This Wooden Shoe Stretcher I Highly Recommend! Totally Worth it!

best-shoe-stretcher-1With all the bad reviews I have heard about shoe stretchers and shoe trees. I was skeptical about buying, but to my surprise they work for me on a few pairs of flats and sneakers. I don’t need my shoes stretched much, so I probably have not tested them to the fullest.



best shoe stretcher Best Shoe Stretcher on the Market Today

best high heel shoe stretcherSo far I have used it to stretch the toe area of 2 pairs of sneakers and the length and width of my flats. I usually wear a size 11 but some times that is to tight especially around the toe area. This wooden shoe stretcher has worked and save my toes from hurting when I wear my favorite shoes. The first time I used it, it work like a charm. It comes with several different size plugs so you can just stretch the right or difficult areas for corn and bunions. The wonderful thing about this 2-way stretcher is that you can stretch length or width or both at the same time. With this shoe stretcher I can get any shoes I want now and with a few turns of a knob I can make my shoes 😉 comfy.

I must say it feel like a great buy. High quality parts that feel nice and sturdy in your hands. It is made up of hard beech wood and metal only, so very environment friendly and toxic free. NO Plasticky parts like those other stretchers on the market that fail after a few usage. These shoe stretchers got the best review that I could find. With other cheaper stretchers customers was reporting about lock washers came apart and it was stuck in the wide open position, the screw that hold the two piece together came loose. So if you are looking a shoe stretcher that will last you for years to come this is it…

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