered the most iconic phrase of all time. Life changing stuff. He said, ” Make Me Like Mike.” It was he said that that made me want to get a pair of Jordans so fast so I can look down and talk to my shoes too.

I know deep down inside I still feel that dream inside myself. To get on the basketball court talk to my shoes and then suddenly I turn into MJ. Now I know what some of you guys may be thinking. So that’s a dead dream give it up, give it up. And even if you are correct, I’m still going to try my best, and the first step in trying my best is to invest in these beautiful Mica Green Air Jordan Retro high zip Ones. The Beige with bronze accent jordans been out for some time now, but I can’t wait to hold the Mica Green ones in my hand.

Jordan Nike Women’s Air 1 High Zip Basketball Shoe

Jordan Nike Women's Air 1 High Zip Basketball Shoe beige colorColor: Particle Beige/Mtlc Red Bronze


Rubber sole

The usual lace-up closure has been replaced with a distinct gold zipper to bring a touch of high fashion to these casual classics

Encapsulated Air-Sole units keep the heels secure and cushioned

Tumbled leather upper

Bronze hardware accents

Air Jordan 1 Retro High-top Zip Basketball Sneakers (Black Leather) Air Jordan One Retro High-top Zip Basketball Shoe (Black Leather)

Black leather with white rubber sole. A distinct gold zipper replaces the lace up feature to give it more class and casual look. Encapsulated Air-Sole units keep the heels secure and cushioned black leather upper with gold hardware accents.

Why I love the Suede Leather of the Air Jordan One Retro

Well, to be honest, I don’t think these shoes are necessary for be balling because they are made out of suede instead of the original lever leather that all the other shoes are in. So I guess it’s more of a dressy going out shoes and stuff like that but at the same time if I could choose one shoe to Revere if we live my dream it would be these right here.

Because one because they made out of suede they feel way more comfortable on the inside you put it in it’s like the perfect fit and its kind of like you put in clouds on your feet Hallelujah. It also has no strings so you can’t tie the shoe but what you can do is zip it up that’s why I said it’s more for a dressy then on the playground. But the craziest thing they did to this issue as they took off the swoop/Nike swoosh. So that leads me to think is it a true Jordan one without the swish I’m not sure I feel like it might be a Jordan 1.7 instead.

So if I was given this sneaker a rating, I think I would give it a solid 8.6. Because the sway is terrific the color scheme looks nice, the zipper, no shoe strings is a nice little touch. The Comfort levels of all-time high. Is there a this is 9.5 of 9.6 type of shoe, but what makes it at 8.66 instead of that it is missing the most iconic symbol that has ever been placed on the face of a sneaker. The shoes are still reasonable price at $150, and it’s still a high-quality Jordan if you were a one collector I will say that you can add the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip to your collection and you can say that it is the only Jordan one that is missing the Nike check on the side. Oh, but don’t worry I’m sure it can still make you like Mike. God bless the ones.

Air-Jordan-1-High-Zip-Mica-Green-AQ3742-305-Release-Date Air Jordan One Retro High Zip
Release Date: May 18th, 2018
Color: Mica Green/Sail-Metallic Red Bronze

How I found the Best Dress Shoes for Bunions

Dress Shoes for Feet with Bunions

I know bunions can be a nagging problem, and it happens for the deformity at the joint, which occurs at the base of the toe. If you want to buy the best dress shoes for bunions, then you can surely need to look here online. I will show you plenty of shoes, which you can reasonably price and you will find them online. These shoes are fabulous and also will help you to get rid of your toe problem.

Fashionable shoes for bunions relief:

If you have a problem with bunions and you think that you will not be able to buy any stylish shoes for that category, then you are wrong. There are plenty of shoes which will fit your feet. There are shoes for different purposes. You can use the some of those stylish shoes for walking, some of them for running. Some of the fashionable shoes are there which you can wear with the party wear. So, when you are talking about the options of stylish shoes for the people who are affected with bunions, there are plenty of opportunities to look for.

Different Brands of  dress shoes for bunions

People with bunions use mainly four types of shoes.

  • Mary Jane shoes
  • Clogs
  • Stretch shoes
  • Shoes with rocker bottom

Mary Jane shoes:

Women who have bunions usually use this kind of shoe and have been doing this for a long time. This type of footwear can be considered as one of the traditional and extremely popular forms of shoes used by a female. When you buy Mary Jane shoe, you will get the best amount of comfort, and at the same time, this shoe is compact. How to wear Mary Jane? You can use it for casual wear, and at the same time, you can also wear it when you are at work depending on the setting.


When you are searching for a comfortable shoe for those people who have bunions, then clogs can be an excellent choice for them. The simple design of the shoe makes it a perfect choice for those who stand or walk for a long time due to their profession. Often it is used by the nurses in the hospital. This kind of shoe does not have the extra amount of cushioning. Due to this reason, this shoe will not be perfect for those who need shoes for running. However, for a long time standing or walking this shoe is perfect.

