Everything you will ever need to know about stretching boots calf

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If you want to know all about stretching boots calf, then you have come to the right place. Have you ever felt the displeasure of buying your favorite pair of shoes only to come home and find that they do not fit as well as they should? If you have, then you will know that most of the times, it is not possible to get a refund from the shop.

Stretching boots calf, Best shoe stretching site in New York City, NYSo what alternative are you left with? Can you just leave the shoe as it is and not wear it for the rest of your life? You can’t right? Thus you need to come up with a way for boot stretching and making them come to the correct size for you to wear comfortably.

Now there are several methods of going about doing this. These methods can be classified into these main categories:

  • Using a boot stretcher.
  • Using home based methods.
  • Getting a cobbler’s help.

To be fair, getting the services of a cobbler is pretty similar to using a boot stretcher to stretch your shoes because the cobbler will do the same thing for doing the job. So the better option is to get a stretcher yourself and use it in your own way according to your own needs. Home based methods are always the most preferable ones, so here are a few of them.

Stretching boots calf at Home

Using Freezing Methods for stretching boots

This is one of the most effective methods of getting your shoes or boots stretched to the amount you please. Do keep in mind that just because it can expand your footwear, it does not mean you can do it to indefinite amounts. Usually, most stretching methods will not work for more than a single size. So keep that in mind.

Regardless, this method goes about stretching boots by harnessing the natural expanding nature of water when frozen. If you paid attention in science class, this should be nothing new to you. Water on temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius expands in volume. How this property is put to use should be obvious by now.

  • You will need a plastic re-sealable bag or two for this one. Fill these two bags partially with water and squeeze out all the air before sealing it.
  • Use a bag that can fit properly into the shoes you are trying to stretch. Plastic bags work best in such cases, especially ones which have higher volume capacity.
  • Also make sure that the bag you are using is compatible with freezer use because otherwise, it may break later on when stored in the fridge and even worse, when put inside your shoes.
  • After filling up, place these bags into the area of the shoe you intend to stretch. For instance, if you want to stretch the shoe, put the bags in and tilt it forward as much as possible.
  • After completing the above procedures, put the boots with the bags inside them within the freezer and leave them there for 8 to 12 hours at a stretch. The expansion of water will cause the boot to push outwards, thus stretching it.
  • After taking the shoes out of the freezer, leave it that way for around 20 minutes or so. This will let the ice melt away without causing any damage to the boot. Instantly pulling the bags out may cause some severe damage, so beware.
  • Once done with all the above processes, remove the boots from the freezer and try them on. If you do not feel any noticeable differences between the sizes before and after, you can try the whole thing again.

And that is how you can use the force of expanding water in order to stretch your boots to the extent you want them to.

how to use a shoe stretcher stretching bootsUsing the best boot stretching spray

Another method you can look towards for stretching your shoes and boots is using stretching sprays or liquids. It is best if you can buy a specialized stretching spray from the market. However, if you cannot find one for yourself, there is another alternative to that as well. You can simply make one for yourself at home.

The way you can do this is by mixing rubbing alcohol with water in a 50-50 proportion. Sometimes, stretching sprays can have different concentrations as well. But most of the times, the proportions are half and half. The thing about these sprays is that even if you do not get an increase in size, the shoe is considerably elasticized.

  • The first thing that you want to do when trying to stretch a shoe using a stretching liquid is to prepare a work surface for yourself. Otherwise if there is a spill, you will have more of a mess rather than a solution.
  • Secondly, you will probably want to try out the liquid on a particular part of the shoe before using it fully. You can do so on the heels of the boot or on the inside lip. Apply a small portion of the liquid and wait to have it dried out. If there is a stain on it, use a different liquid or a stretching technique.
  • If you feel that the liquid is compatible with the material of your shoe, then go ahead and trying it on. Make sure that you apply the liquid on the tighter spots of the shoe and the areas surrounding it. Do this until the material looks as wet as possible.
  • Also note that you can use the spray on the inside or on the outside. Either way, the shoe will stretch no matter what. If there is too much liquid on the surface, use a cloth to wipe away the excess liquid.
  • Also put on some thick pair of socks when trying the shoes out after applying the spray. Basically, try and make your feet as bulky as you possibly can. Do keep in mind the abrasive nature of your shoes. Too much pressure can destroy the material.
  • After you are done, walk around in the boots and see if they are still flexible or not. Wear them for as long as possible. This will only maximize the amount of stretching that you will get in the shoes.
  • If however, the boots are still causing pain and aches to your foot, you probably need the aid of a boot stretcher for boot stretching. This works best when combined with a stretching spray.

