Why use Shoe Trees for Your Leather Shoes?

 why use shoe trees


Why use shoe trees? It is a structure which is put into the shoes so that it doesn’t shrink or have a deformation in shape when it is not used for a long time. The structure is like the shape of your feet. There is a different structure for different sizes of shoes. If you keep your shoes, without any support in the interior, then it is likely to deform its shape in the long run.

Why use shoe trees?

What are the advantages of using shoe trees?

  • Most of the time your shoe is made out of leather. The shoe is a very important part of your dressing. Leather are very costly, and you generally don’t buy shoe every month. So, if you want to utilize your shoe for a long period of time, then a shoe tree is going to be very helpful.
  • Most of the time, your feet sweat. The leather catches up the smell and gives out the very pungent smell. Your shoe also becomes the home of many bacteria. This is not only unhygienic but also, this can give you an infection. The wooden shoe trees are going to absorb the sweat and kill the smell.
  • If you left your shoe, without a shoe tree for a long time, then the leather will have ridges, and gradually, your shoes will shrink, or the leather will decay. A shoe tree can prevent all these phenomena.

Now you know why use shoe trees, so don’t waste your expensive shoe and start using a shoe tree.

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