How to Use Shoe Stretching Tools and Where to Find Them


shoe stretchingWhen you buy a pair of shoes and the look like fit perfectly, that is the best feeling in the world. But later in the day when you feet are very large, you find that the shoes did not fit perfectly like the first time you bought them. This is why you need shoe stretching tools that will make sure your shoes are a good fit again.

The Usage of Shoe Stretching Tools

There are a couple of reasons why many people need to use shoe stretching tools such as you can shrink your shoes, can swell your feet, two sizes can be landed because a couple of other imperfections can make your shoes hurt. Your life can be horrible when your shoes hurt. Fortunately, there are a couple of shoe stretching tools which can help you solve you a couple of these problems and you can get your shoes back with more comfortable feeling. The length and width of your shoes can be expanded by using these tools. For this case, it is better for you to purchase a two-way shoe stretcher. A couple of those tools also feature little holes that have been built on them. You can insert the plug into the holes that will stretch the shoes in a couple of problem areas, such as where pinching shows up or where a bunion or a corn occurs.

Shoe stretching tools will work well for leather, suede, and a couple of other natural materials. Shoe stretchers do not work well on vinyl as the material does not fit to be stretched by the tools. For those of you who have shoes which are too tight, shoe stretchers are also perfect in order to break them. Or you can also expand the shoes which are close to the perfect size. For example, for those of you who are looking to stretch the size of your shoes 7 to a size 9, you have to purchase a new shoe, so you do need to use a shoe stretcher.

Different Kinds of Shoe Stretching Tools

Shoe stretching tools are purchased usually as singles. They will stretch both of your rights and left shoe, even though they stretch is at the same time. There are a couple of different shoe stretching tools which are made for high heels, flats, boots, and a couple of other certain kinds of footwear. You have to make sure that you are purchasing the proper shoe stretchers that you will use for a long time period. Shoe stretchers are usually sold in size ranges of women or men. For instance, size ranges of 6 up to 8 for men shoe there are also shoe stretchers which can be used in order to stretch different spots of your shoe. Width and length of your shoes will be stretched by a two-way shoe stretcher. Meanwhile, in step or vamp stretcher will lift the section of the shoe which places on the top of your foot. If you want to provide more height for your toes, toe stretchers will be the perfect tool in order to lift the shoe’s toe box. There are also a couple of boot stretchers which will help stretch the shaft of a boot that will make more spacious for your legs.

How to Apply Shoe Stretching Tools

When it comes for you to use shoe stretching tools, you will have to ask how to use specific stretchers, but normally, you will have to use a shoe stretching spray or liquid. The material will be helped to be saturated by this, and the show stretcher is allowed to work better. You can follow the instructions after you purchase the products but you have to consider that one product has different instruction. The shoe stretchers should be inserted into the shoes and make sure that the shoe expands before they will be inserted. In order to start to stretch the shoe, you have to turn the knob. The stretcher will have to be left at least overnight and often for 24 up to 28 hours. If you leave the stretcher for the longer time, your shoes will stretch more so it is better for you to try to stretch your shoes for a shorter time period because if your shoes are too loose, they do not feel right for you either.

It is easy to stretch your shoes, but you have to take some practices in order to get used to the entire process. First of all, you can practice by using a useless pair of shoes that you do not wear anymore because it will ruin those shoes by overstretching them. Or you can also contact the shop of shoe repair if you are doubtful to stretch your shoes alone. You will make them happy in order to stretch your shoes. A couple of certain products or shoe stretchers may also be able to be recommended by them for the type of shoes that you have to stretch. A local shoe repair shop can be tried, or even you can also go to a shoe store for stretching fluid and shoe stretchers. There are a couple of online shops that you can visit in order to get these products. is one of the best online shops which have a couple of shoe and boot stretchers such as shaft stretchers, toe lift, and vamp stretchers. also has a couple of different styles of shoe stretchers such as one type that can be used for flats and high heels and also styles for shoes for women and men. This website also offers a couple of other shoe and foot care products. Joe’s Shoe service is also another best site that you visit for those of you who need shoe stretching tools. In this website, you can find a couple of types of shoe stretching tools that are perfect in order to stretch your shoes and boots easily. You can also find a couple of shoe stretching spray and fluid.

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