When using this method, do keep in mind that it will not work for boots which are made of synthetic or vice versa. Also check for special instructions in relation to the spray that you are using. Also, dilute the alcohol as much as possible in order to avoid abrading the material of the boot.

Hair Dryer Method stretching boots

Just like expansion of water can be used for stretching your boots, the expanding nature of hot air can also be used in a similar fashion. This method is more suited to those who want to make their boots more comfortable. It is not good for people who want to stretch the shoe to a completely new size.

Just like all the previous methods, make sure that you are wearing some thick socks. Just like the previous methods, the idea is to make your feet as bulky as possible. So here are the instructions that you will need to follow in order to get your boots feel as much comfortable as they possibly can.

  • You will obviously need a hair dryer for this, so turn it on first. Then aim it at the portion of the shoe which needs to be stretched. Do make sure that you hold the dryer around 10 cm away from the surface of the boot and keep it turned on for only a few seconds.
  • Try moving your foot inside the boot as much as possible. Curl it and squirm it around, stretching your toes in the process. This will obviously help to expand the different parts of the boot, especially the ones where the hair dryer has been pointed at.
  • One thing that you will notice is that the socks you are wearing will serve more than just one purpose. Not only will they help you make your foot bulky, they will also help you protect your foot from the heat of the hair dryer.
  • The next thing that you probably want to do is to wear these boots for as long as they are warm. They will be easier to stretch and expand when they are in their warmest state. Trying flexing your fingers when walking around.
  • Test this entire procedure with different pairs of socks. Thicker it is, the better. Hence a lot of trial and error is necessary. Once you find the perfect fit however, try to stick with it and repeat the entire process as many times as possible.
  • You can also try out creams for leather conditioning. While this is an optional step, it is always helpful if you do it. The heat from the hair dryer causes the leather to dry up and hence it becomes brittle. So you can apply a leather conditioner on the shoe later on in order to prevent such a thing from happening.

Do keep in mind however that there is no need to use it for synthetic material like vinyl or anything else which is similar.

Handling stretching boots

Now there are certain things which you can do when stretching boots. These help make sure that you can avoid ruining your boots in the process of stretching them, thus ensuring that you do not have to get new ones for yourself immediately. Here mentioned are some of those things.

  • Avoiding Wetness


There may be several people who recommend you to soak your leather boots in order to get them to stretch faster. While it may work in some cases, you can be sure that the material of the shoe will definitely get damaged in the long run.

Not only that, it will probably shrink back to the original size after it has dried off. So when using the freezer method, make sure that the bags are tight and can hold the water inside. If it spills, you may have to go through tons of trouble to get rid of the wetness.

  • Avoid High Temperatures


Another thing that you need to keep in mind when stretching your boots by the hair dryer method is to avoid exposing them to high temperatures. This is because the material can get extremely weakened thus causing permanent damage.

Thus, the best thing to do in such a scenario is to let the shoes dry naturally rather than exposing them to too much heat. Doing so can once again cause the shoes to shrink in size. At the end of the day, moderation is key and it is something which you must take care of.

  • Don’t Force stretching boots

Last but not the least, make sure that you avoid forcing your feet into a boot that just does not fit you. No matter what stretching methods you apply, sometimes, a shoe may not increase to the size you want it to. In such a scenario, don’t try and walk it off. It will only cause further pain and damage to your ligaments.

Instead, try for better alternatives like using a shoe stretcher and a shoe stretching spray. These usually tend to have permanent consequences as far as the shoe itself is concerned. Alternatively, you can also try to get the help of a cobbler to get the job done.

Stretching boots for Bunions

There are also a lot of people who go for stretching boots in order to hide or safeguard their bunions. Do not worry about this either. There are tons of ways for stretching out shoes for hiding bunions, all of which make sure that you do not damage your footwear in the process. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

  • Use Quality Stretchers

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As mentioned before, mismatching shoe sizes can be a real issue when purchasing new footwear for yourself. Your feet can easily get swollen and your bunions injured if you the shoes are too tight or if you do not pay the required amount of attention to the size. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of quality stretchers in the market for you to use.

