What are the ballet dancer’s long term damages to their feet? Ballet Feet

 ballet feet

Ballet dancers do the jumping, skipping, and various other feet movements and the ballet feet can have chances of various kinds of long time damages due to stand on the pointed toes day after day. Some of the consequences are temporary, and you will be able to get rid of it quickly. However, some of the damages can be done for a long time also.

Ballet feet, Premature aging

Plenty of ballet dancers feet face the problem of premature aging of the feet bones. They face bone deformation. In some cases, the tendons of their feet bone go missing. In some cases, both can be impaired. In some of the cases, dancers feel pain for the same but at the same time one cannot feel the pain also. In fact, it can be difficult for the physicians to detect the deformities in the bone structures of the ballet dancers because due to long time practice of such movements their feet bones get different structures already than the other people.

Damage hip sockets:

Often the ballet dancers face the problem of having damages in their hip socket. If the dancers spend time in the turned out position, there is a high chance of facing damages. The dancer does external abduction, extension, flexion and rotation in such a huge limit that there is always the chance of injury in the hip joints. Sometimes you may feel impingement due to it and in worse cases it can be worn away completely. It is one of the most common injuries that one can face.

Shoulder, neck and back injury:

Because of the various movements in the dance forms and as a reason of that the dancers also get injuries in the tendons of their shoulder. Even in the soft bones of necks and in the muscles in the same area they face different kinds of injuries. In some cases because of these injuries they can feel pain in their neck but in some other cases the pain can become more chronically which is much more dangerous. Due to perform these dance moves day after day plenty of dancers also feel back pain in future.

Ballet feet, How to avoid injury:

It is true that if you can do all the dance movements in a perfect way there is lesser chance of any kind of ballet feet injury. However, when a professional ballet dancer does the dances for a longer time, there is always the chance that he or she will lose his or her perfection, and it enhances the chance of the injuries. At the same time, slippery floors can increase injury chances. So, if these things are taken a bit seriously, there will be lesser chance of the injuries that the ballet dancers can face in their future life.

As a professional ballet dancer as you are doing the movements every day for a longer time, your various body parts are becoming more and more exhausted. Due to various moves the chance of injuries can get increased. Ballet feet can face different kinds of injuries due to wrong body movements at the time of dance, and this is why the dancer must be conscious about this.

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