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Shoe related problems are very common among women as well men these days. Due to improper handling of shoes and other size related issues, you often have to throw away your shoes. However, there is a quick solution to this problem. You ca now easily find a shoe stretcher anywhere these days that will help you solve your problem. Take a look at what exactly a shoe vamp stretcher is. However just before you use the shoe stretcher on the shoes, you need to correct it for the job. This come is different sizes as well as different design for both men and women. Shoe vamp stretcher is one of the most important and critical kinds of shoe stretcher.

shoe-vamp-stretcherboot-instep-and-vamp-stretcherBest Shoe Vamp Stretcher on the Market 

The shoe vamp stretcher is also sometimes called the shoe insert stretcher. The primary work of this device is to lift the area above the foot so that the user has more room or area for flexibility while walking.

Common problem amongst all

It is viewed as a very common problem that when every time a person walks, the shoe comes down on the foot of the individual. Due to this a lot of foot related problem arises. Sometimes it even requires medical attention. Thus, you should always take precaution and look at the fact that this kind of serious injuries does not occur. Take a look at the kind problems or issues that arise due to this.

boot-instep-and-vamp-stretcherThe Best Boot Instep and Vamp Stretcher on the market



This is one of the gravest problems that arise even if there is a slight problem on your shoe. This usually occurs around the base of your big toe. You can very quickly identify this issue as an abnormal bump underneath. The toes get dislocated partially thus leaving the metatarsal bone exposed. If you do not take care of this soon, swelling might happen and causes deformity and also results in a lot of pain and inconvenience.

What should you do to avoid it?

If you want to avoid it then make sure that you use the shoe vamp stretcher, this is a useful device and does not cause any such problem. When you walk, the shoe comes down on top of your foot which creates a lot of challenges. Therefore, it is paramount that you have a little bit of room on top of your feet while walking so that your foot does not get smashed by the shoe.

Design of the shoe vamp

The inset stretcher or more commonly the vamp stretcher is designed in such a manner that helps you stretch your vamp area of the shoe. Mostly this instrument is considered to be a professional stretcher. It has a hardwood or metal foot piece and is needed to go deeply inside the shoes and raise the top portion of your shoe. The mechanism of the shoe stretcher is such that it is built to last long enough. Usually, this device comes with a guarantee. Therefore, the stretcher is highly reliable.


Take a look at the standard and minute details of this highly useful stretcher.

  • It is designed to fit inside both the shoes and not just one.
  • Only a single piece is sold.
  • It has a clear coat that is used to avoid contamination of the color.
  • This device also comes with a sizing and measurement guide.

Moreover, make sure that you adjust the pivot screw before you actually use the stretcher.

Directions to use a shoe vamp stretcher

A instep raiser is designed specifically to raise the instep/vamp of the shoe upwards by inserting it inside of the shoe. Follow the steps carefully and get best results.

First, grab your shoe and the shoe smoothening liquid. Then start by spraying the area that you would like to stretch. It would be better if you spray the outside as well as the inside of the shoe. Many might ask what does the stretching liquid do. Well, the primary work of the liquid is to stretch the fibre of the shoe that helps to make the stretching a lot easier.

Moreover, after spraying on the area, you need to make sure that you let your shoe rest for a while this will give you the best results. Now, get the shoe vamp stretcher and place it inside the shoe. Make sure that it goes all the way inside and touches the tip of the shoe. Now, depending on the size of your shoe turn the handle of the device so that the top portion of the shoe goes up. Give it about three to four turns, and you are pretty much ready to leave it overnight.

The before and after comparison

Before you take the stretcher out, you can easily compare the difference. Once you look closely, you will that the vamp area of the shoe has been elevated from before to give that extra shoe space to move your feet around comfortably.

Women shoe vamp stretcher

Shoe stretchers are both different for men as well as women. It mainly differs in the size and the design. You need to remember that this device is sold individually. Thus, there is just one shoe stretcher that stretches both the left as well the right shoe. The stretcher is available in sizes in the medium range, i.e. 7 – 8 ½ inch range.

The stretcher stretches the shoe upward. The material is of solid maple wood, and the mechanism is made from metal. Moreover, the material is stainless. Thus, you do not have to worry about the durability of the product.

Directions to use the women shoe vamp stretcher

The direction to use this is very similar to the previous one. Thus, there is no such difference. Firstly, you have to push the stretcher all the way inside till the tip of the shoe, secondly turn the handle of the stretcher clockwise and then do the same two more times. Let the system stay in that manner for at least eight hours before you take out the shoe vamp stretcher. However, if the shoes do not give you the right kind of feel even after doing it the first time, repeat the second time and keep repeating it until it feels right.

