Women’s Shoe Stretcher, Which is Best?

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women s shoe stretcher

Women’s shoe stretcher are the new innovation which can be helpful for all shoe lovers out there. Shoes are very important for women. Shoes can make women more confident about their appearance. It is because shoes can be matched with many combinations of clothes. If the combination is good, shoes can give added points to your overall look. In this modern era, shoes are available in a wide range of types, styles and color. They also come with different sizes. However, some women may still feel uncomfortable and uneasy with their shoes sizes. Some of you may not know that shoes from one company may have different measurement with the other companies. That is why although you already know your shoes size, you may still get shoes that do not fit you.

This case is one of the biggest problems for many people around the world. Different shoe sizes usually are caused by different materials used in shoemaking. Other reasons that may cause this problem are related to shoes condition and foot health. As we may know, shoes can shrink and some people may have swollen foot because of some reasons. To avoid this kind of event to happen, some people may want to choose shoe size which is a little bit bigger than their actual shoe size. The problem is that when you already bought the shoes and after you wear them, you feel tightness on your foot. This can make you feel disappointed of choosing the wrong shoe size, although actually you made right choice.

Some people may wont to wear them anymore, so the shoes will be only waste. In the other hand some people may still want to wear them because they have no choice and they think it is better than wearing loose shoes. The fact is that, wearing shoes which are too tight is not good for your foot and your overall health. It can disturb the blood flow in your feet. It can cause some foot problems like foot pain, tinea, ingrown toenails, corns or bunions. Those problems if are not treated properly may lead to bigger and even more serious illness in the future. Thus, women should be more aware of this possibility and start to think about the best solution to overcome it. To be honest, to solve the problems all you need is women’s shoe stretchers.

What is women’s shoe stretcher?

Thanks God nowadays we have these helpful tools to help us solving shoe size problem. If you are still not familiar with the tools, you may want to hear more about them from our explanation. Shoe stretcher is a tool made from sturdy wood or metal. Shoe stretchers for women are made for different types of shoes like flats, boots, heels, etc. Thus, some of them have heel and toe stretchers to reshape the parts of shoe. You need to make sure you buy the right type of shoe stretcher. They also feature pressure relief pods and one bunion attachment that can be adjusted. Women’s shoe stretchers can help you solve your shoe size problems. The tools will make you free from uncomfortable tightness or pain of bunions or corns. Shoe stretchers can expand the width and length of your shoes. Some stretchers can be used for both left and right shoe. Thus, it will be effective for you if you buy that kind of shoe stretcher instead of buying a pair of ordinary type shoe stretchers. Some others come as a pair, but they can be bought individually. The shoe stretchers for women are available in many different sizes.

Women’s shoe stretchers are best for some shoes types which are made of natural material such as leather shoes or suede. Shoe stretchers may not work properly for those shoes made from vinyl and other similar materials since they are quiet stiff and cannot be stretched. One more thing to remember is that, shoe stretchers can only work to stretch some amount of size of the shoes. You cannot use it if you want your shoe size become two points larger than its actual size. They usually are sold with certain sizes of men and women shoes.

How to use women’s shoe stretchers

Another important thing you should know is how to use shoe stretchers properly. After you buy one, you may ask the seller about the details of using the device or you can also read the instructions available in the package. Actually, it is quiet easy. The first thing you have to do is applying liquid shoe stretcher to the area that you want. After that, you can insert the device into your shoes. After it fits your shoes right, you can start stretching the knob. Make sure you expand it as much as you need it to be. If you stretch your shoes to make bunion pain disappear, then you may also need bunion attachment. You have to leave it at least for one night because the average time needed is about 24-48 hours. If you already did it once, and your shoes still in the same size or you do not feel the difference, all the steps can be replayed. If you want to remove the stretcher, you only have to turn the stretcher handle the opposite direction and take off it from the shoes.

Shoe stretchers can be bought at local shoe repair shops, footwear shops. Shoe stretchers are not only available in form of solid device. Some shoe stretchers can also be sold as shoe stretching liquid or spray. Do not forget to know your shoes materials and also the type of shoes you want to stretch before buying one. Shoe stretchers are available in some types according to designs of the shoes. You can find shoe stretchers for boots, heels, and even flat shoes. Each stretcher has their own functions in order to make the shoes work better. Women’s shoe stretchers are definitely best way you can get to solve your shoe problems.