Stretch Shoes:

When you talk about the best shoes for the people with bunions, then stretch shoes can be an excellent option because in these shoes you will be able to find out the best insole which is stretchable and this is why it is much more comfortable for those people who feel pain for the bunions. You can efficiently use these shoes in your workplace, and even if you wear this shoe for the longest time at your workplace, you will feel extremely comfortable.

Shoes with rocker bottom:

When you are thinking of purchasing a perfect shoe to avoid your problem of bunions while running around this kind of shoe will just be the best option that you can go for. You will be able to get the extra amount of cushioning with these shoes. So, when you are running these shoes tend to stretch your feet forward, and this is why you will find it comfortable to wear them if you have bunions on your feet.

Best sneakers for bunion and wide feet:

There is no doubt about the fact that when you are thinking of purchasing the shoes for the people with bunions you should always go for any of the type mentioned above. Now, when you are buying footwear, you will be able to get plenty of options to choose from. So, you will have enough opportunities to purchase for. The shoes will be fashionable even if those will have more massive feet. Wide feet shoe will ensure that you will get utmost comfort while wearing them.

Best heels for bunions

It is true that when you have a bunion problem, sometimes you give more pressure on the heels while walking, standing or running. So, you will require shoes with the best heels. The amount of extra cushioning with the shoe in the heel position will just be perfect. You should go for the softer but stylish shoes, which will provide better comfort to the feet of the users.

Search through online:

There are plenty of shoe models available online which will suit the feet of those people who have bunions. You will find plenty of reputed manufacturers of shoes with such stylish options. You can search through online in the various retail stores for such shoes. You will get options for both men and women with different style and pattern. You will get ample amount of designs as well. There is no doubt about the fact that when you search thoroughly, you will be able to get some of the best shoes online.

Some of the best shoes are given below:

  • Orthofeet Wichita
  • Propet Olivia
  • RYKA Dash
  • Orthofeet Springfield
  • Orthofeet Avery Island
  • Propet Max Strap
  • Models from New Balance

There are plenty of other options also which will be perfect for you if you have problems with bunions. When you search online, you will find a lot of shoes which will suit your budget as well. In the online retail stores, you can get plenty of fashionable looking shoes within the different price range. So, it is quite sure that you will be able to purchase some of the footwear with the best amount of comfort within the scope of your pocket. You will get plenty of options. It will not only be comfortable to wear for you, but at the same time, it will give you relief from the pain of bunions.

So, if you have the problem with bunions, you need not worry about purchasing the perfect shoe for you. If you go to this website, you will find plenty of best dress shoes for bunions, which will be helpful for you to wear the boots for the longest time without any problem.

Ball and Ring Bunion Shoe Stretcher!

ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher

A bunion is a very nagging problem, and you will surely want to get relief from it by using a ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher. If you need to stretch one particular spot of the shoe, then this can be considered as one of the best solutions that you can choose. People with the problems of bunions, hammertoes, corns, etc. this solution can work as a permanent solution.

FootFitter Cast Iron Ball & Ring Bunion Stretcher Spot Stretching Device sale button                              ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher

How to use?

You can use this stretcher in your way, but it will always be recommended to leave it overnight. Then there will be a higher chance to get the best result. With the stretcher, you will be able to stretch any particular spot of the shoe. You will be able to extend the toe space of any leather shoe by the use of this stretcher. The front corners can also be stretched quite easily with the help of this stretcher. There is only one size with this stretcher, but it will be fit with any size of shoes.bunion shoe stretcher

Why Footfitter ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher?

  • This stretcher is made of heavy-duty iron steel. This is why this is extremely durable.
  • The ball end is relatively small with this stretcher, and this is why it will reach any small corner spot of the shoes and will be able to stretch the leather.
  • This stretcher is not only useful for the people who suffer from bunions, but at the same time, ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher helps to solve any problem which you face while wearing a shoe and not getting proper space for the feet to keep when you are walking.
  • If you feel any pain with the new stylish shoe which is not fitting with your feet correctly, this stretcher can help you a lot to get rid of it.

How to get a quick result?

When you face various problems regarding pain in the feet because of the non-fitted shoes, then this stretcher is going to help you a lot to get a quick result. Some of the users have obtained favorable results within hours. The best thing about this stretcher is that you will be able to stretch the particular spot of the shoe correctly within a short time, and this is why when next time you will wear the boot you will get rid of the problem what you were experiencing last time.

Where can you buy it online?

If you want to buy a ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher, you can quickly do that online. You will get enough availability of this product. Along with that quick shipping will also be assured. If you want to purchase the same spending the right amount of money you can always search for the perfect price of the stretcher online. You can buy this from the best online retail stores on which you have faith regarding the amount.

Overall, it can surely be said that when you are searching for a stretcher to get rid of bunion problem, the ball and ring bunion shoe stretcher is one of the best options which you can purchase.