Tips regarding the stretching technique

There are a few tips you need to bear in your mind to attain the best result. Firstly, if you have leather shoes, then you are in good hands. The device works best or rather shows good results only in case of leather shoes. Make sure that you purchase your shoe at the end of the day after you have spent your entire day working or playing sports. This assures a better fit of the shoe. Try to measure both your feet, the primary reason being, no two feet are exactly the same. Always purchase shoe according to the size of your larger foot. And try walking in those shoes for a few minutes to ensure the best fit.

High shoe vamp

These shoes are those who have a legitimate amount of space in the vamp area. These shoes come in a lot of different styles. You can get even a stylish pointed toe pump or maybe a high heel sandal vamp shoes. Read more to know about shoe vamp.

What is a shoe vamp?

Many might ask the same question. A shoe vamp is referred to the centre and the front part of your shoe. In other words, it is the top part of the shoe that covers the foot. The vamp style of a particular shoe depends on the style of the shoe. For some shoes, the vamp covers the entire front part starting from the toes reaching till the ankle usually where the laces or the strap is.

However, in another shoe style, for instance, the stiletto, the vamp covers just the toe portion of the shoe exposes the top portion entirely. This part is mainly made out of breathable fabric that allows air flow.

How is the vamp made?

The crafting of the vamp is one of the initial steps in shoemaking. The shoe makers are made to follow a pattern, a particular curvature depending on the style and the height of the heel. Using this curve, the shoemaker cuts a piece of the same shape out of that particular material which will be used to make the vamp.

High vamp men’s shoe

You will get a lot of designs among men’s shoe as well. People require high vamp shoes more than a woman does. He has to move around a lot. Thus, he has to make sure that he has taken all kind of precautions to keep his feet safe and out of danger. However, the size of the men’s vamp shoes is going to differ.

Usually, for men, the high vamp shoes are fully covered starting from the toe extending till the ankle part where the lace or strap is. You can find fully formal shoes or even casual shoe like canvas and sports shoes. These kinds of shoes make walking very easy and comfortable. Thus, it highly recommended that you strictly use only the high vamp shoes as even doctors recommend them.

Online you can find a variety of this type of shoes. Thus, go through all of them thoroughly and choose the one those appeals to you best.

Low vamp shoes

As you can make out from the name very well, these kinds of shoes are those who has little vamp. Therefore the portion that sits on top of the feet is little, therefore; it is a bit uncomfortable to walk in. However, there is a benefit of low vamp shoes.

The specialty of low shoe vamp

Shoe vamp has an incredible role to play. For instance, high she vamp makes walking a lot easier, whereas low vamp shoes and pointy tips make your legs look longer. They make the legs look more elongated, and to some extent, this kind of shoes also makes it look slimmer. Thus, if you want to improve your leg line, make sure to wear this type of shoe, you will not be disappointed.

A lot of stylish shoes are available in this style. Thus, if you want to wear one of these then check online for the designs. Several famous shoe designers have made shoes in this style. Thus, online is the best place to see the shoes.

Low vamp shoes cut near the front of the toe whereas high vamp shoes come up the foot till the ankle where the strap and other details of the shoes are present.

What goes with a low vamp shoe?

If you are wearing a skirt or a dress, then a low cut vamp shoe goes well with it. It makes your leg look elongated and also makes you look taller to some extent. However, if you are wearing a skirt that is shorter than your knee, then both high vamp shoes, as well as low vamp shoes, goes well with the attire. However, dressing in a high vamp shoe with trousers is useless because the top portion of the foot gets covered by the hem of the trouser itself. But if you are wearing low cut pants then a low cut vamp shoe is a must. Thus, if you want a tip, the gladiator shoes make your leg look short and are not at all appealing to many women. Hence, avoid this type of footwear.

What is best for your foot?

The initial confusion strikes your mind when it is time to buy the shoe. At this point in time, all the shoes seem interesting. However, the truth is that you should only purchase the shoe that suits your leg and is good for your feet too. There are a lot of problems that appear due to improper footwear; hence it is best if you wear something that does not cause any harm.

Wearing a high vamp shoes reduces the risk of injury to a significant degree. However, if you want to increase the vamp area, then the perfect solution is using a shoe vamp stretcher.

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