Are You Asking How to Stretch Tight Shoes?

how-to-stretch-tight-fitted-shoesWhy didn’t I get this sooner? I have wide feet and no one carries wide enough shoes or boots that makes my feet comfortable. For years I have been asking how to stretch tight shoes? and all  I have hear about was doing silly stuff like using potatoes or freezing my shoes with a bag of water in it.

how-to-stretch-tight-shoesThe Best Shoe Stretchers on the Market Today!

This two way shoe stretcher efficiently stretches the length and width of shoes. sold as single stretcher only, and can be used for right and left shoes. The shoe stretcher is make up of metal and wood only. Very beautifully polished German harvested beech wood. It also came with  3 bunion/corn plugs and 14 holes for customizable relief! Instructions includes and comprehensive shoe stretching user manual.

This device makes my puppy’s, lol feet happy again 🙂  I forgot how good it feels to do my daily chores and not thinking about my ill fitted shoes. These are great quality shoe stretchers! Not only that they are good for stretching out your shoes but they are also good for popping out creases in the toebox area as well.  Also if you buy a pair they will double or triple as a shoe tree as well.

how-to-stretch-high-heels-shoesThe other pair I bought are more for high heel shoes. These are perfect for my needs! Now no matter if i’m wearing my flats or heels they will be super comfy and pain is a thing of the pass. So if you are looking for how to stretch tight  shoes this is the answer, use the best shoe stretcher on the market and not the other brands that uses plastic parts that wears easily and broke after a few usage.

How to Stretch Tight Shoes

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