Best Leather shoe stretcher

Leather Shoe Stretcher



Material Suitability, Shoe stretcher best works with suede, leather and other materials which are natural. Leather shoe stretcher is mostly used with formal shoes, as formal shoes are mostly made of leather. The degree or amount of stretching depends upon the material it is made of. Some materials like synthetic, fabrics, etc. does not have good stretching ability. Shoe stretchers are best suitable for expanding shoes which are almost close to the right size as overstretching may damage shoes.Leather shoe stretcher


How to use leather shoe stretcher

While buying a shoe stretcher, you may want to know how to use them. Generally, a shoe stretching spray is needed other than the device. The liquid helps to saturate the material like leather or suede, which helps in a better stretching. You need to identify the area where stretching is required. The following steps are followed for stretching:

  • Insert the stretchers into your shoes and turn the handle so as to provide pressure inside shoes and you can identify the amount of pressure required by looking at the surface.
  • Use the shoe stretcher spray if required and wait till it is absorbed.
  • If stretcher is a two-way type, then you can adjust the width by turning the knob provided for lateral stretching.
  • It is advised to keep stretchers inside your shoe for overnight to get the best result.
  • Finally, remove the stretcher and your shoe is ready for use.
  • Thus using leather shoe stretcher you can increase comfort for your feet and can concentrate on your work.