Why Should I Use Shoe Trees?

 should i use shoe trees


Should I use shoe trees? There are many people who don’t know the real purpose of a shoe tree. A shoe tree is a solid structure, which looks like the shape of feet. It is inserted into the shoe, so as to prevent it from deformation. There was, different shoe tree for different feet size, but these days, it can be adjusted to any shoe size.

Should I use shoe trees? Benefits of using shoe trees

  • Maintenance of the size and shape

You may not know this, that when shoes are not used for long days, then they tend to shrink. Thus, next time you will wear it, you will feel uncomfortable. Then you will either have to leave the pair, or use some expensive shoe sprays or other methods to stretch the shoe. Shoe tree can help to eliminate creases and shrinkage.

  • Absorbs moisture

Most people expensive a sweating feet, when they wear covered shoes. This also gives rise to pungent smell. Moisture accumulation leads to deterioration of your shoe, in the long run. Moreover, moisture build up can make you shoe home of different bacteria. These can give a foot infection. Wooden shoe tree can help to absorb moisture and eliminate the smell.

should I use shoe trees

  • Helps in polishing

You need to polish your shoe frequently when you have a shoe tree within them, and then it makes the work easier.

  • Acts as a stretcher

A new pair of shoe can sometimes be pokey and painful. A shoe tree stretches your shoe, to the perfect shape your feet. If you are still in a dilemma about “should I use shoe trees?” then, you must try it out sometimes, and see the result yourself.


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