These items work best with shoes made out of soft and elastic materials like leather and suede. You won’t find much use out of them with materials like vinyl because of their brittle nature. Also do some research regarding the kind of shoe stretcher that you are going to buy for yourself.

  • Using Thick Socks               


Another thing that you can do in order to stretch your shoes for your bunions is to use socks which are as thick as possible. In fact, you can use 2-3 different layers of socks on top of one another to gain the same effect. Squeezing in your feet will be hard but it will definitely be worth all the effort.

  • Extensive Use of stretching boots


Using your new shoes for extensive periods of time is also something you can do for stretching out your bunions. Use them regularly in your home for as much as possible before it begins to hurt. Don’t overdo it though since it can cause severe aches as well. Other than that, it is a simple process and it is efficient if done right.

  • Using Household Items


Although it may see funny, but there are tons of household equipment which can be used for stretching boots in an effective manner. These include potatoes, oats, wet newspapers etc. For example, you can take a big potato or oat piece which is equal to your shoe’s size and fit it inside for a night or two. The change in size should be evident the next morning.

The wet newspaper is also a great tool for achieving a similar result. You can probably guess how to make it work. Whatever be the process, both the above methods can ensure that your shoes for bunions become large enough for your feet to fit inside. Just make sure that the shape of the shoe is not distorted when leaving the newspaper inside.

  • Professional Shoemakers


If you have tried all of the above methods and not found success with either one, then there is always another way for stretching boots use a calf boot stretcher. Basically, if you are having too much trouble with doing it yourself, you can always take the help of a professional shoemaker.

After all, if your shoes are really expensive, do you want to risk ruining them permanently by trying to experiment around with them? No right? This is why hiring some help can be an investment that is well worth it. More often than not, they will get the job done without doing any damage to your shoes whatsoever.

boot calf stretcherStretching boots shaft

Tall leather boots are something which rarely go out of style. But the problem with such boots is that they do not fit the calve sizes of all women. Boots which do not have any zippers such as cowboy and riding boot styles more often than not require a bit of stretching on a gradual basis using newspapers or any of the items mentioned above.

Some of the things that you will probably need for stretching boots shaft are as follows:

  • Newspapers/Paper Towels
  • Cloth Towels
  • Wood dowel
  • Leather stretching liquid
  • Plastic bag

First thing is first – You need to spray the insides and parts of the outsides with the stretching spray in an even manner. Doing so loosens the grip between the fibre molecules and makes stretching extremely easy. Make a tight roll from a newspaper which can barely fit into the boot.

Avoid using coloured newspapers since the colour can transfer onto the boots and that is something you will be desperate to avoid at all costs. Alternatively, you can also use cloth made towels or wooden dowels in place of a newspaper as well. Make use of the plastic bag to slide these items into the boot.

Once inside, let the boot dry off for a couple of days. Repeat this entire process a couple of times before you get the stretching boots to expand to the extent that you want. You can also use chunks of wood if the boot is equipped with shaped calves. Just make sure that you wrap the chunks of wood with a cloth in order to prevent making a hole in the leather.

women’s boot stretcherStretching cowboy boots 

Cowboy boots are also a pretty well know design of boots, most of which are prevalent in the western regions of the world. Using cowboy boot stretchers for vamp or width is also something that you should probably know about. Here is how you can do so.

  • A boot stretcher will probably have a long handle coming out of it from the rear end allowing for access to all the stretching mechanisms of the stretcher.
  • Use this handle to reach the stretcher deep inside the boot and push it inwards as much as possible.
  • Then use the lever at the end of the handle to set the required amount of tension within the stretcher. You can do so simply by turning it around with your hand.
  • Make sure that the calf portion of the stretcher is fitted well inside the boot. This avoids any sort of damage or distortion to the foot of the boot you are stretching.
  • After making all adjustments, keep the stretching boots tool inside it in the position it is supposed to be in and leave it there for a couple of days.

After taking the stretcher out, try the boot on and see if it fits you or not. If it doesn’t, make sure you repeat the entire procedure again.

Conclusion on stretching boots calf

So there you have it. That is pretty much everything you will ever need to know about stretching boots calf in this lifetime. The next time you need help on this topic, make sure you read this article up.