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The shoes tree is a type of device shaped like foot which is kept inside the shoe to maintain its shape and prevent any wrinkle or cracking on it, thus increasing the durability of the shoe and it also used to maintain the size of shoes because it gets contracted and dry out if not used for a long time. Shoe tree is made of solid wood (generally cedar), hard plastic or metal.

Different types of shoes tree

Usually three types of shoes tree are available in the market with different quality and price. The cheapest are wooden types without a full heel, mid-range is the fully articulated type with ventilation hole to facilitate moisture evaporation, the highest range and most costly are lasted shoe trees. According to design two types of the shoe tree is available one is the split-toe type and another one is the fully solid-toe type. The front part of split-toe type is tapered shaped like the front half of most shoes.

Which type is suitable for you?

The main functional difference between the types is between the split toe and solid-toe type. Split toe variety is more adjustable because width in this type can be adjusted with a knob or lever. Thus can be used with wide range of shoes wherein solid-toe the width cannot be adjusted as width is fixed. If you have non-standard shoe width then you must use split type. At present shoe tree made of plastic is also available in the market it can be used if you want light weight ones because it will be easier to travel with. But a cedar shoe has more advantage over plastic ones because of its scent and ability to absorb moisture.

Who can use it?

Everyone who takes care of their shoes can buy this device as it is available in market at different price range. Many people think that shoe tree is used by rich people for very expensive shoes but it is wrong fact.

Reasons for using

Main benefits of using shoe trees are as follows:

  • Original shape and structure of shoes are maintained: Regular use of shoe trees prevents the formation of a crack, wrinkling or curling and if cracking occurs it is in fact delayed. The shape of leather is maintained as the tension remains constant. So if shoes are kept unused it shrinking occurs but if the device is used it gets prevented.
  • Preventing moisture build up: another great reason for using this device is that it absorbs moisture. As you know everyone’s feet perspires and the amount is almost one-eighth of a cup every day. This moisture building up is absorbed by the lining of the shoe causing discomfort and at the same time degrading the quality of leather. Thus the life of shoes gets decreased. Wooden shoes tree absorbs moisture produced thus preventing deterioration of the leather and increasing the life of shoes.
  • The aroma of cedar wood deodorizes the shoe naturally: The bad odors produced by bacterial activity due to perspiration get reduced because of the powerful aromatic scent of the cedar wood.
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