Why use Cedar Shoe Trees? Your Perfect Choice!

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The shoe tree is one of the items of your daily use. It helps to maintain the quality, shape, structure and size of your shoes. It is made of different materials like plastic or wood. But wood is the most preferred choice, and infarct Cedar shoe trees should be your ideal choice because it absorbs moisture from shoes and its natural aromatic aroma helps to remove bad smell from shoes.

Material suitability for use

Shoe trees best work with suede, leather and other natural materials. But it does not work well with artificial materials like vinyl or other polymers because these materials are not so much elastic like the natural ones. And if someone expects to increase the size by 1-2 units then they must look for a new shoe as stretcher can marginally increase the size to give you comfort.

Do you need trees for each pair of shoes?

Apart from the general questions about the suitability of shoe trees or, another question that can come in your mind that whether you need shoe tree for each and every pair of shoes you have. If you are a huge fan of collecting shoes then you can have it for every pair but otherwise it is not necessary as you can rotate it between the shoes which are in use and which are not in use.

Plastic shoe trees versus cedar shoe trees

Cedar shoe trees are more expensive than plastic ones, plastic models are chosen for their low cost and light weight which helps one to carry it. But although the cedar models are more expensive but its demand is more because of the advantages it has. The advantages are:

  • It lasts for longer time.
  • Add a strong aromatic scent to footwear
  • Maintains natural shape of shoes
  • Absorbs moisture which deteriorates the quality of shoe materials.
  • It is NaturalWhile buying a shoe tree you must make sure that it will work with the particular type of shoe you are using different types of models are available for different kind of shoes. For getting the best result you will have to use the shoe trees in for at least overnight and for the best result may be up to 24 hours. Longer it is kept for the better result is obtained. If you have not used the device before then you must learn it from the seller because for different models the method of using is different.This type of shoe tree is mostly available in the market because its width can be adjusted for use in different kind of shoes. The front portion of split-toe type is tapered. It is divided into two halves. It has a metal shaft which is used to adjust its length and width. The adjustment is done by rotating the shaft along length axis. Cedar shoe trees are made from natural cedar woods which are eco-friendly in nature. Cedar wood contains thujaplizin oils which help to repel worm increasing the life of the shoe tree and it also has a natural aroma.
  • Cedar wood is environment-friendly
  • Split-toe shoe tree
  • How to use cedar shoe trees

Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Cedar Shoe Tree

Woodlore Women’s Combination Cedar Shoe Tree

Cedar Shoe Tree

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