Wooden Shoe Horn-Why You Need a High Quality One?

So I’ve been through a number of shoe horns over the last few years or so looking for the best. A wooden shoe horn is very handy when it comes to putting on your shoes. If you have a snug fitted shoe, back problems, an elderly having trouble bending over or if your shoe become dirty and old they are here to help. The premium wood makes the job effective than the plastic horns. Apart from that, a long handle shoe horn provides maximum control over the shoes. The wooden shoe horns can be quite long and fall in a range of 5 inches to 32 inches and crafted using the finest wood. It will look new after multiple uses.

All the Best Wooden Shoe Horn for 2017

1. Long Handled Shoe Horn 11 1/2 Inches Perfect Length with Drawstring Bag for Storage and Safe Travel

a wooden shoehornThis shoehorn isn’t for everyone but if you having trouble pushing your feet into your shoe for sometime now, and wish you had a shoehorn then this is it. You will find this one useful but it is also  good looking too. 11 1/2″ allowes for added reach without struggle. It is easy to manuever and hold as it is a natural feeling device that is not excessively long and ackward. If you can grip a large kitchen serving spoon you can use this shoe horn! This is one of my favorite and I recommend it for anyone who wants to use a quality shoehorn.

2. Kamiki 29.5 “Super Extra Long Handled -Durable & Sturdy Hard Wood Shoe Horn

best wooden shoe hornsYou will wish you had bought this shoe horn a long time ago. It’s design fits perfectly between your heel and shoe. I like the length of the handle and I think you will too. You don’t have to bend to use the shoe horn. I highly recommend this product.
 China gave Japan wood lacquering technologies. After this the Japanese love for wood made products grew and the term “kamiki”, magic wood, was made. Soon many wooden products were born in Japan. The Japanese brand Kamaki has special style shoehorn that is hand made.
Product Dimensions 29.5″x1.6″x1″ and Item weight 4 Ounces.

3. Shoe Horn – Stainless Steel Shoe Horn with Leather Strap – Travel Shoehorn

stainless steel and leather Wooden Shoe Horn A Classic Gentleman’s Shoehorn. Beautiful crafted and compact enough to pack in your travel suite case. the leather trim look and feel like it very high quality.  Smoothly slides my foot into my shoes every time. Much preferable to the plastic shoehorn that was provided by the department stores.

  • Stainless steel
  • 4.3 centimeters wide
  • BEST STAINLESS STEEL AND LEATHER SHOE HORN – stainless steel shoe horn with leather handle, 6.7 inches long
  • ALL AGES CAN USE – from toddlers to the elderly, the shoe horn is perfectly sized to fit all shoes
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING – compact design means it can easily be taken anywhere with no fuss
  • EASY TO USE DESIGN – the stainless steel helps your feet to slip easily into the shoe, and the leather strap is a great handle to help you get the best grip

4. Teak Wood Shoe Horn 28″ Swedish Made Hard Wood Shoehorn

Teak Wood Shoe HornThis will make putting on those “difficult” shoes a real breeze! You may put your shoes on and take them off just to feel that slick polished teak wood on the back of your foot and the satisfying grab of the shoe around the heel with no effort. The long handle makes this a classy item. This is something that will become a family heirloom. I can just see the wife or kids fighting over it now!


What is the specialty of the wooden shoe horn?

The wood is very rigid that is why you can work effortlessly. The wooden handle used to provide maximum flexibility. The top portion is very rigid and made of pure wood. You will be happy to purchase the shoehorn, which are made of wood. It will help you to make the shoes more fragile.

·       It also comes in various materials such as plastic, wood and metal.

·       The wooden shoe horn comes in different colors such as black, yellow and silver available to purchase.

·       The weight of the shoe horn is around 3.47 OZ.

·       The length is 21.45 Inches

How to get the horn?

You have to order the wood shoe horn from the website. They will ship the product via reputed shipping service. There are many wooden shoe horns where you can see the combination of leather, metal and wood.  It is very useful for the senior citizens.

There is genuine leather along with brown cover in the shaft that makes it premium. The length of the premium wood shoe horn makes it very efficient. The modern design makes it very useful for the long handed people. The wooden shoe horn is designed to give your family comfort.

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