Do you Know how to Stretch Shoes?

how to stretch new shoes

This question arises a lot of time, How to stretch shoes? Good shoes take you to good places. If your hair is done and you are wearing good shoes you can go anywhere. Thus shoes play a very important role in building up anybody’s personality. It is a mirror to your personality. Thus wearing right pair of shoes is as important as dressing up well for a party.

Purchase the best shoe stretching tool

How to stretch shoesShoe stretching tools

You can stuff socks into your shoes or old crumpled newspaper, but most times they do not work or you have to do them several times, but if you buy the best shoe stretching tool you are sure to get the job done right the first time quick and easy. Shoe stretching tools can correctly adjust the length as well as the width of the shoes. The knob can be turned to adjust the stretcher and get the shoe fits right.

We generally buy shoes which are one size smaller than our original size as shoe have a tendency to expand with regular usage. Before wearing shoes one should stretch it and then try them on so that it can really fit them well. If the brand provides you with a warning that the shoes cannot stretch any further then you should find your correct size and buy the shoes.

How to stretch shoes? Various ways of stretching new shoes

Wearing the shoe at home:

The easiest way of stretching your new pair of shoes is to wear them at home and walk around with them.

How to stretch new shoesSocks stretching:

The thickest socks are to be put on and then put your feet into the leather shoes. Then heat the leather portion with a dryer and bend your feet to and forth so that it can stretch comfortably.



How to stretch shoesFreezing your shoe:

Freezing shoes also helps to expand them. A bag (plastic) can be filled with ¼ water and kept in a freezer and then that frozen bag can be kept in the shoe. Try on the shoes later taking care that water doesn’t leak inside the shoes.


How to stretch new shoesHeating your shoes:

Like freezing technique, the heating technique also works well for stretching the shoes. You can take a hair dryer, wear your shoes and on high heat mode heat the area which is tight and by moving your foot to and fro u can adjust your shoe size.


Rubbing alcohol spray or even better shoe stretcher spray: You must fill the spray bottle half with rubbing alcohol and the other half with water, spray inside each shoe and wear it for about half an hour.

Using potatoes:

For this you have to take potatoes or mashed potatoes which are big and can create a bulge in the shoe. If any residue remains of the mashed potatoes it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.


The above discussion has made it very clear – How to stretch shoes? The right pair of shoes can add to your personality and can bring about dramatic changes in both your personal as well as work life. The right fit of the shoes makes you feel comfortable and you do not mind walking miles with them. With the right pair of shoes you can conquer the world! So people get up, get a great pair of shoe and walk down miles to conquer, rise and shine. I hope this was some help to you on how to stretch shoes.



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