Using a Steel Toe Boot Stretcher to Stretch Your Boots

Using a Steel Toe Shoe Stretcher to stretch your BootsEver wondered what a steel toe boot stretcher is and what it is used for? If you are someone who has used steel-toed boots or shoes in the past, then you will need no one to tell you that there is nothing in the market that is sturdier than and as protective as them. When it comes to footwear, there is nothing else that can offer more strength and security than steel-toed shoes. And it’s not just limited to their sturdiness or the amount of force that they possess.

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Can You Stretch out Steel-toed Boots?

These types of shoes are also very varied in terms of use. You will soon find that you can wear these boots in all types of environments for all kinds of tough jobs. Sure, you won’t find as much comfort as you would have to wear a leather boot, but the thing is they provide a reasonable amount of support. The problem that you will soon face with steel cap boots, however, is that of growing pain and uncomfortable. The steel which can protect your toes from harm can also be unforgiving in terms of comfort.

How to Stretch Out Steel Toe Boots?

There are plenty of things you can do to make your experience with steel-toed shoes much better. For instance, you can always go for a pair of shoes which have plenty of room inside. You can also wear thick socks to cushion up the pain. Getting shoe-inserts is also one way of getting around the problem. But is there no other way to do this other than taking precautions? Yes, there is one. You can always use a steel toe shoe stretcher to stretch your boots so that they fit in perfectly.

Now, before using such a stretcher, there are quite a lot of things that you need to know about your shoe that is a misfit by nature. The very first thing you need to know is what material the boots are made of. That is a necessary thing to know because your stretcher will be selected accordingly. After that, you will also need to know which way your boots are feeling snug – on the length or the width. Usually, people use a steel toe boot stretcher to stretch the shoes on the width.

What is a Steel-toe Boot Stretcher?

When it comes to boots, there have probably been numerous occasions when you end up buying a pair of boots that do not fit your size. So what do you do then? Do you throw the shoes away? Of course not. You can always try several methods of making the boots stretch so that they are comfortable enough for wearing. This includes wearing them more often, putting them in boiling water for allowing them to expand, placing freezing water inside the boots to stretch them and several other things like that.

What you can also do instead of going through all the above trouble is to make use of a device called a shoe stretcher simply. As the name suggests, it

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is simply a mechanical device that can be used to stretch the boots to the width or length that you want to. This works for leather boots and other materials as well. But you need a special device for a boot that has a steel toe. That is what a steel-toed stretcher is. If you have any boot with-out a steel toe, you can use this device to stretch the portion of the toe length-wise or breadth-wise.

How to Use a Steel Toe Boot Stretcher?

Using a stretcher is pretty straight forward in nature.

  • What you need to do is to first insert the stretcher into the boot that you are going to stretch. Keep in mind that you have to insert it in the way you want to stretch the boot: lengthwise or breadthwise. Some stretchers are capable of stretching the boot in only one way. So make sure that you know what kind of stretcher you have bought for yourself. You will also need to recognize which way your boots need to stretch. Doing that is extremely important and wearing your boots is the only way to recognize that.
  • After inserting the stretcher into the shoe, you then have to set the size up to which you want the boot to stretch. Usually, a steel stretcher can stretch the portion of the shoe from a size to neither an EE with nor problems. This is something that differs from stretcher to stretcher, so don’t take any final word for it.
  • Once you have set the stretcher to the size you want it to stretch in, you have to turn the lever so that the stretching can actually take place. This will take some effort because steel is not that easy to expand. After successfully stretching the boot, keep it that way for around 24-48 hours. That should do the trick.

Where to Find Steel-toe Cap Stretchers?

You can find this type of stretchers in shoe stores themselves. They can provide them to you at cheap rates. If you can’t find them there, you can always go online to look for them. There are tons of online retails stores out there on the internet who sell such stretchers. You will find a lot of variety in them as well. Ranging from the ones that expand lengthwise to the ones that expand breadth-wise, you will find them all online.

This is basically everything you need to know about a steel toe stretcher. Using it is pretty straight forward in nature, and the results are also very effective. Finding it can be a tricky thing to do. When using it, just remember the above-mentioned things and keep them in your mind. The next time you buy a pair of steel-toed boots and need to fit them to your size, you will have to follow the above instructions. You can consider this as a full guide to buying and using a steel toe boot stretcher properly.

Know How to Stretch Work Boots Easily!

timberland work boots how to stretch work boots

Work boots are one of the many important things that you need in life. Your favorite and necessary boots can become tight after some time, and you should know how to stretch work boots. Work boots are great, and every working human has at least a couple of pair. But there are times when your feet can’t fit into the shoes, and you don’t want to let your favourite shoe go. So there is the only way, and it is to get them stretched. You can use different techniques to do so.

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Why your work boots are tight?

Boots either work or normal ones can get tight at any time without any prior indication so you should be aware of knowing how to stretch work boots. There are many reasons for your boots getting tight. They can be tight because:

  • Your feet are swelling
  • The leather is shrinking
  • Wrong fit or shoe size

If you don’t understand that the boots are tight or unfit, you can follow the common indicators to this problem. The problems which can tell you that the shoe is unfit are common like foot pain. If you are feeling extreme pain in sole and hardness at the sole, it could be because of the unfit boot. The tightness of the shoe all over your feet also indicates wrong shoe size or shape. When your ankles are rubbed against the back of your shoe in every step, it is probably because of the bad shoe.

Sometimes if the work boots are of pure leather, the weather conditions may affect the stuff, and they may not be fit for wearing further. So you should be aware of the different techniques on how to stretch work boots. The work boots are made of leather, so you need to take special care of them while the weather is changing or when they are left carelessly. So it you should be careful with your work boots.

Home remedies for your rescue

If in case your work boots have become too tight to step in then there are remedies you can try, and also there are boot stretchers that you can buy from any footwear store. These boot stretchers are easy to use, and the manual will guide you on how to stretch work boots. If you don’t want to go on the stretcher, then there are a few remedies you can try simply at your home.

  • Broom or Mop Treatment
  • Treating with hot water
  • Try cold water with tight boots
  • Using oil or grease

Always remember that boots usually don’t fit just after you buy them. They take some time to get adjusted with your foot. So don’t go for new boots urgently else you will end up have foot problems like blisters, pain or cuts. When you are going for home remedies for your work boots, the best you can try is the mop or broom. You can insert some mop or broom handle and shake it a little hard to make the space. This is the most common way when somebody is struggling over how to stretch work boots.

Stretchers are also helpful and instant solution

If the boots are not of leather, then you can try the water treatment as well. If your shoes guarantee water proof material, then only you should try this method. You can immerse your work boots in warm water for half an hour and then dry them up by putting your feet in them with socks on. This will help in stretching them to a fair amount that your feet can break in. Similarly, the cold water treatment is done. You have to fill the boots with zipper bags rather than putting your feet in. This method is also helpful. If nothing works then oiling your shoes is the only last thing you can do at home.

There are boot stretchers also available in the market which shows how to stretch work boots easily and without any hassle. There are different boot stretchers. The two way boot stretcher with three plugs and a single stretcher prove helpful when your feet are too big for the shoe. The stretcher works fine for both the shoe in the pair. You can also use a stretcher spray for better results.

The one-way stretcher works the same as two way stretcher with the only difference that it widens at oppressive angles. Your feet will finally be able to breathe in your shoe when you use this stretcher. There are specialised stretchers for your beautiful heels. This stretcher is 2-way and also adjustable. Heels can cause more pain to your crumbling toes so now you can widen your shoe from the end and let your toes move freely and happily.

Stretching especially the toe area

The toe box lifter type stretchers work too good with the work boot. The boot stretchers are made up of metal for better mechanism and also have some locking technique for proper stretching of the boots. With these stretchers, you can get 5″ off your shoes and stretch them with the desired width. In some boots only the toe portion is tight so you can work on it with the help of this stretcher and the stretcher works fine on the toe part of your boot. There are stretchers for hiking boots or trekking boots as well.

When you are going to select any boots for your work to make sure they are comfortable enough as you need to wear them all the day. It ‘s nice to buy your shoes after the whole day walk and run so that you should know the perfect size of your shoe. Sometimes it may be possible that your shoe size lies between two sizes then you can use the shoe mentioned above stretchers for your help.

Everyone should have the idea on how to stretch work boots because you may need the remedies at any time or for anyone. So it is better that you know how to deal with your shoes.